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Shadow Lane: A Winchester Obsession
Fic: Family Don't End With Blood 
11th-Aug-2008 09:00 am
Evil Sam
Title: Family Doesn't End With Blood
Characters: Bobby, Sam, OMC, mention of Ellen, Dean, Jo, Creedy, Lilith and Sam/Dean (wincest)
Word Count: 2,505
Rating: R
Warnings: Swearing, violence, murder, hint of incest
Spoilers: S3 E03, E12, E15 & E16
Disclaimer: Don't own - just playing in somebody else's sandbox.
Summary: Sam and Bobby know that Lilith has hidden the colt amongst her supporters because it is the only thing that can kill her without being within close range. They want it back to use to make a deal with her to get Dean out of hell. And Sam will use whatever power he has to possess it, with Bobby's wholehearted help. 'Cause family's family no matter what.

A/N: This was inspired by the Lost Months What evil!Sam did on his summer vacation Meme over at evilsam_spncommunity. However I'm not sure it fits the meme itself. 

Bobby knows what Ellen would say if she knew what was going on. How she would get that furrow between her brows, how her mouth would thin and turn down so severely that there would be a question of it ever regaining any semblance of a smile ever again. But he just can’t find it in his heart to give a good goddamn because family don’t end in blood and if she were half the mother she likes to think she is, she would know that.
After all she had been there, at his place in South Dakota, standing by his side for the first few months after Dean had been ripped from Sam’s life, from his life, from their lives and had watched his boy’s quick spiral into inky depression as every, so called, solution to how to get his other boy out of hell had panned out false. Had tried to help as Sam had stopped eating, stopped sleeping, stopped living the life his brother had sacrificed his soul for. 
Had been there beside him as Bobby finally admitted the truth to himself, on a bright sunny afternoon of all things, that the only way to get Dean out of hell was to accept what Ruby had told Sam all those months before. His boy was going to have to open himself to his demon bestowed gifts, use them to get his brother back, even if it ran the risk that Sam would lose something of himself in the process. After all he had already lost so much of himself because of their countless failures. 
She had called him crazy, accused him of finally losing his mind to his grief. Demanded to know what he thought John would have to say about Bobby not only backing, but being instrumental in Sam’s slide into darkness.
He hadn’t bothered to try to explain to her that he had faith in his boy, that Sam wouldn’t become the boy king Azazel had expected him to become. Sam Winchester was far to bull-headed to be anything someone else wanted him to be, evidence to that fact, the blowouts between him and his own father. She should have known that, John had bitched to her, almost as much as he had to Bobby, over the years before Bill’s death, about his pig headed, youngest son. But she had either forgotten or never really listened to John the way she should have, the way he had.
Instead, with a shake of his head, he had pushed past her and made his way through the metal jungle of his scrap yard, intent only on his home and his boy, prostrate with grief and failure dwelling inside. 
She wasn’t the mother she believed herself to be but he was the father Sam should have had all along and he would support him, help him and above all, protect him until his boy was ready to take back what was his, his older brother. 
But Ellen had had other plans, she had wanted to take Sam from his home, from the only family he had left, claiming that she needed to protect him from Bobby, of all people. And after doggedly following at his heels, railing at him the whole time, tried to physically drag his boy from the only semblance of a permanent home he had ever had.
There hadn’t been any concern or fear as Bobby had sat at the kitchen table and let her try to take Sam away, secure in the fact that she would never succeed, her plan doomed even before his boy completely understood what was going on. He could have pointed out the flaws to her if he had been so inclined but it had been far too long since there had been any kind of entertainment in his life and he needed Sam to be the one to make it obvious to her that he was on the same page as Bobby. Needed her to understand that Sam had made the decision on his own without any kind of input from Bobby.
It had been priceless, the look on Ellen’s face, making him regret not having his camera handy, when Sam had pushed her off, not so gently pushed her across the room, with his mind, when he finally understood what was going on.
Bobby loved the boy and understood that his grief had muddled his mind, but honestly, sometimes he could be so damn thick considering he had managed a full ride to Stanford. But all the Winchesters could be like that so he didn’t hold it against Sam, couldn’t when he never held it against John or Dean but there where times when he had to shake his head in amazement, wondering how any of them even remember how to breathe, never mind completing any higher functions. 
In hindsight, Bobby knows that she should have been the first kill he made to protect Sam, knew, even then, that she would use her contacts in the hunting community to try to stop them. But he had been feeling charitable, figured, hoped, that she would have come around to his way of thinking once she had time to seriously think about what Bobby knew to be the truth. The only way to get Dean out of hell was for Sam to come into his own, to accept his gifts, and they were gifts, didn’t matter who had given them to him or how, and have his family surrounding him, keeping him grounded and loved. But she wasn’t half the mother he had once hoped she was, didn’t get that family didn’t end in blood, didn’t understand that you gave everything you had for family, no matter what. The way John had, the way Dean had, the way he, himself, had briefly considered except that, in a fit of impotent rage, Sam had killed the crossroads Demon and now none of them would come when called by either Winchester or Singer.
Instead she sent hunters to stop them, had forced them into hiding until Sam could hone his gifts in preparation for the battle to save Dean.
It annoyed Bobby, pissed him off, drove him around the bend, to have to kill hunters that could have been instrumental in the battle against Lilith and her minions but he did what had to be done. Too late to make them understand, too poisoned by Ellen and her black and white views.
He watched, unemotionally, as Sam painted another splash of red down the bare chest of the man he had pinned to the wall, with the knife Dean had given to him on his sixteenth birthday. Felt no guilt as the screams, from the traitor to humanity, echoed around the opulent penthouse apartment as the man struggled uselessly against the invisible bonds that held him up. Felt no remorse for the lawyer who had chosen Lilith’s side without so much as a blink of the eye.
“Tell me where the colt is and I might let you live.” Sam hissed low.
Bobby couldn’t stop the smirk that curled his lips as he watched his boy shake his head slowly. Did this man really think that his humanity would keep him safe? That Sam would back away from killing him after the torture he had already inflicted?             
He watched the pinned man slowly slide higher up the wall until his head titled downwards in defence to the ceiling now pressing into the back of his neck.
“Feeling sentimental Sammy?” He chuckled.
Sam flicked his glance back at him, self-depreciating grin blinding, before turning back to his prey. “Gotta go with the classics sometimes.” He tossed over his shoulder with a shrug. “Dean taught me that.”
Bobby snorted, “I think he was talking music.”
“Same diff.”
“You can’t do this!” The man screamed, “I’m important to Lilith! She’ll hunt you down for this!”
Sam tossed his head back and laughed, long, loud and dark. The sound hearting to Bobby, it had been so long since his boy had anything to laugh about. That was until they had finally started cutting a swath through Lilith’s supporters, human and demon alike. The laughter seemed to come easier to Sam, with every kill, every step closer to their goal, a lightness in his heart that made the older man sometimes ache with self disgust for it taking him so long to understand that this, this was the only way back to Dean.           
“Son,” Bobby pushed off the door-jam, he had been resting against since the festivities started, and moved farther into the room so that their captive could see his eyes. “Why do you think Lilith hasn’t already taken out Sam? Why do you think no one has come to aid you? Why do you think she entrusts you peons with the colt for snatches of time before she hands it off to someone else?”
Sam’s laughter had tapered off into chuckling but at Bobby’s voice he swallowed it down as he too stared up at the lawyer. Both of them interested in the answer, wanting to know if she had finally admitted the truth to those beneath her or if she still paraded herself around as the end all, be all of the demonic world.
A varying array of emotion darkened the man’s eyes, overshadowing his pain before desperation finally settled to war with it. “She has a plan!” 
“Yeah,” Sam snorted, “Evade, evade, evade.”
“You don’t get it son.” Bobby continued, “Lilith can’t kill Sam. She tried and failed before she fled. She might like to tell you fools that she’s gonna control the world but the truth of the matter is, she is nothing compared to my boy.”
A flicker of bravery, a coiling of useless muscles, before, “Lilith has your brother’s soul! She’s already won!”
Sam blinked and the hazel gaze that Bobby knew well was replaced by hard yellow that he had already accepted as simply another side of his boy.
“Not for long.” Sam snarled before his gaze traveled to the ceiling, the lawyer’s body dragging along behind it.
“No! No, no, no!” 
“Where’s the colt?” It wasn’t a demand, the calm words that came from Sam’s mouth. It should have been a warning to the man pinned to the ceiling after all the violence that Sam had displayed, after all the sharply spoken words. Should have been but wasn’t.
“I’ll never tell.”
Sam shrugged before the man’s screams once again echoed around the room as a thin line of blood blossomed low on his cream-colored dress shirt.
“Stop! No! No! Please!”
“Where’s the colt?”
The man was panting now, his eyes rolling in his sockets reminding Bobby of a dog gone mad.
“Creedy.” He admitted low.
Creedy. Bobby glanced over at Sam and met his yellow gaze and smirk head on.
“Lilith had me contact a man name Creedy. Got me to tell him that I got it from a woman named Bela Talbot. That she said to get it to him to protect it from you.”
Sam turned back to the man slowly raining copper, “That wasn’t so hard now was it?”
Bobby pulled his eyes away from his morbid fascination of watching the drops of blood, from the man above, splatter into a ever widening puddle on the hardwood below.
“Any idea where we can…”
“Please!” The man began to sob, tears joining the mess on the floor beneath him. “I told you!”
Bobby rolled his eyes upward, “Shut it!”
“Please.” He whispered.
“Come on.” Sam touched the older man’s arm, “I can’t stand it when they started to beg.”
A sudden whoosh above seemed to momentarily suck the oxygen from the room before it came rushing back accompanied by the crackle and orange glow of fire.
Bobby ignored the upswing of screaming knowing it wouldn’t alert anyone any more than the earlier howls had thanks to the extra luxury of soundproofing as he allowed Sam to turn him towards the door out of the apartment.
“So Creedy huh?”
Sam snorted as the front door swung open before them. “Seems like.”
“Well I always did want give that idjit a smack or two about the head for his part in that business back in Black Rock.” Bobby passed through the door and started down the hallway.
“You and Dean both.” 
The soft click of the apartment door closing behind them barely discernable.
“So Lilith is enlisting unsuspecting hunters now.” He glanced over at Sam.
“Desperation is a sad thing to behold.” Sam chuckled.
Bobby grinned, “So is stupidity and arrogance and Creedy has both in spades. Ten to one if he’s not out on a hunt, and if he’s protecting the colt from you it’s doubtful he is, he’ll be holed up at his cabin outside of Boise, Idaho.”
“So then Boise, Idaho next.”
Bobby didn’t bother replying as they started down the back stairs of the apartment building, the clanging of the fire alarm halting any possibility of continued conversation. But it didn’t stop the cruel grin from spreading across his face.
Boise, Idaho first then once they had the colt they would be able to draw Lilith out into the open for an exchange. One colt for Dean’s soul. Of course once they had Dean back it was a foregone conclusion that Lilith was dead, now that his boy had learned how to control demons she wouldn’t be able to escape out of the mouth of whatever meat suit she had hijacked this time around.
And then, well really that was up to Sam but Bobby had some definite ideas. 
It was time that the hunting community had a leader and his boy would be perfect, especially with his big brother, his true protector, back at his side. And there was always the bonus of being able to use the demons still free to help persuade those who balked at following Sam, like Ellen. Of course maybe with her it would be simpler to “detain” Jo for a while. Let Ellen experience the pain of the loss of a child, the way Bobby had. Then maybe she would finally understand what it meant to be a true parent, one that would do anything for their child.
And if she still balked, well Sam did have a sore spot where young Jo was concerned. Never could completely contain his jealousy when she would sniff around his Dean.
Bobby grin widened, after teaching Ellen a very important lesson and putting the hunters into place, well Sam could have and do whatever he wanted. A quiet life, to continue hunting, whatever prey he chose or the god damn world, he would get it, with his family’s help.
Because Sam, Dean and Bobby, they were family and no one would ever be able to convince him otherwise. After all family doesn’t end with blood and soon the whole god damn world would come to understand that. Maybe even Heaven and Hell.

Comments and contructive criticism snuggled.
19th-Aug-2008 03:10 pm (UTC)


Great combination.
19th-Aug-2008 05:20 pm (UTC)
Thanks. I was worried it wouldn't be believable enough making Bobby kind of, sort of, dark. But I wanted to give it a go so...

Anyway glad you liked it.

Thanks for reading and commenting.
2nd-Aug-2011 08:09 pm (UTC)

-gurgles and flails-


Awesome. I love Dark!Boys, but I never considered Bobby helping Sam because he was just as torn up about Dean, and Bobby ready to fall behind Sam and make him a leader just... -shivers- Especially with Dean back NOTHING would stop them.

I would love to see more if this if you ever get the urge to do so!
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