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Shadow Lane: A Winchester Obsession
Master Post for Look Beyond What You See to Find the Truth Behind the Lies 
2nd-Jul-2009 01:22 am
Jared/Jensen 2
Title: Look Beyond What You See to Find the Truth Behind the Lies
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Chris Kane, Steve Carlson, Tom Welling, Mike Rosenbaum, Eric Kripke, Robert Singer, Sandra McCoy, Sophia Bush, Justin Hartley, Michael Weatherly, Jeffery Dean Morgan, mention of Donna Ackles, Mackenzie Ackles, Sera Gamble & Chad Michael Murray
Rating: R
Warnings: Swearing, minor character death, implied m/m sex
Word Count: Part 1 - 10,541, Part 2 -  18,473, Epilogue 2,155 (31,169 Total)
Disclaimer: Everyone you recognize I don't own nor do I suggest that they act the way they are depicted in this fic.
Summary: When Jared Padalecki joined the FBI he never dreamed that he would end up partnered with his ex-boyfriend Jensen Ackles, nor did he think that in under a year Jensen would be accused of murdering his common-law husband of four years.  The hardest part to accept is that the evidence is stacking up against Jensen and with ten years of silence between them, Jared's not sure what or who to believe.

A/N: Written for loverstarwho won a fic from me in the Sweet Charity auction.  I didn't manage to get the flashbacks you wanted in sweetie but I think I covered everything else.  Hope it's still okay.
Beta'd by fanofsuper 

|Part 1 chap.1 | Part 1 chap.2 | Part 2 chap.1 | Part 2 chap.2 | Part 2 chap.3 | Epilogue |

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