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Shadow Lane: A Winchester Obsession
Fic: An Unforgettable Moment (In Time) part three 
5th-Aug-2009 06:54 am
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Title: An Unforgettable Moment (In Time) part three

Please see Master Post for fic details.

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Jensen paced the length of the patio, stilled at the end and stared blankly out into the trees surrounding the cabin. A moment later, he turned, sharply, paced back to the other end and repeated the process all over again.

“Damn it!” He hissed low and ran a shaky hand through his hair.

It wasn’t like he had ever forgotten those couple days, three years before, when he had come face to face with an older version of Jared but as the days had passed he had managed to shove it to the back of his mind where it only occasionally popped up to bother him. He had even gone so far to almost convince himself that whatever it was that he had sent Jared back to do had already been done and that if his lover had succeeded that he would never be the wiser for it.

At least that was what he had hoped for until three days earlier and Jared had gotten hurt playing with Harley out in the yard. It hadn’t been anything serious, Jared was down on the ground with the dog, rolling around, and roughhousing while Jensen watched from the patio when he had made an odd noise and rolled onto his side. By the time Jensen had gotten to him, he was up and pulling off his white t-shirt and trying, in vain, to look at the back of his shoulder.

It had turned out that one of the dogs had left a shard of the t-bone Jared had given them as a treat the night before, out in the grass and he had rolled over it, managing to cut into his shoulder. It was more of a deep scratch and hadn’t required more than a little ointment and a bandage. After Jensen had tended to it, Jared had seemed to forget all about it.

But Jensen hadn’t.

It had been like getting hit with a bucket of cold water, his memories crystallizing and sharp. The sense memory of running his fingers along the other, older, Jared’s bare arm, up to his shoulder and then around to the back of it, that late afternoon all those years ago and he had felt the scab there that had made his fingertips tingle. And in that moment he knew how and where the older Jared had gotten the scrape because he had been or would be there.

A part of him wanted to break down and share the secret he had been hiding for years with his lover, his protector, his guardian. But the bigger part of him had swallowed down the words because now he knew, or strongly suspected, at least some of the reason why he had sent Jared back. It had to be because of the two pools they had so recently lost, it had to be. 

The only thing he couldn’t figure out was why.

One pool was in Ireland, the other England, it made no sense for him to break one of their most carefully followed rules and risk screwing up the past. 

Except where it did….

Bree, the Gaia witch guarding the pool just outside of Dublin was or had been he didn’t want to ponder which was the better way to think of her, an exceptional seer and she knew or had known the location of all thirteen pools. All the Gaia witches had been raised knowing that one day they might be summoned to protect a pool, with their life if necessary, but pools had fallen before and had to be taken back because they were only human. And every human, man, woman, child had, at least, one weakness that could be exploited.

An image of Jared smiling down at him, the afternoon sun making his hair shine, flashed in his mind and he swallowed heavily. Jared was his weakness, it was the main reason that, while not strictly forbidden, it was heavily frowned down upon for witches and their Guardians to form any relationship deeper than a working one. But it was also to be expected, other than each other, they only rarely saw anyone else and it was forbidden to get into any kind of a relationship with any civilian other than that of an acquaintance.

In all honesty, he didn’t know that he would be able to keep his silence if someone was torturing Jared and he only knew the location of his own pool, not all thirteen.

Suddenly it seemed extremely important to know what Bree’s weakness had been and if it was something easily exploited.

He hoped with all his being that it wasn’t. But even to himself, hoping seemed futile because it made sense. Something had happened and he had sent Jared back to either stop it or fix it.

Jensen ran a hand through his hair a second time. He should have demanded that Jared tell him what was going on, all those years before, or refused to help him. But he hadn’t because Jared was Jared and Jensen loved and trusted him and believed him when he had told him that he wasn’t even supposed to have been seen by either of them. That and he trusted himself to know what he was doing.

Only right then, he wasn’t so sure he trusted himself. 

Because there was no reason to have broken the coven’s number one rule and send him back in the first place. At least, not one he could think of and it scared the shit out of him to wonder just what would be a good reason now that he was faced with two Gaia pools fallen and the potential for his location compromised.        

“Jared where are you?” He stared out at the trees, wanting to mean his Jared but knowing he meant the other one.

If he would only come to Jensen, tell him what had or was supposed to happen, give him a little warning. Because this, this constant waiting now that he knew for certain, thanks to the wound on Jared’s back, that whatever had or was going to happen would be soon, was driving him to the point that even his Jared knew something was up.

Jensen’s only saving grace was that his guardian thought it was concern over losing two of the pools.

A slight scuffing on the wood slats behind him instantly alerted him to a presence but before he could turn around, he was grabbed from behind. One strong arm wrapped around his chest, forcing him back against a hard body and a foul smelling cloth was pressed tightly against his nose and mouth before he even had a chance of thinking to yell out.

Instinctively he knew he shouldn’t breathe in but as the seconds passed and his struggling got him nowhere he couldn’t stop the need for air. He gagged as he gasped, trying to draw oxygen through the cloth.

Jared! Reverberated through his mind but he already knew that by the time his lover got back from running the property line it would be too late. Whatever the cloth was soaked with was clouding his mind and making his vision start to darken. As a last resort he kicked backwards once more and was rewarded with a pained grunt from his attacker but found no solace from it since neither the arm around his chest, pinning his arms to his sides nor the cloth pressed to his face lessened in the least.

“I’m sorry.”

The words were soft, more a breath of air puffed against his ear but for a brief moment his eyes snapped open and his heart shattered.

That was Jared’s voice. That was Jared’s arm pinning him against his chest. That was Jared stealing his consciousness away.

His last coherent thought before the blackness at the edges of his vision took him away was, why?


It pained Jared to see the look of those soulful green eyes fall into darkness because of his actions. Sure knocking Jensen out with the help of chloroform wasn’t the brightest idea to boot, but in Jared’s current situation he would have done just about anything. Jared just needed to remind himself of the bleak future that caused him to do all this and then the sharp pain seemed to ease away.

He held Jensen’s strong body in the grasp of his giant paws. Jared observed how Jensen’s entire body structure was as limp as noodle and made Jensen’s head fall backward, dragging sandy blonde strands of glistening hair into Jared’s face. Jared took time to admire the soft lips his lover was gifted with when he laid the man gently to the floor. Jared swept a hand over the beautiful face, and held it firmly when he bent over to gently lay a kiss.

“I’m sorry,” he repeated.

Then he stood back up as slowly as he could before Jared turned his attention to the house. He had business to attend to.

Jared hastily set out for the kitchen where he kept the papers and pencils. He opened one of the drawers on the far left of the sink in a petulant manner being highly aware of the tight schedule he was on.

His hand gripped on tightly to the pen cautiously aware that his penmanship had to be a little different so it wouldn’t alert his other self.

Then it dawned on him as he was a few lines into the note, was the note something he would believe?

Jared looked down at his messy scrawl, closely resembling his regular scrawl, and thought that this letter couldn’t alert past Jared in any way. If Jared caused this entire damage just to save Jensen from death what would he do if Jensen was taken?

In the end the note came out like a bizarre and foreign message that Jared himself couldn’t recognize with just one read through. There had been no time for perfection because the Jared in this timeline was no doubt on his way for his beloved Jensen.



There is a situation that is greater than you and involves Jensen. If you care, then follow the instructions and use your judgment, in the end everything should take its course. Follow the path to the timeshares as soon as you are done reading this. Time is of the essence. Make sure to take along the Book of Shadows with you because it is important.

Jensen is fine and unharmed. This is all for his safety and his safety alone. Don’t jeopardize any of this because the people after Jensen will take action against him. 

Think wisely. 

Everything should turn out fine.


Jared returned back to Jensen’s body, still motionless on the floor. Jared didn’t take time to sit around and analyze it because he felt a ghostly presence knot at his insides. Danger, possibly the other Jared, maybe the man that killed Jensen, had been approaching. The tight pain was a silent warning to get the hell out before anything else interrupted his plan. He wasn’t for sure on what his actions would turn out to be, but Jared would figure out how to torture the man who killed his love without killing him. There had to be some other way to make this man feel pain instead of stooping to the man’s level.       

In just ten seconds, Jared had Jensen over his shoulder, while his soft breath tickled his back, and in the back seat of the four-door pick-up truck Jared drove. Before long the truck ate up the road beneath the coal black tires as Jared headed for a haven that brought back some of the best joyous memories. A place Jared knew he couldn’t bring himself to go to if Jensen was still dead.

It was a cabin north of their house that was practically covered securely with tall sweet smelling evergreens and other trees Jared couldn’t describe. The place had been more than just a cabin or an escape route. To Jared, it was a sanctuary that kept him from falling deep into emotions that seemed too difficult to fathom. To Jared, it was the cabin that he had used to hide away from the world in until an elder guardian revealed Jared’s entire future. It was there in that cabin when he saw two grown men that were his sons and two young women that were his daughters, all destined to be witches or guardians. In the cabin his fate had been clear. His future lied with Jensen.

Jared stood in a cabin that he hid away in for hours at a time. It was at that point he felt alone and trapped inside a place that used to bring him joy. All he felt was remorse because he had no Jensen to be with until eternity. All there was left was emptiness and a world that still needed to be aided by witches and guardians.

Jared felt love and knew the absolute value and meaning of the word better than any guardian. Most guardians don’t find out the true meaning until their duty is carried out, or so his father used to say, but Jared was lucky. Well, he used to be more than lucky when he had Jensen by his side. There just happened to be this luminous light that Jensen carried around and flashed whenever he decided to smile or laugh. That was what caused Jared to fall hard on his head for the witch. At one point Jared fought hard to keep it strictly duty before personal interference, only because it was easier to resist that way. None of it worked against Jensen though. Somehow the Gaia witch was a walking siren and was probably a threat to all guardians.

When they ended up together Jared was glad he had it that way. Now, Jared regretted being stupid for forcibly removing Jensen all because of a break-up that still stung.

If anything Jensen had been right about Jared being stubborn and having hurt pride about the break-up, but Jared was one hundred percent sure Jensen would be the same if it were the other way around.

When Jared stood in the living area of the cabin and just stared out a window, an older guardian decided to startle him.

“Jared, you should not let issues such as these take advantage of you.” The tall burly man had said to him.

“Patience isn’t working for me at the moment Richard. There’s nothing to wait for now.”

Jared didn’t want to hear the ‘be patient wait until later’ from the elder guardian. It was just a trite way of explaining how bad simple situations sucked.

The man only smiled at him and indulged him.

“Now Jared, if talking doesn’t take effect maybe a trip shall change your mind.”

Before Jared could speak in protest it had been too late. The elder guardian, Richard Dean, had already placed his thumb to Jared’s forehead and they found themselves in an older looking but familiar house.

“Just watch.” The older man by his side whispered to Jared as a peculiar scene played in front of Jared.

“Papa, you know I can do this. Why am I not allowed?” The taller girl standing next to a shorter girl and two taller boys had bellowed. All of them looked like the older man they called Papa in a way. The first girl that spoke had her Papa’s eyes and she was tall for a girl, so they had been so similar. The smaller girl had the man’s dark auburn hair and the two boys acquired the strong frame with the cute dimples.

When Jared looked hard enough he realized he was the older man, and all of them seemed to resemble Jensen in a way also.

The older Jared sighed loudly, “Sweetie, you can’t go on your own without proper training ok? Now go take your brothers and sister outside so you can practice the rituals again, I’ll be there in a minute, okay?”

The girl’s face had been sullen due to her papa’s over protective nature. She didn’t look any older than seventeen years of age so the girl must have been going through her training. “Fine” Then, her siblings followed her out the door that was so familiar to Jared. He was in the house he and Jensen shared in the foothills of Colorado.

When Jared saw his older self smile fondly toward the stairs of the house at the beautiful witch that stood on them, Jared was sure he had a future.

“We should go and help them.” The older Jensen had said, still as beautiful as he was before.

“We have time.”

Just as soon as he was thrust into the future he was just as quickly taken out. He opened his eyes and knew there was hope for him and Jensen.

When they reached the cabin Jared opened the door, which screeched loudly, and proceeded to the back seat to retrieve Jensen. Once again Jared found himself carrying Jensen inside to the safest place for him.

Finally, when Jared approached the cabin, Jared had been able to breathe a mouthful of fresh air. When he stepped back into the cabin with Jensen in his arms, this time, Jared noticed everything was as he left it the last time. The rich oak logs kept the cabin steady and strong with a touch of decadent beauty. There was a comfortable breeze inside that made it so relaxing that it almost made Jared want to just doze off on the floor. Except, there was no time at all for that, Jensen needed to be taken care of first. Jared laid Jensen properly on a couch so that he wouldn't wake up with a backache.

Afterwards, Jared wrapped Jensen in warm, wool blankets so he could be as comfortable as possible. Jared made sure to kiss Jensen sweetly on the lips and remembered to softly whisper, “I’ll be back, love.” before he scampered off to meet with the other Jared.

“Time is fading.” Jared said to himself.


“I’m sorry.”

Jensen jolted awake, kicked away the blankets twisted around his legs, and forced his aching body into a sitting position. Nervously he snapped his head from side to side, searching the dingy room looking for his kidnapper. 

The cabin, his abductor had taken him to, appeared as if it had been abandoned for some time. The wood had darkened to almost black, in places, with age and a fine layer of dust had settled everywhere, the only exception being a single set a foot prints leading from the door to the couch and then back again. He slowly looked around the cabin once more, acutely pleased to see that it was nothing more than a one-room shack, leaving very little in way of hiding spots for his kidnapper. But then again, thanks to the morning light forcing its way through the grime encrusted windows, he already knew that he was alone, the only set of footprints attesting to that.

Slowly, in deference to the rolling in his stomach, he swung his legs over the edge and settled into a sitting position, head in his hands.

I’m sorry. Echoed through his mind, over and over, making the ache already present that much worse. But it was nothing compared to the harsh knowledge that he knew that voice, he knew it intimately. 


Jared had done this. It was Jared that had snuck up behind him, used something to render him unconscious and then brought him here. It explained why he hadn’t been tied up or, worse, dead but it didn’t explain why he had done it.

The snapping of a twig outside had him jumping to his feet and as silently as possible, cringing with every creak the old wooden floor produced, moved to try to peer out the closest of the three windows. Heart pounding in his chest, he flicked his gaze back and forth until a movement at the corner of his limited vision caught his eye.

His breath caught in his throat as something big and covered in brown slowly drew nearer from the edge of the wood. He wanted to use the sleeve of his shirt to wipe at the grime in the hopes of getting a better look out but didn’t dare. If it was Jared coming back to check on him then he wanted the element of surprise, he didn’t want him to know that he was awake. Instead he chewed on his bottom lip and concentrated on trying to slow his breathing while he waited for whatever it was to get closer.

A slightly hysterical chuckle slipped past his lips when he realized it was only a deer nosing the ground looking for tender shoots to snack on.

“Shit.” He groaned quietly and shifted until he could lean up against the wall beside the window. He needed to know what was going on.

“Ok.” He muttered low and wiped a shaking hand down his face.

He knew that it had been Jared that had taken him. What he didn’t know was why his Guardian, his lover, had done it. He didn’t know why Jared seemed to think it needed to be done, unless...

“I won’t be gone long.” Jared murmured low as he tugged Jensen to him by the belt loops of his jeans. “Just down to the cave and back today I think.”

Jensen rolled his eyes but couldn’t stop the fond smile. “Jay I’ll be fine.” He let his left hand rest on Jared’s hip, his right holding his empty coffee mug out and away from their bodies. “Europe is a long way off.”

Unless Europe wasn’t as far off as he had asserted to Jared that it was. Unless it wasn’t the Jared he had practically pushed out the door that morning promising him that he would be okay. Unless it was the other Jared that had broken the coven, the Guardian’s, number one rule and had used the pool to travel back in time to take him.

He thought back to his meeting of the other, the older, Jared and the constant shadow of grief in his eyes. Of how he had asked Jensen how to get to the correct place in time and suddenly he knew.

“I never sent you back.” He whispered, “You did it on your own.”

It made sense; so much so that he wanted to bang his head against the wall at his back because he couldn’t understand how he could be so stupid not to have known it. Jared had never said that Jensen had sent him back; he had simply assumed that he had done it, not for one minute thinking that his Guardian would take it on himself to work the ritual himself but he obviously hadn’t centred his mind on the memory of the time he wanted to get to. He had admitted he had gone too far back and didn’t know how to get to where he needed to be.

Taking such a risk, Jensen would have damn well made sure that Jared knew exactly how to get where he needed to be and how to get back. He never would have let him go until Jared could recite the way to him backwards, forwards and, probably, in Pig Latin.

He needed to get back to the pool. 

Something was going to happen, something so bad that Jared had risked everything, including, if he was going to be honest with himself, Jensen’s trust to go back in time to keep him safe.

He snorted, there was no way in hell he was going to sit by and let someone else, even Jared, fight his battles for him.

Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes and forced away the clamouring of his rolling stomach and his aching head, choosing instead on focusing on that place within him that connected him to the Gaia pool.

When he had been younger and still training to become a protector if called upon, his father had explained how the witch entrusted with the protection of the Gaia pool had to bond with it. It had seemed strange to Jensen when he had been told that it would take blood, specifically his blood, dripped into the pool and then him drinking from it. But when he had raised his feelings, his father had simply smiled and told him that the sharing would entwine the two. Still it had taken him actually doing the bonding ritual to fully understand, to feel a sudden rush of power course through him and a knowledge that he could feel the pool within him.

Even that had only been superficial compared to how he needed that link now. It wasn’t the power he needed to draw on but the link so that he could figure out where exactly he was in comparison to the pool. He wasn’t stupid; he knew that Jared would take him somewhere where he believed that Jensen would be safe and far enough away not to haphazardly stumble upon their home while trying to get his bearings. But Jared didn’t know about the bonding ritual, it was something private between the witch and the Gaia pool and he didn’t know that it would lead Jensen home.

Or is should have.

He’d always thought of the link between him and the pool as a shining ball of warm, white light and when he concentrated on it, he could always see it within himself, pulsing slightly. Only now it was a weak, dull grey speck, barely noticeable and easily missed if Jensen hadn’t known it should be there.

Jensen’s eyes snapped open. Someone was trying to lay claim on the pool and he wasn’t there to stop it. His only saving grace was that he had never relinquished his bond with the pool and that was the only thing that would lead him to it now and hopefully aid in his own powers to stop whoever it was.

Of course that would only work for as long as it took the intruder to find the entrance to the pool and his Book of Shadows. Then they would have the words needed for the ritual and if they were strong enough, Jensen would lose the link and the pool.

“No fucking way!” He snarled and pushed away from the wall, heading for the door.

There was no way he was going to let down the summons that had brought him to the pool in the first place and not do everything in his power to protect it regardless of Jared’s bumbling attempt to protect Jensen.

Quickly he threw the door open, only briefly acknowledging the thought that Jared could be out there, somewhere close by, ready and willing to put him down again to protect him. If he had to, he would fight his Guardian, tooth and nail, to stop from losing control of the pool.

The Gaia pool was his responsibility and he’d be damned if he’d let anyone, anyone, stop him from doing his job.

Letting the weak link pull him, he began to jog down the drive leading away from the cabin. If he was lucky, he would either come across a town or a farm or a roadside stop that would give him access to a car he could steal. If not, the best he could hope for was that he wasn’t too far away from the pool and would manage to get to it before it was too late.


Jensen tried to ignore the feeling of venerability as he hunched his shoulders lower and listened to the tiny ring echoing down the line and into his ear. Fighting down the urge to look around and perhaps make him too conspicuous to anyone passing on the street just outside the payphone booth.

“Come on. Come on!” He pleaded low and briefly shut his eyes.

He didn’t have his watch but if he would have needed to estimate, he would have guessed it took him a little over an hour to get back to the house even with the use of the car he had managed to steal, left running behind a roadside gas station.

At least he had had enough foresight to abandon the car in the parking lot of the closest start point for hikers wanting to spend the day hiking in the mountains surrounding the area and use the animal trails to get to the house. If he hadn’t and had driven up to the house, bold as you please, he probably would be dead by now and the pool lost.

As it was, he had heard a man yelling orders long before he had gotten close enough to see the house and the half dozen men milling around it.

“We can still find the pool without the witch.” A dark haired man, maybe an inch or two taller than Jensen had yelled at one of the men coming out of the house, with hard eyes and grey threading through his hair and beard. “Find the Guardian, he will lead us.”

It had been like a punch to the gut, the way the harshly tossed words had slammed into Jensen.

Jared hadn’t time travelled and goodness knew what else, to protect him but to betray him. He had needed Jensen out of the way long enough to hand the pool over to someone else.

In his anger, he had wanted to confront them all and kill as many as he could before he could be subdued. But a part of him had managed to stay cool and collected and reminded him that as long as they couldn’t catch him, and since Jared was obviously absent, at least for the time being, they wouldn’t be able to find the cave or the pool.

So he had forced down the urge to take them on himself, silently slipped back between the trees and back to the car.

He was going to need help and the only way he was going to get it was by calling his parents. They would know how to reach the rest of the coven that wasn’t guarding pools; they would know how to get in touch with the sect of Guardians that Jared had come from. They would know what Jensen should do.

Which is how he found himself in Fort Morgan, standing at a payphone hoping that someone would pick up at the other end.


The voice cracked, the advancement in age evident in that one word and it wasn’t either of his parents but at least it was a voice.

Jensen had tried his parent’s home first but hadn’t received an answer, not even the machine had picked up. A part of him had cringed with the thought that maybe his parents had moved since he had been summoned to the pool. In hindsight, it would seem presumptuous on his part to believe that they would always be there, in the last place he knew how to contact them, when there was a good chance that he wouldn’t be relieved from the summons to protect the pool until after they were both long gone. But the other side of him had hoped that they would stay there on the off chance that he might, maybe someday, need them.

“Mrs. Adams?”

The droning tone of the automated operator cut over him, asking if whoever answered the phone would take a collect call from Jensen Ackles.

Luckily enough for him, the elderly lady from across the street of his childhood home had always had a weakness for him. Maybe it had been that he had always been willing to run errands for her or maybe it was because he had been there for her when her own children couldn’t be bothered to be but whatever the reason she accepted the call.


He sighed in relief and had to lock his knees as his legs threatening to buckle. “Mrs. Adams where are my parents?”

“It’s been years Jensen.” She scolded him gently “Why did you move away and never come back to visit?”

He wanted to be gentle with her, years of his own mother’s conditioning of him towards others and his own genuine like for the lady trying to control his growing irritation but it couldn’t stop the growl.

“Are my parents still living across the street?” He demanded and then took a deep breath trying to quell the guilt at her surprised noise. “Please Mrs. Adams, I’m in trouble.”

“Jensen,” She said softly, sadness echoing down the line at him. ”Someone broke into your parent’s house two days ago. They…you’re parents…I’m really sorry son but they shot your parents dead.”

Jensen sagged against the side of the phone booth, letting the plexiglass hold him up.

His parents were dead. Shot down but why? Why would anyone do that? Could it have any connection to what was going on back at the pool? But no one knew who his parents were. A sharp pain sliced through him. 

No one but Jared….

“Jensen. Jensen?”

He focused back on the panicked tone of his elderly neighbour. 

“You need to tell me where you are. The police have been here and if what happened to your parents has anything to do with the trouble you’re in, you need to tell them.”

He tried to blink through the blurriness in his eyes, vaguely feeling the wet tracks on his cheeks.

Did the trouble he was in have anything to do with what happened to his parents? 

His heart sank, probably.

Numbly he pulled the receiver away from his ear and hung it up, cutting off the elderly woman’s voice in mid plea.

Without thinking about it, he pushed out of the booth and headed back to the stolen car. 

Blankly he slid in behind the wheel and stared out at the townspeople moving through their day.

What was he supposed to do now?

He couldn’t go back to the house and the pool that much was obvious. He was only one person and there was no way he would be able to take it back by himself. Nor could he afford to be caught, not if he wanted any hope of trying to figure out a way to get back at Jared for what he had done. And he would get Jared for this, for his betrayal, for the murder of his parents, for all of it.

Slowly he started the car and sedately pulled away from the curb, ensuring to remain unnoticeable to those around him.

He needed somewhere to lay low for a while. Somewhere far enough away from the Gaia pool that he wouldn’t be found but not so far that he couldn’t get back to it when he was ready to confront Jared. And hopefully it would be close enough to keep his link with the pool strong enough that whoever it was that was trying to take it from him wouldn’t be able to for at least a while.

Montana? The thought snuck up on him, surprising him with the ache that was slowly thawing the numbness he had been encompassed in since learning of his parents’ murders.  The memory was bittersweet. 

When he had been twelve, his parents had taken him to a dude ranch just outside of Calli Montana and while he had enjoyed the time away with his parents, he had hated the dude ranch. But Calli was the type of town that was big enough to get lost in but not so big that he wouldn’t notice odd people that appeared to be searching for something or someone because he would be watching for them.

Without anymore thought, he pointed the car in the direction of Montana and started out of town.

He had money put away, money he had been saving for years before he had been summoned to the Gaia pool. And he knew that his parents had added his small inheritance from his grandfather to it. Realistically he had no idea how much was in the saving account but he was certain it would be enough for him to, at the very least, rent somewhere to live and hopefully buy a gun. Because he wasn’t going to just depend on his powers to protect him, not anymore, and besides he was probably going to need the gun when he was ready to face off against whoever would be waiting for him back at the pool.

He really hoped it would be Jared and this time he wouldn’t hesitate.

He never noticed the beat up truck carefully following him out of town.


 Part Four

10th-Aug-2009 11:29 pm (UTC)
Poor Jensen, he thinks that Jared has betrayed him when all he was trying to do was save him. The whole situation has him so confused that he doesn't even know that someone is following him
12th-Aug-2009 03:39 pm (UTC)
Yeah Jensen's all kinds of owie right now. That shouldn't amuse me should it? *g*

*shifty eyes* What??? I'm evil, you expected something else from me.
13th-Aug-2009 01:33 am (UTC)
Yes he is & no it shouldn't but I'm sure it does LOL!

I wouldn't put anything past you !
20th-Jan-2010 07:13 am (UTC)
I don't get why Jensen is so ready to believe that Jared would betray him????Jared is supposed to guard and protect him, and he always has been, right???Plus, they are in a relationship...So, why?
13th-Mar-2010 02:42 pm (UTC)
'Cause Jensen's an idiot? *shrug* Works for me.
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