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Shadow Lane: A Winchester Obsession
I may have, inadvertently, angered the Karma Gods...again. 
10th-Aug-2009 09:13 am

Or my muse is, once again (read always), distracted by the shiny.

I have a plot bunny that won’t leave me alone and I really, really do not have time for it.

Jared and Chris Kane are shooting pool in a bar, in tight t-shirts and Jensen and Steve Carlson are arguing/discussing which one of them has the boyfriend who is bigger built.

It can be angsty, funny, serious, crack. I don’t care, just somebody please adopt this bunny from me because I am too swamped to write this myself and although [info]loverstar attempted it, she’s just as busy as me.

All I ask is that it’s Jared/Jensen and Chris/Steve. Oh and if you can work the sentences “Well Jared can hold me up against the wall while he fucks me. Can Chris do that Steve? Huh?” I may just die happy.

There are a ton and a half really good shots of built Jared so I didn’t bother with one but here are two of Chris as inspiration and the reason this bunny grabbed me in the first place.


Any takers?  For the love of God PLEASE, someone write this for me!  gilesgirl, come on I know you love the boys and....oh look a shiny!  Mmmm Jensen!  *sigh* See what I have to put up with where my muse is concerned?

I have internet cookies!  And I can promise a fic in return, just give me until September to attempt it please.
13th-Aug-2009 01:39 am (UTC)
Any ideas on how else I could find it ?
13th-Aug-2009 02:46 pm (UTC)
Not a bloody clue.

On second thought, give me the description again and I'll make an entry on it here, never know, maybe someone on my flist knows it.
14th-Aug-2009 12:15 am (UTC)
That would be great , thanks. Here is what had happened in the story until I lost track of it:

It happens on set with Jared not feeling well & trying to hide it. Jensen finds out about it & goes to see Kim Manners to ask him why Jared is working. Either Jensen tells Kim that he is taking Jared to the Dr or Kim suggests it to Jensen. Kim calls for a car to take them & Jensen goes to Jared's trailer to get him but he can't open the door. Jared is blocking it because he's laying down on the floor because he couldn't make it to the couch.

Jensen is talking to him through the door, about having to get him out of there & 2 crew guys walk by. They joke with Jensen about the J's having a lover's tiff. Jensen tells them what is going on & they climb through a window of the trailer & they pull Jared away from the door & let Jensen in. Jared can't even stand up without their help. They are holding him up when Kim comes by to see what is keeping them, he sees what kind of condition Jared is in & he tells Jensen to go directly to the hospital. The doctors seem to thinks it's a bad stomach virus.
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