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Shadow Lane: A Winchester Obsession
Drabbles for Round 2 of the Quick Fire Drabble Challenge at spnwriterlounge's Olympics 
28th-Sep-2009 04:14 pm
Jared/Jensen 2

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These are my 31 drabble contributions for Round 2 of the drabble challenge.

All are Jared/Jensen and range from G - NC-17.

Title: Already Know
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Megan Padalecki
Rating: G
Summary: Megan thinks she's found a sure-fire way for her brother to know what's coming.
Prompt: medium


So there’s this Medium here and she’s awesome!”

Jared shakes his head and shifts the receiver from one ear to the other. He might believe in somethings but future tellers, not so much. Still he doesn’t want to get into it with his sister. “Uh-huh.”

“You’ve got to see her when you come home. She knows everything. She can tell you what’s gonna happen in your future.”

He shifts on the couch so that he can better see Jensen throwing a ball for the dogs and grins stupidly at the sight. He doesn’t need a Medium to know his future.

Title: Baser Instincts
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Harley
Rating: PG
Summary: There was steak. What else is a dog going to do?
Prompt: kitchen

The kitchen looks like a grenade had been thrown into it. Their dirty plates and glasses they used are in pieces on the floor. The remains of the potatoes and corn on the cob they had bar-b-qued are just chunks among the mess. The room smells of spilt beer and wet dog.

Jensen looks from Harley, steak bone hanging from his mouth, guilty and hanging his head to emphasis it, to Jared standing beside him in the door.

“From now on leftovers get put away before “can’t resist sex”.”

Jared sighs and turns to, assumedly, go find some clothes. “Agreed.”

Title: Beauty's in the Eye of the Beholder
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: G
Summary: Jared thinks his girl is beautiful but there is something about Jensen's baby.
Prompt: beautiful

Jared loves his Corvette. She’s all sleek lines, immaculate paint, purring engine and power to spare. She might be flashy but she’s his and to him, she’s beautiful.

But there’s something about Jensen’s old, beat-up truck.

It might be dented, the paint peeling, have rust spots and sometimes he worries it’s going to die on them while they’re on some deserted back road. But laying in the bed on a tattered blanket and staring up at a night sky full of stars with Jensen breathing softly beside him and their bodies pressed together from shoulders to toes, she’s beautiful too.

Title: Busted
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Misha
Rating: R
Summary: There's a place and a time for everything. Behind a prop trailer is neither.
Prompt: oops

“Oh! Umm...oops?”

It could be worse, Jensen could have been on his knees and Jared’s dick could be half out of his boyfriend’s mouth. But still Jensen’s hand is pressed against the bulge in his pants and his tongue was just down his throat.

He knew making out behind the prop trailer had been a bad, bad idea.

Finally Jared forces himself to look at Misha and decides that his earlier assessment was wrong, it couldn’t be any worse if the grin on their friend’s face is anything to go by.

There will be teasing for years over this.

Title: Clean Sheets Are Overrated
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It's been a long week and Jared thinks they'll actually get the sheets changed?
Prompt: help

“Time to change the sheets.”

Jensen glances up from his book and resettles himself on the corner of the couch before answering. “So?”

Jared raises an eyebrow and something dark flashes in his eyes. “So come help.”

It’s been a long week of sixteen-hour days and over emotional scenes. It’s left both of them too tired to do more than drag their asses to bed for maybe five hours of sleep before starting all over again. So Jensen’s pretty sure if he tries to help Jared that changing the sheets isn’t what’s going to happen.

Unsurprisingly, he’s okay with that.

Title: Don't Tell, Don't Ask Chris
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Chris Kane, Misha
Rating: R
Summary: Chris likes to try use the information he gleans from the Internet to try to cause shit. But Jensen's got his number this time.
Prompt: triangle

“So it’s said that you, Jared and Misha are in a love triangle now.”

Jensen sighs and takes a sip of his beer. Trust Chris to know what’s floating around the Internet and taking delight in sharing. “Misha’s a flirt and Jared is an enabler.”

“So you what are you then?”

He knows he shouldn’t but Chris opened the door and he’s got to learn to stop doing that. “The guy that fucks Jared nightly.”

He just manages to lean back in time and laughs as Chris spits beer all over their corner table at the bar.

“Jesus Jensen! TMI!”

Title: Eric is Evil, This Must Be Remembered
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Eric Kripke
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jared didn't think Eric would punish Jensen.
prompt: renege

“I can’t believe Eric would renege on his promise to me.”

Jensen sounds so sad that Jared wants to wrap him in his arms and never let him go. However he doesn’t think his comfort would be welcome since this situation is kind of his fault.

“Because of you, Dean’s going to get Ghost Sickness again.”

Jared rubs at the back of his neck guiltily; the gray icing was solely his idea. But he didn’t think that Eric would pull the age card and tell Jensen that he should be able to veto Jared’s ideas because he’s older.

“Blowjob, promise.”

Title: Even Good Apples Can Go Bad
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen, The Ackles clan
Rating: PG
Summary: Jensen was the good child.
prompt: apple


His older brother was the troublemaker, his younger sister, the temper tantrum queen. Somehow, that made him the apple of both his parent’s eyes.

He hadn’t set out for it to happen that way but he was more driven to succeed than to make waves.

And he had done it, through hard work and paying his dues and his parents were proud to call him son.

Until Jared.

But laying with Jared, asleep in his arms, Jensen knew they were going to have to get over it. Because there was no way he was ever going to get over Jay.

Title: Give Me A Good Enough Reason
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: G
Summary: Jensen's got something to prove.
prompt: idiot

Months before, Jared had teased that Jensen was romantically challenged. It wasn’t the truth but he needed a special reason, something more than a birthday or general anniversary.

Glancing at his watch, his heart picked up when he realised that Jared would be home shortly, before eyeing the table, ensuring everything was perfect. Then tuned into the soft music drifting from the living room, just loud enough to be noticeable, perfect.

Tonight they would celebrate the first time they had met. The day that led to them being them.

But if Jared called him a romantic idiot, he’d kill him.

Title: Goldilocks is the Bear
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG
Summary: Jensen is overtired and grumpy. Jared may just have to throttle him.
prompt: lumpy

Jared’s just about asleep when the bed shakes, violently, and he’s jarred back to reality.

He glances over as Jensen flips onto his stomach, bunches his pillow and growls.


“Pillow’s lumpy.”

Jared gets it, Jensen’s overtired and instead of forcing his body to relax until he drops off, like Jared does, he flips and flops while complaining about lumpy pillows and being too hot.

He kind of wants to throttle his boyfriend because he’s overtired too but instead he manhandles him until Jensen’s head is resting on his chest.


“You’re lumpy.”

Maybe throttling isn’t such a bad thing.

Title: Good Things Come To Those Who Scheme
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jensen's wants but he's not asking, not this time.
prompt: Zither


“What the hell are you watching?”

Jensen glanced over his shoulder to find Jared leaning against the wall by the kitchen door, a look of horrified fascination on his face.

He knew exactly how he felt.

“Documentary on Eighteenth Century musical instruments.” He turned back to scrutinize what still looked like some small kid’s idea of a guitar before the cardboard tube neck was added. “That is a Zither.”

“Okay. But why are you watching it?”

“Nothing else on.”

“Sad Ackles.”

“Bite me Padalecki.”

Jared’s chuckled was dark and promising.

Jensen grinned to himself; he knew his plan would work.

Title: Gray for His Age
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Eric Kripke
Rating: PG
Summary: It can't be Jensen's eyes, he's sure, but then why else would the cake icing be gray?
prompt: gray

Jensen squeezed his eyes shut before forcing them open wide. It didn’t help, the cake still looked gray.

“Jay?” He called over his shoulder towards the noise coming from their living room. “Why is the icing gray?”

“It is to signify how old Eric is getting.” Was the hollered back response.

For the love of... He sighed, shaking his head.

Somehow he knew that he was going to be equally blamed for this one. Best he could hope for was that Eric wasn’t going to haunt Dean again. He had yet to live down having to scream like a girl.

Title: He's Not Cranky...No Really
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG-13
Summary: There is morning, there is "morning Jensen" and there are rules. Jared's got it figured out.
prompt: crank

Jared knows the rules.

Do not wake Jensen up when he gets up to take the dogs for their run.

Do not wake Jensen up when he gets back until after he showers, it gives him a couple extra minutes of sleep. Can be broken if there is mind-blowing sex involved but only on days off.

Do not wake Jensen up if there is no morning shoot.

And, for the love of God, do not wake Jensen up without a cup of coffee.

Not that he would call Jensen a crank in the mornings.

At least, not to his face.

Title: House Warming Gift
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Chad Micheal Murray
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It wasn't the thing Chad wanted to give them but he figured it would suffice.
prompt: violet & idiot


Jared carefully reached out and took the potted plant from Chad, it was Chad, you never knew if there was a lit cherry bomb involved, but when it didn’t explode he carefully examined the delicate purple flowers.

“Umm thanks?” He muttered as he took a step back to let Chad into the house. He knew he was an idiot for asking but, “What is it and why?”

“A Violet.” He smirked, “I wanted to give you a Pansy to celebrate yours and Jensen’s big gay love but I couldn’t find one. Figured something purple and girly would suffice.”


Title: I Never Thought About It
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Sadie
Rating: G
Summary: Jared knew Jensen thought about it but nothing was spoken until now.
prompt: elephant

It’s the one thing they don’t talk about. But Jared has seen the looks that Jensen tries to hide and knows him well enough to know that he has a definite opinion. Still, it has remained the huge white elephant in the room.

That is, until Jensen moves in with him.

“That chair goes.”

He looks at the tattered gold easy chair that Sadie claimed as hers the first time he brought her home. “But it’s Sadie’s chair.”

“It’s falling apart and a hazard. One day soon it’s going to collapse and hurt her.”

Put that way, “Agreed. It goes.”

Title: I Want To Make This Right
Characters/Pairing Jared/Jensen, Sadie
Rating: PG
Summary: Sadie's lost, Jared's heartbroken and Jensen just wishes he could fix it.
prompt: beautiful

Jensen glanced over at Jared slumped against the passenger door of his truck and sighed quietly. He wished he could fix this but short of magically producing Sadie he was stuck.

Neither of them had known about the hole in the fence behind the Lilac tree until after Sadie had slipped through it two days before.

“We’ll find her.”

“She’s gone.” He said mournfully, “She’s not at the Pound or the vet or the sitter’s.”

Jensen turned the corner and spotted her sitting on the front step. “Because she’s home.”

Jared’s relieved smile was the most beautiful thing to behold.

Title: It's Just The Flu, Jen
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG
Summary: Jensen's sick and kind of overdramatic
prompt: dead

“How are you doing Jen?”

“I’m dead.”

Jared rolled his eyes at the pathetic sounding reply but managed to reframe from yanking the covers off the lump that was his boyfriend. At least, he was pretty sure it was Jensen being all whiny huddling beneath them even if his voice sounded clogged and raspy.

“It’s just the flu.”

“Pretty sure it’s a rare tropical disease and I’m dying.” Came the sullen reply.

He settled on the side of the bed, “Diva.”


Jared chuckled, embracing the flare of relief, if Jensen could snark then it wasn’t hospital bad. “You’ll live.”

Title: It's Not So Bad Then
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: G
Summary: Jared's got so explaining to do.
prompt: yield

Jensen looked up from the citation in his hand to Jared’s embarrassed face. “So let me get this straight. You got tagged for failing to yield for a yield sign?”


He’s ticked, it could have been worse. It could have been an accident, “I knew you’d be tired after spending two weeks with you family. You should have just let me drive you to and from the airport.”

Jared fidgets, “Not tired.”

“Then why?”

“I was excited to see you.”

Jensen feels something warm and all encompassing fill his chest and he can’t be mad. “I love you too.”

Title: It's Only In Times of Stress
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Sadie, Sherry Padalecki
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jared only prays during times of stress, all kinds of stress.
prompt: pray

Jared doesn’t really pray, that’s more Jensen’s area of expertise than his. But there are occasions where praying is necessary.

Like when his mother got really sick but didn’t tell anyone until it got so bad that she had to go to the hospital. Or when Sadie got out and he went crazy trying to find her for two days.

He figures God forgives him for only praying in times of stress.

“Oh God please!”

Jensen tightens his grip at the base of his cock and swallows him down again on a chuckle.

Hopefully He’ll understand the stress of this.

Title: Jared's Strange and Lyrics are Evil
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG
Summary: Jared loves the holidays and spontaneously bursting into song.
prompt: noel


“The first Noel the angel did say...”

Jensen looks up from where he’s loading the dishwasher. He’s used to Jared singing but still, “Jared why are you singing a Christmas carol?”

Jared pulls his head from the fridge where he’s trying to fit the leftovers. “Cause I feel like it.”

“A little early isn’t it? It’s only September 24.”

Jared breaks out into a grin that Jensen can only describe as childish glee. “Only 92 days left!”

Jensen goes back to loading the dishwasher; he’s learnt not to come between Jared and his excitement over holidays.

The first Noel...Damn it!

Title: May Not Love Everything About Work But Can Find The Perks Of It
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG
Summary: Doing your own stunts isn't always fun.
prompt: stiff

Jensen loves his job, loves the premise of Supernatural, loves Dean in all his fucked up glory and loves the changing story line. But he doesn’t love being thrown into walls or furniture or the ground. And he really doesn’t love how the muscles in his back and shoulders will be stiff for days following a difficult stunt.

Though that does have its benefits.

It gets him Jared’s big hands working out the knots in his back, soft kisses on his shoulder blades and a quiet intimacy that fills him with warmth.

So, he guesses, he can tolerate difficult stunts.

 Title: Neither is the Lesser of Two Evils
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG
Summary: Jensen should have thought his answer through, not that it really would have made a difference.
prompt: violet


“What do you think?”

Jensen watched Jared peer at himself in the mirror in the change room and wasn’t sure exactly what his response should be. On one hand, Jared had asked him to come with him to find a new dress shirt to wear with his suit for his cousin’s wedding but on the other hand, he didn’t specifically ask him to come along to critique his choices.

But he had asked so he finally he settled on, “It is violet, Jared.”

Jared’s reflection frowned back at him, “You’re right, probably should go with the pink one instead.”


Title: Okay, So I'm Not Superman
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: G
Summary: Jared doesn't go out to do himself damage, he's just kind of a klutz.
prompt: x-ray & idiot

Jared already knows his wrist is broken, again, and doesn’t need to look at the x-ray to know it. Still he can’t help but straighten so that he can see over Jensen’s shoulder.

Those are his hand bones, and those are his arm bones and there is the dark crack in his wrist bone.

Yup, broken.

“I’m going to ask to take that x-ray home.”

He focuses back on Jensen, “Why?”

“Because the next time you think it’s a good idea to jump from the second floor balcony, I’ll have this to remind you that it’s not.”

“Smart ass.”


Title: Overreact Much?
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: G
Summary: Jensen may have taken it alittle far but it's the Impala.
prompt: quit

“That’s it! I quit!”

Jared watches Jensen throw his script to the floor before he crosses his arms over his chest and sulks.


“Because I’m supposed to beat on the Impala again.”

Jared pulls his own script to him and flips through it. “That sucks but it’s not quitting worthy.”

He shoots him an incredulous look, “But it’s the Impala. Hasn’t that poor car been through enough?”

He shakes his head, only Jensen. “They can rebuild it. Stronger, faster, better.”

Jensen blinks owlishly, “Seriously? The Six Million Dollar Man?”

“Quitting because you have to hit the car?”

“Point taken.”

Title: Romance Is Not A Pink Umbrella
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: G
Summary: All Jensen wanted was a romantic stroll in the rain.
prompt: umbrella

“Found it.”

Jensen stepped back from the hall closet and look at the flowery pink monstrosity clutched in Jared’s hand.

“What the hell is that?”

“An umbrella.”

“A kid’s umbrella!” He didn’t just shriek and if Jared ever said otherwise, he’d kill him.

“Ours are at location so if you’re determined on going for a walk in the rain, it’s this.”

Jensen had thought that it would be romantic to stroll with Jared in the rain but that umbrella would make them look like nut cases.

“Skip it.” He muttered, “Let’s go mess up the clean sheets.”

“Now you’re talking.”

Title: So Much for a Poker Face
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Misha
Rating: R
Summary: It should have been just another shoot in the Impala except for Jared's brilliant idea and Jensen's vivid memory.
prompt: oops

Jensen was a professional. It was just another day of sitting behind the wheel of the Impala and doing a scene. Not a problem, he had done dozens, thousands, of scenes in the Impala.

Of course this would be the first time being in the Impala since Jared had blown him in the back. But as long as he didn’t look in the rear view mirror he’d be fine.

Unconsciously his eyes searched out the mirror and he felt his face flush at the memory.

“Oh God, you and Jared did something in this car didn’t you?” Misha teased.


Title: Some Situations Don't Need Apologies
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG
Summary: Jared knows what Jensen's like and somethings just aren't worth getting upset over.
prompt: idiot

Even before Jensen’s fully in his trailer he’s already talking.

“I’m sorry.”

Jared blinks and he knows he’s got to look like a confused moron. “Okay.” He drawls, “For what?”

Now Jensen kind of looks lost. “For growling at you this morning when you came to wake me up.”

He laughs, he can’t help it because after being together for over a year, now Jensen’s going to apologize for being a dick first thing in the morning?

“Like that’s anything different.”

“But I’ve never said sorry before and I am sorry for it.”

Jared grins, “Idiot. Always and already forgotten.”

Title: Sometimes A Mess Isn't So Bad
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Harley
Rating: G
Summary: Jensen wanted to do something for him and really it is the thought that counts.
prompt: water


The minute he steps through the door, the smell of wet dog assaults him like a slap to the face.

“Jensen?” Jared calls out as he follows the puddles of water towards the kitchen.


He walks into the room to find a wet Harley cowering under the table and a soaked Jensen trying to towel him off.


“He was digging in the wet garden and was filthy. I thought I’d give him a bath.”

Jared can’t be mad at the extra mess that needs to be cleaned up because Jensen did this for him. “I’ll get another towel.”

Title: The Persistence of Children Amazes Me
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Harley, OFC
Rating: G
Summary: By now, Jensen would have given up.
prompt: jump

Jensen knows that Jared’s niece has got to be getting frustrated by now, she’s been trying to teach Harley to jump through a hola hoop for over an hour but there hasn’t been any success.

He knows it’s because Harley doesn’t care to because he can jump when he’s motivated. The loss of two prime rib steaks from far back on the kitchen counter last week proof of that.

“Maybe we should help.”

Jared shakes his head, “She wants to be a lion tamer and refuses to quit until Harley goes through the hoop.”

“It’s gonna be a long day.”

Title: What Does That Make You?
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG
Summary: The fog is thick and makes the boys think of two very different scenarios. Jensen's sure his makes more sense.
prompt: fog


“With fog like this, if I got the dogs howling it would be like “The Hounds of the Baskervilles” around here.”

Jared’s right, it is that thick. But it reminds Jensen more of the special effects from that remake that Tommy starred in a few years earlier than a Sherlock Homes mystery.

“Sometimes you are just fucking weird.”

Jared chuckles as he wraps his arms around his waist and pulls him back from the patio doors. “But you love me so what does that say about you?”

He shrugs as he settles back against Jared’s chest, “Sometimes I like weird.”

Title: Whisper Quiet
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: G
Summary: Sometimes Jared just wants to scream the truth.
prompt: idiot


Sometimes when an emotion builds up inside it seems the only way to release the pressure is by yelling at the top of your lungs.

In theory, it sounded good, sounded like the grand, romantic gesture that he believed Jensen deserved but he also knew Jensen would call him an idiot. Not because it would risk ruining Jensen’s career but because it would destroy his own and Jensen was always more worried about him then himself.

“I love you.” Jensen whispered as he walked past to take his mark.

Then again, sometimes a whisper was louder than a scream anyway.

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awww love these ;D!
29th-Sep-2009 03:20 am (UTC)
These are all great. I wish they were longer
2nd-Oct-2009 02:10 am (UTC)
fanofsuper there's a reason they are called drabbles so just hush you! ;) I may love you, you may be my beta and manage to take my stuff and make it work but just shush!

But hey! At least you liked them. *g*
2nd-Oct-2009 10:59 pm (UTC)
Yes I know but they are all so good they deserve to be more than drabbles.

I more than liked them, I loved them !

At least you still love me !
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29th-Sep-2009 03:26 am (UTC)
All I have to say is...

The first Noel...Damn it!

No, but, really, these are adorable. ♥
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That song is stuck in your head now too huh? ;)

Glad you enjoyed them.
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oh, babes, you're one of the best around.

hands down.

and I'm with the competition. XD
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*blush* Thanks.

and I'm with the competition *wink* I won't tell anyone if you won't.
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*pat her tummy*
Thanks to you!I'm full now,31 drabbles!gee,you're the queen!kekeke ;P
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Aww thanks sweetie!

Glad they were yummy.
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great job! i loved the ones with misha & chad. :)
2nd-Oct-2009 02:13 am (UTC)
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That was a wonderful thing to read, like little glimpses into their lives. I absolutely loved it ♥
2nd-Oct-2009 02:13 am (UTC)

Glad they were good.
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These were absolutely awesome!!!!!
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Glad you liked them.
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Lovely drabbles!

This line: Then again, sometimes a whisper was louder than a scream anyway. esp. got to me :)

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