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Shadow Lane: A Winchester Obsession
Fic: That Complication Relation Sensation pt.6 
26th-Oct-2009 09:26 pm
Jared/Jensen 2
Title: That Complication Relation Sensation pt.6

Please see Master Post for fic details.


Ms. Bledel was tiny, barely reaching Jared's shoulder but years of dealing with rowdy teenagers had helped her perfect a sharp wit that endeared her to her students. Her class consisted of only nineteen students who were all seniors, two of which were at the top of the class and always paired together. Jared was dreading the surprise assignment because Ms. Bledel would wrongfully assume that he and Jensen would want to be paired together. For some reason Ms. Bledel was stuck in her own little bubble and wasn’t the kind to listen to all the rumors going around the entire school.

Ms. Bledel smiled her bright smile to each student as she passed out the syllabus for their new assignment to the class. From what Jared could tell she had something special up her sleeve. That much was sure.

“Now before you look at your syllabus I want to discuss the very point of this project.” She began as soon as she was done passing out the papers and took a seat on top of her desk. “Now I’m sure all of you here have had the experience of taking care of someone other than yourself, am I right?”

She continued when all the students nodded and wondered where she had been going with all of this.

“This,” she reached down and picked up a naked, little doll from her desk chair and held it out for everyone to see, “Is going to be your baby for the next two weeks.”

She smiled indulgently but Jared had learned long ago that that wasn’t necessarily a good sign from her. 

“Each baby has a computer chip in it and once I activate it, the baby will behave exactly like a real child.” She paused for a second to bring it close to her chest, “Well except for the pee and the poop but you get the general idea. But it will cry and it will be up to you and your partner to figure out what the problem is.” 

She sat back down at her desk and pulled a binder towards her before glancing up and gracing them with another smile, “Oh and that computer chip? Not only does it record how long the baby cries before its needs are taken care of but it also records if it has been shut off. For every time I find that your baby has been shut off, I will deduct five marks from your assignment grade.”

Jared managed to swallow a groan though many in the class didn’t, so much for Plan A.

“Now all that is left is to pick who you’ll be partnered with. You all know the drill, when I call your name pick a partner.” Ms.Bledel picked up the roster that was beside her so that she could mark who was with whom for the project.

“Jensen,” She starts off a happy smile reaching her pretty face. “I’m assuming you’re going to pick Mr. Padalecki once again?”

When that was said the whole entire classroom gasped in shock and the room went still. It was as if everything stopped working or time was going by too damn slow.

“Ahem,” Jensen said before speaking up louder. “Um no Ms. Bledel, I’m going to pick Me-Ae this time around.” Jensen glanced back at Jared, “She acts a lot more mature than Giant Jerk Padalecki, I mean Jared Padalecki.”

Jared’s face grew red and hot at that insult. It was one thing to be called out in front of everyone in class it was another to be called immature by his lousy cheating ex.


Jensen hadn’t actually meant to insult Jared, at least he hadn’t been consciously thinking it but something inside him was doing a childish happy dance for doing so. He knew it was stupid but ever since he had confronted Jared in front of the school a month earlier, it seemed that any time he saw him, Jared had his arm hanging off some new guy and as much as he knew he was a hypocrite, he wished Jared was miserable. 

There had been a brief flare of hope that Jared had sounded tired because he missed Jensen but that had been quickly quashed when after two weeks of detention; Jared started palling around with Justin Hartley.

Of course, what was he to expect really? Jared had broken up with him without actually bothering to tell him to his face. That was a really fucking big neon sign that Jared really hadn’t cared for him or about him in a long time. Justin and then the slew of guys afterward were simply the final nails in the coffin.

“I’ll be partnering with Sandy, Ms. Bledel.”

He had expected yelling and insults and another blow out with Jared that would end them both in front of Principal Morgan. What he hadn’t expected was for Jared to just remain calm.

“We’re the best match and we’ll be the best parents in the class.”

And there it was the insult he had been expecting only at a much lower tone and not as specific as he had thought it would be.

“Dream on Padalecki.” He snorted, “A baby isn’t like your dogs, you can’t tell it to go lie down and expect to have time to yourself.”

“Whatever Ackles” Jared muttered back, “Like you’ll have time for yours. After all between the school paper and Kerr poor Me-Ae will be stuck taking care of this kid all by herself.”

Jensen twisted in his desk to glare at him, “Well considering your social calendar, I’m surprised you can even make it to class.”

Jared raised any eyebrow, “What’s that? Do I detect a hint of jealously in your voice? Kerr not as much fun as you thought he would be?”

He ground his teeth together; he fucking knew that Jared had a way to twist anything he said. He should have just kept his mouth shut and not bothered taking the bait. By the time he met Kerr for lunch, he would already have heard about this and there would definitely be more to it by the time it got to him.


Like there weren’t problems that both he and Kerr were ignoring in their relationship as it was. Such as the fact that they had yet to get past making out and hand jobs and the longer they spent together the more he realized that they really weren’t suited to be together. Kerr was a sports fanatic, it didn’t matter what sport, just that it was a sport whereas, other than football, Jensen could take it or leave it. Jensen liked to just spend time sacked out on the couch watching mundane crap on the T.V. occasionally but Kerr had to be on the go all the time.

Yeah, this was going to go over so very, very badly.

“You wish.” He snarled back, “Like I would want sloppy seconds and we all know you’re...”

“Boys” Ms. Bledel called out. “If we can get back to the subject at hand”

Jensen straightened and looked down at his syllabus while he chewed on his lip. It was probably a good thing that she had cut him off when she had considering what he was about to say. He had been called a slut, not in so many words but he had and he knew how it hurt emotionally and that didn’t even factor in what it did to his reputation in the school. And no matter how much he wanted for Jared to hurt the way he hurt, he wasn’t going to go after his reputation, he was better than that.

He ran his tongue over his lips as he tuned out Ms. Bledel starting in on her expectations. It didn’t matter, Me-Ae would fill him in on anything he missed and besides it was all right there in the syllabus and he really needed to figure out a way to spin what had just happened for Kerr before he found himself in the middle of another scene like the one from months ago.

Only four more weeks Jensen, he reminded himself silently, just four more.


“So I was thinking,”

Sandy poked Jared’s shoulder, hard, and he snapped his head away from glaring over at Jensen grinning indulgently at Me-Ae who was cooing over their new “baby” and grimaced at her.

“Ow.” He made a show of rubbing at his bicep, “That hurt.”

She rolled her eyes before flicking her glance over at Jensen and Me-Ae and back. “Look,” she sighed. “I’m sorry that things are so fucked up right now...”

Jared snorted and she held up her index finger, ridged and long nail aimed directly for the spot she had poked him in the first time, the threat clear. “So I’m willing to let it go that you volunteered me to work with you on this without asking first.”

“Sands, I’m sorry...”

“If,” she snapped low, “You agree to pay attention long enough to ensure that we aren’t going to get a shitty grade on this. You and me, we’re pretty good friends but I’m not risking my B average over your tiff. Got it?”

Jared sighed, he couldn’t argue with her, completely willing to admit that she was right. Besides if he fucked this up, that meant Jensen was going to get the better grade and he’d be damned if he let that happen.

“Got it.”

Sandy nodded once, “Good.” She tapped the syllabus sitting between them with one hand while effortlessly handing over the baby doll with the other. 

He took it gently in his arms, Ms. Bledel had been serious when she said that she was activating the dolls before she handed them over to their assigned parents and a couple of them had already had electronic screaming fits from being mishandled. At Jared’s last count, only four sets of parents had managed not to be subjected to one yet and because Jensen and Me-Ae were in that limited group along with him, he was going to make damn sure that his doll didn’t cry first.

“According to this,” Sandy continued, “The doll goes into sleep mode at Midnight and wakes at six a.m. So at least whoever has night shift gets six hours sleep.”

He felt his body relax a little, his older cousin had just had a baby seven months earlier and he knew that new parents generally only got a couple hours of sleep at the time and that had been weighing on him. He had been having problems sleeping for months as it was, not that he wanted to think about why that was, and the last thing he needed was something else keeping him awake.

“So what I’m thinking is that since this is a two week assignment, how about if we split day and night shift a week at a time.”

Jared wasn’t sure if that sounded like a good idea or not. Of course he wasn’t completely clear on what Sandy was saying so instead of agreeing or disagreeing right off, he kept his mouth shut and motioned with his head for her to continue.

“I’m thinking that for this week, you do night duty and I’ll take day.” She shrugged, “Except weekends, I’ll take Saturday and you take Sunday.”

The thought of carrying a baby doll, a baby doll that was electronic and reacted to things around it, into classes didn’t really sound like something he wanted to do but on the other hand, not having the option of going to bed until at least midnight for two weeks straight was particularly appealing. Jensen might think that he was some big player now that they were split up and perhaps that was because he made sure that Jensen thought that by playing it up with guys in the school that would let him get away with it but the truth was that he was generally home by eight most nights. He really didn’t want anyone else and he really hadn’t been in the mood to go places with his friends where maybe he would run into Jensen and Kerr. So he usually ended up in bed by ten or eleven, trying to use sleep as an escape from the fucked up mess his life had become. Having to stay up, at least, an extra hour because of a stupid school assignment for two straight weeks just wasn’t acceptable.

Jared sighed, Sandy’s suggestion was probably the best one for their crappy situation. “Agreed.    


Jensen tried to move around his bedroom as quietly as he could and feeling like a complete idiot for it because he was doing it because of a doll.

When Me-Ae had suggested that she would deal with the doll during the day if Jensen would take it at night, he had jumped at the chance. For one thing, he really didn’t want to have to be dragging the damn thing around school with him, plus the school newspaper office could get hectic and the day they had been assigned the dolls he had seen first hand how the stupid things sometimes reacted to loud noises and he knew no one would appreciate that in the office. But the biggest reason was because it gave him a reason not to have to spend all his free time with Kerr.

He glanced at the doll as he pulled off his t-shirt and started to strip out of his jeans before glancing at the digital clock on his nightstand. He only had to try to keep things quiet for another ten minutes before it shut down for the night and he didn’t need to worry about the damn thing throwing a fit.

He felt like a total ass for using the assignment as an excuse to blow off Kerr but the longer he spent with Kerr the more he realized that he had made a mistake. After the original shock of what Jared had done had faded and it sunk into his idiot brain that he had agreed to start dating Kerr for all the wrong reasons, he had still stuck with it hoping to fix the mess. After all, it wasn’t like he didn’t get along with Kerr on a basic level and he really hadn’t wanted to tell him that he had been using him so he had tried to focus himself on the struggling relationship. It had only seemed fair to Kerr at the time but the longer it went on the longer he began to realize that it had never been about that. It had always been about hurting Jared and trying to save as much face as he could.

The doll, Catherine, whimpered and his eyes snapped to it from where he had been staring down at the puddle of his jeans on the floor.

“Please don’t cry.” He whispered. 

It was only an electronic doll but Jensen was pretty sure it was possessed and if it really was supposed to act like a real child, he was never having kids. The damn thing seemed to do nothing but “cry” and “sleep” no matter what he tried. He could go through the motions of feeding it, changing it, cuddling it and nothing seemed to satisfy it’s a little electronic brain. His mom had laughed the first time he had complained to her about it and she had told him that he had been a fussy child too and that eventually it would stop. Somehow he didn’t think that would happen and he was looking forward to Monday, six more days, when he could put the assignment behind him.

Out of the corner of his eye, he caught the digital numbers change to Midnight. Jensen sighed and threw himself on the bed. He wished that he had more then the promise of “only a couple more months” to look forward to where the rest of his problems were concerned, that he had something a little more definite to count on.

Not that even looking forward to “a couple months” would fix this. It wasn’t like he could lay his life down on some teacher’s desk and other than waiting for a grade, put it out of his mind. Jared could be blamed for some of the problems but Jared wasn’t the one that agreed to go out with Kerr, that was all on him and nobody but him could fix it.


“Seriously Jensen, this is getting ridiculous.”

Jensen managed to refrain from shaking his head, he was getting so tired of Kerr’s bitching about their sex life or lack thereof. He got it; he really did but every time Kerr touched him all he could think of was that it was wrong. His hands weren’t big enough, he didn’t smell right, and he didn’t sound right. The reality of the situation was that he just wasn’t Jared.

And Jesus did that burn. Here was a guy who was nice enough and wanted Jensen but Jensen didn’t want him. He never really had, he’d only started dating Kerr to hurt Jared, and didn’t that just make him the fucking bastard? It was the reason why he accepted Kerr’s grad ring, it was why he let Kerr take his hand when they were in school, hell it was why he had kept with this farce of a relationship for so long. 

“I’m not saying that we should be fucking but come on I get more action from my right hand than I do you.”

He glared over at him, “Nice Kerr, really fucking nice.”

Kerr raised his hands up and let them fall back against the steering wheel of his car. “It’s the truth.”

He wasn’t sure what made him angrier, the fact that it was the truth or the underlying reason as to why it was. “Sorry I’m not the slut everyone thinks I am.”

He narrowed his eyes, “No one but Jared thinks you’re a slut Jen.”

“I told you not to call me that.”

Suddenly Kerr’s face twisted like he had just tasted something bitter. “Why? Is Jared the only one that is allowed to call you that?


He knew from the beginning that this was never going to work especially considering why he had started dating Kerr in the first place. But it was bad enough that he knew that, it was a thousand times worse that Kerr had figured it out because he had done nothing wrong besides wanting Jensen. 

It was time that he grew up and quit being a petty bastard. This had to end for both their sakes.

“Kerr,” he sighed and started to pull his grad ring from his finger. “This...it isn’t...”

“Do you want to take a break?” He didn’t sound nearly as surprised as Jensen thought he would. It didn’t make it any easier though; in fact it kind of made it worse because “break” wasn’t exactly what he had been thinking.

He forced his gaze to remain steady on his face, “Not exactly what I was thinking.”

It would have been easier to just let Kerr believe they were on a break but Jensen was already a bastard for using him as much as he had. This had to stop.

“Look Jensen,” Kerr leaned forward slightly but still as Jensen leaned farther back. “I think we have something good and I don’t think we should just call it quits. So let’s just take a step back for a bit and we’ll see where we go from here in a couple weeks.”

Jensen was a coward and a bastard and pretty much every bad thing he had ever accused Jared of being because he already knew there was no way he would be getting back together with Kerr. But he was going to sit there and let him think otherwise because it was just easier than to try to convince him of that.

Kerr nodded and took the ring back when Jensen passed it over. “A little breathing room will be good for us. We kind of went into this fast considering you and Jared had only been split up for a week when we started dating.”

He was being far too considerate. He should have been angry and calling Jensen all the names he was thinking about himself. Instead he was just sitting there, neither smiling nor frowning, watching him fidget.

“Yeah, probably” He reached for the door handle and pushed open the door. “I am sorry Kerr.”

A fleeting smile crossed his face and Jensen had to look away because it was full of understanding and he didn’t deserve understanding. “We’ll be fine.”

No we won’t. He admitted silently before climbing out of the car. “See you around Kerr.”

Jensen didn’t wait for his response, didn’t want to hear whatever it was he was going to say sure that it was going to be something else positive, something that just wasn’t going to happen.

He made himself stand in the driveway and watch Kerr drive away, letting the guilt and his self-disgust eat him alive.

He really was as bad as Jared had implied, just not for the same reasons.


"Well shit."

Jensen slowly straightened from where he had been bending over the playpen and turned to glare across the room at Jared.  He ignored the little jump his heart gave at the sight of him, too used to the reaction.  It frustrated him because he saw Jared damn near everyday because of school and he should have gotten over it by now.  But it was Jared and as loathed as Jensen was to admit it, even to himself, he still loved him.

Not that that little fact mattered in the grand scheme of things, Jared had made it perfectly clear that he didn't care for Jensen.  Hadn't even cared enough to tell him to his face that they were over, he had just started seeing someone else.  So he did the only thing he could do, buried the feeling under the hurt and let that control him.

"What the hell are you doing here?"  The only thing keeping his voice low was Catherine, Me-Ae’s idea to name their computerized rubber doll, asleep in her playpen and the little boy doll that Jared and Sandy were taking care of, appearing as asleep in his ex's arms because loud noise really would wake the little computer monster up.

"I came in to see what was taking Sandy so long."  He sneered back at him, "But had I known that Me-Ae had company, I would have waited in the truck."

"Yes well, patience isn't one of the virtues that you've mastered yet so really Sandy should have expected that you wouldn't sit still for five minutes."  He snorted as he crossed the room towards the swinging door that Sandy had disappeared through earlier.  He wouldn't admit it to Jared but Sandy should have gotten a hold of Me-Ae by now and he really needed her to act as a buffer between them.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Jared hissed back.

He ignored him in favor of pushing open the swinging door to get Sandy and froze.  The kitchen was empty, maybe she went to the bathroom he thought desperately, but knew that wasn't possible, she would have either come back through the living room or gone down the hall and either way he would have heard or seen her. 

She had snuck out the back door, leaving Jared and the baby behind.  It didn't make any sense, their friends knew they couldn't stand to be around each other, and as sure as he was that between the two of them, they had caused years worth of grief to their friends, he didn't think any of them would purposely do this to them.  At least, he hadn't thought they would.

But the more he thought about it, the more it made a twisted kind of sense, Me-Ae leaving to take Sandy her baby bag, Sandy showing up not ten minutes after Me-Ae left to get the baby bag and then insisting on using the land line in the kitchen to call her instead of the cell he knew she had.  For whatever reason, it looked like they had planned this, setting it up so that Jared and Jensen would have to see each other. 

He was going to kill them, or at the very least make them feel guilty as hell for doing it.  Maybe he would tell Me-Ae that their possessed doll threw a fit and it took Jensen almost the whole time she was gone to get her to calm down.  He'd do his best to ensure that he seemed upset, not that it would be a stretch, only for an entirely different reason, and insinuate how much he had needed Me-Ae.  He was certain she'd feel bad and he knew she would tell Sandy and then Sandy would feel bad too.

He grinned darkly to himself, that could work and maybe there would be enough guilt that he could worm his way out of having to help baby sit Catherine for the weekend. 

It was instinct that had him jerking away from Jared's hand on his shoulder and spinning on his heel to glare up at him.  "Do not touch me."

There was a brief flash of what almost looked like sorrow in Jared's eyes before they went hard but Jensen was sure that had just been a trick of light.  This was, after all, Jared he was dealing with and the bastard felt nothing, at least not where Jensen was concerned, expect for hate.

"I want to know what you were implying."  He growled.

"I would think that would be obvious."  He snarled back before he forced his way past him, ignoring the warmth of Jared's chest against his arm.  He was not going there, he was not going to remember how warm Jared always seemed to be, how good it felt to lean up against him when he was cold or upset or simply tired and felt comforted by the heat soaking into him

It was that awareness of Jared and his own body’s craving to lean into him that made his voice a little harder, "You can't stand to not be the centre of attention. You can't stand it when someone can't be around to entertain you twenty-four seven."

He ignored the sudden silence behind him as he checked to make sure Catherine was still asleep and grinned down at the sleeping little boy doll Jared had laid beside her.  It might be his plan to tell Me-Ae that Catherine had thrown a fit but it was another thing entirely to actually have it happen.  For a computerized toy, it pretended to have a set of lungs that any long distance runner would envy.


Jared chuckled dryly after a few moments of silence that passed after the backhanded comment that Jensen just threw at him out of some dark hole in his heart. Jared crossed his arms and cocked his neck slightly forward to expose his neck with his bulging vein exposed.

“You know that’s funny that you’re trying to insinuate that I’m some kind of a slut because Jenny, if there was anybody qualified for the job it’d be you sweetheart.”

With that he walked to another part of the room so that way if Jensen planned on yelling at him they would be away from their assignments, hoping not disturb their sleep.

Jared felt good to let some anger out on the person who caused it all to begin with. God knows he needed to let his frustration out on Jensen more than breathing because he was just keeping it in and had only released it once to beat the crap out of Kerr Smith.

“Oh hell Jared, please tell me that you didn’t just say that. Out of all the insecure bullshit you pulled calling me a slut again is just so fucking low.”

Of course Jensen didn’t stray too far behind from Jared. It was hard to tell if it was because Jensen was pissed he was called a slut or Jensen really wanted to talk to Jared.

All Jared had was his anger to get him through the trivial argument even though he was so fucking conflicted. Jared’s mind kept straying to how gorgeous Jensen was with his freckles on his pale soft skin, that he hadn’t felt in what seemed like centuries, along with his tight navy blue shirt that would show that same light pale skin whenever he bent down. It was hard to completely forget his ex’s attractiveness after their break-up because Jensen was some kind of God with his looks.

“Look you got what you wanted ok?” Jared sighed as he deflected his thoughts that brought him such an ache. He just needed to act like an asshole in order to ignore any sort of emotion he had towards Jensen. “You wanted to be with Kerr all the time for more intimate conversations you got it. What’s the problem now? He’s not good enough in the sack?”

Jared had to admit to himself that had been pretty harsh to his own ears. It’s not like he could actually help it whenever he brought up Kerr. The idiot had swooped in and taken away his boyfriend right from under him. Although, it was very dickheaded of him to point all the insults towards Jensen, but inside Jared’s head he was right and Jensen was entirely wrong.


"I wouldn't..." Jensen snapped his mouth shut, he was not going to tell Jared that they hadn't slept together.  He didn't need to know that or because every time Kerr touched him, he kept seeing Jared's face, kept wanting it to be Jared.  He wasn't going to give him that ammunition to use against him.  Even if he did choose to believe him and after the slut comment, he was pretty sure he wouldn't.

Instead he leaned back against the wall and crossed his arms over his chest.  "You know what Jared?  Fuck you."

Jared laughed darkly, "Sorry baby I don't bottom.  But then again I didn't need to bend over for you to fuck me now did I."

That was it.  He was so tired of being the bad guy when he hadn't done anything wrong, at least not until that night he had seen Jared with his "date" when he had still thought they were together.  Then yes, he could admit he had responded badly, he had led Kerr on just to see if he could hurt Jared the way he had been hurt.  But he had paid for that, was still paying for it because now Kerr wouldn’t see that they had been a mistake and refused to accept anything other than them being on a break.  He didn't need Jared's shit, he didn't need to be called names and have shit whispered about him at school.  He was done.

He threw himself at Jared and was viciously satisfied when his back collided with the wall behind him and he stared down at him, his eyes wide with shock.  He sneered up at him, his palms pressed into his chest, his body weight pressing against him.

"I never cheated on you Jared."  He bit the words out, making sure to say them clearly.  "I never lied to you.  And I sure in hell wasn't the one who walked out." 

He shoved himself away, putting a couple feet of space between them to help to keep him from trying slug the cold and superior look off of Jared's face.  "And just for your knowledge asshole, just because you got to fuck me and fucked me over, doesn't mean that Kerr got to."

He wanted to bang his head against the wall, he had said way too much but if he was lucky, Jared would either be too shocked that he had pushed him into the wall or too angry to have noticed what he had said.


“You know you took all of his crap like his stupid ring and that stupid fucking basket he gave you, too. Not once did you try to apologize.” Jared walked away from Jensen into the driveway just to take a breath. He wanted to ignore the hope that built in his gut when Jensen admitted that not only had Kerr not gotten anything more than making-out but it was said in the past tense. It might have meant something or maybe Jensen just didn’t want to be involved with anyone.

“Oh god that’s bullshit! You walked away Jared.” His voice rang loud through the house and it made Jared stop at the door before crossing over the threshold.

“Yeah, because being with Kerr was what mattered to you. I mean I tried to be romantic that failed. I…” Jared couldn’t turn around and look at Jensen because those hurt flared green eyes would make him cave.

“You were romantic, since when?” He growled back.

He shook his head, “Forget it.”

“Fine” He yelled, “Why don’t you just leave? Huh, Jared? It’s what you do.”

Jared walked toward his truck so he could get the fuck away from Jensen. It didn’t even matter that he left Nathan there with Jensen. Sandy would be able to pick him up since she was the one who left them and knew damn well Jared and Jensen hated each other.

When he got two steps from his truck his eyes grew wide, “Holy shit!”

All the tires of his truck were flat and, from what Jared could tell, the flat tires had started to damage his rims.

On the floor there was a note signed in a messy scrawl that belonged to Chad.

The note read:

Talk it out and get to the fucking happy sex, will ya?

“Fucking CHAD” Jared yelled.


Jensen watched Jared stalk towards his truck and couldn’t decide if he was angrier with Jared for leaving or at himself for telling him to. When it was all said and done, it didn’t matter, not only did Jared not love him, he didn’t like him. He didn’t know how many more times they were going to have to have a run in before it finally got through to his heart. 

He could only hope that it was soon because he couldn’t keep feeling like he was being torn apart every time they clashed.

Suddenly Jared stilled feet from his truck before storming all the way around it and then throwing open the driver’s door.

“Fucking Chad”

He jumped at the unexpectedness of the yell and narrowed his eyes trying to see what had Jared so worked up. From the distance between the house and the road he couldn’t see what the problem could be but at least he was pissed off at someone besides Jensen for a change.

Jared walked around to the front of his truck, rested the flat of his palms on the hood and let his head hang low between his shoulders.

The part of him that just couldn’t accept that they were over wanted to go to him but he hung back at the door because he’d had enough for the day where Jared was concerned; he wasn’t getting involved any further.

After another long moment of watching Jared’s back rise and fall as he breathed deeply, Jensen backed out of the door and quietly closed it. He had other things to do besides standing at the door like an idiot, looking for all the world like he was waiting for Jared to come back inside. And he wasn’t waiting to see what Jared was going to do since it appeared driving off wasn’t his plan, he wasn’t.

He headed back towards the living room; now that he had calmed down a little he could remember why he was at Me-Ae’s in the first place. They were supposed to be taking care of their stupid doll and even if Me-Ae had left him there to face Jared as some sort of fucked up revenge for all the shit he had put his friends through, he wasn’t going to lose his grade over it.

He looked toward the playpen and only then did it occur to him that Jared had left his and Sandy’s little boy.

“Oh fuck no.” He snarled and made a mad dash back to the front of the house. No way in hell was he going to get stuck taking care of Jared’s kid. Jared was either going to take him with him or Jensen was going to be telling Ms. Bledel on Monday. He didn’t care if it made him a snitch or that Sandy was going to be failing right along with Jared. He was not their fucking nanny.

“Come get your kid asshole.” He yelled as he swung the door open, not even knowing if Jared would still be there. As far as he knew, he might be yelling at some poor passer-by who just happened to have the misfortune of walking down the sidewalk at the wrong time.

Luckily enough for him, or more to the point Jared because he really would tell Ms. Bledel, Jared was still there. Only now he had moved to leaning against the hood and had his cell pressed to his ear.

He glanced up over at the house at Jensen’s yell but made no other move.

“Get the fuck over here.” He snarled low before he started down the front walk himself. If Jared wasn’t going to come to get his kid all on his own then Jensen would physically drag him back to the house.

“Yeah, all four are flat.” Jared growled into the cell, as he watched Jensen walk closer. “No I don’t see any damage to the tires themselves, I think the air was let out but I’m worried about my rims.”

He raised an eyebrow before his gaze flickered from the right front tire to the back finding both of them flat.  But who would flatten Jared’s tires and why? Suddenly he remembered him cursing Chad and that now made a little more sense even if the reason behind why Chad would do something like that eluded him.

“How long will they be?”

Jensen glanced back at Jared’s thunderous face and felt a little sorry for Chad. This had to be the worst practical joke Chad had ever come up with and he was pretty sure Jared was going to kill him.

“No an hour’s fine. Thanks.” He pulled the cell from his ear and snapped it shut.  “Like I have a fucking choice” He snarled then glared over at Jensen, “What?”

Instantly his back went up, “There is no fucking way you’re blaming this on me.” 

“I never said I was blaming you now did I?” Jared threw back at him then he waved his arm towards his truck. “This was Chad and if I had to make a guess Sandy and Me-Ae too.”

Leaving them together to try to kill each other, he could see but maliciously damaging Jared’s truck didn’t sound like them. Even at his angriest, the thought of hurting Jared by doing something like that had never occurred to him and he had a hell of a better reason for doing something like that they did. 

“What did you do?”

He hadn’t meant for that to slip out. Asking the guy whose truck tires had been flattened what he had done to deserve it was pretty close to waving a red flag in front of a bull.

Jared’s hands clenched and Jensen tensed in response but the expected punch never came, at least not physically. “What I did was make the mistake of dating you.” He hissed low.

It wasn’t a conscious thought; one minute he was staring at Jared and the next he had his fingers tangled in his over-shirt. “I am so sick and tired of your shit Jared.” He spat, “You were the one that left Jared, not me. You were the one on a date with Justin Hartley when I still thought we were together so if anyone gets to cry cheater, it’s me, not you.”

“Are you talking about that night at Krip’s, the night that you were out on a date with Kerr?” He snarled back.

“It wasn’t a date!” He yelled, “We stopped to get a bite to eat before finishing up the stats piece you fucking asshole!”

“I know!”

Jensen let go of Jared and took a step back like it hurt to be too close. “What?”

“And I’ll have you know that I had no idea I was going to Krip’s to meet Justin. That was Chad’s idea. He overheard you making plans to go there with Kerr and he came up with the idea of making you jealous by making it look like I was on a date.” He was on a roll now, chest rising and falling erratically, “But you still left with Kerr.”

Chad had set everything up to try to make Jensen jealous but why bother since everyone else seemed to know that he and Jared weren’t together any longer. “Because I was told you had broken up with me and I was angry and hurt.” His voice was barely above whisper, he never listened to gossip because it was gossip and it was rare that whatever was being said was accurate. But he had listened because Jared had been with Justin and instead of confronting Jared he had believed it. “Well fuck!” He groaned.

Jared was watching him closely and for a change he wasn’t staring at him like he was something distasteful. “Why didn’t you talk to me?”

He laughed harshly, “Because talking was working so well for us wasn’t it? Not to mention the fact that you had been avoiding me for days before that.”

He fell back against his truck and ran a hand through his hair, “I was feeling like an asshole because of how I treated you that Sunday.” He admitted low, “And I was jealous of all the time you were spending with Kerr.”

Jensen’s emotions were running from one end of the spectrum to the other. He couldn’t decide exactly what he felt except for suddenly very tired. They had broken up over misunderstanding and a lack of communication, how pathetic was that?

They stared at each other silently until it got to be too much for Jensen, “So why did Chad flatten your tires?”

Jared dug into his front pocket and pulled out a crumbled piece of paper. With a sigh he handed it over.

He read the single sentence then had to go back and read it a couple more times before it actually made real sense.

“He flattened your tires so that we would work it out?” 

That had to be the stupidest and yet the best plan that Chad had ever come up with. With all honesty, he was kind of worried that it might be a lesser-known sign of the apocalypse.

He shrugged a shoulder, “Looks like.”

Jensen glanced back down at the note, “And apparently we’re supposed to get to the happy sex.”

He gave a halfhearted smile, “After what’s happened between us, I don’t think that’s likely. Do you?”

Something small and bright had been growing in his chest since they started to actually talk like a pair of adults but at Jared’s words it dimmed. He swallowed down the lump forming in his throat, “Yeah.” He agreed quietly, “There is a lot of shit between us now.”

He stood up straight, “Yeah and even if I said I was sorry it’s too late anyway.”

“Too much for both of us to be sorry for….” 

“And you are with Kerr now.”

Jensen shook his head, “We broke up last night.” He shrugged, “Well I tried to break up with him but he refused to see it as anything but a “break” but that doesn’t really matter.”

He watched Jared take a step towards him and he felt that little flutter in his chest light up again. 

“I am sorry for being an insecure asshole.”

He didn’t fight the urge to move closer, “I’m sorry for not talking to you.”

Jared reached out and rubbed his thumb across his cheek, “I’m sorry for accusing you of cheating.”

He leaned into the gentle touch, “I’m sorry for not dealing better with your worry.”

His hand fell from his face to trace down his arm before curling around his waist, “This is a really bad idea.”

Jensen let himself be pulled forward against Jared, “Worse than anything Chad’s ever come up with.”

He tilted his head down, “Yeah.”

Jensen wasn’t sure if by tilting his head up and meeting Jared halfway in a kiss was agreeing with him or not.


Jared was sitting on the couch in Me-Ae’s living room splitting his attention between glancing over at the dolls still imitating sleep in the playpen and some afternoon game show on the TV. He tightened the fingers of the hand he had draped across Jensen shoulder as he turned and kissed his temple.

“So should we kill Chad or throw him a party?”

Jensen turned his head so that he could meet his eye, “Don’t know. Depends on how this ends.”

He was smiling and his voice was light so he didn’t feel anything other than contentment at the words.

“Party it is then.”

“Well what do you know; Chad did have a good plan.”

They both turned at the sound of Chris’ amused voice to find all their friends smiling back at them.

“Uh, hello” Jensen snuggled closer into his side; it was the only reason he didn’t get up and throttle Chad.

However it didn’t stop him from pointing a threatening finger at him, “You owe me a new set of rims and the charge for a tow truck coming out here to fill my tires.”

Chad raised his hands in a placating gesture. “I’ve got the money for the tow truck. And you’ll get the money for the rims if they need to be replaced.”

Sandy broke from the group and carefully walked towards them, a plain white envelope held out. 

Jensen sat up, “You were all in on this?”

Steve shrugged but looked proud instead of sheepish. “Hey we can work well together when it’s for a good cause.”

Jared looked over at him, “That’s kind of scary.”

“So are you guys okay?”

He grinned at Jensen before looking back at the group. They had already figured out that Chad, Sandy and Me-Ae had conspired together to pull off this stunt, it was pretty obvious and they had already devised their revenge. But knowing that all their friends were involved only made it better.

“Well we’re going to need some time, say the weekend to really work everything out.” He glanced towards the dolls; one of them had started to make whimpering noises and then looked back at their friends. “But with these two to look after, we really don’t have the time needed...”

Chris groaned, “You want us to babysit.”

“All of us?” Danneel squeaked, “But kids don’t like me.”

“I guess it’s a good thing they aren’t real kids and you’ll have so much help then.” He watched Jensen nod at each of them, in turn, from the corner of his eye.

Jared shifted, not taking his arm off of Jensen’s shoulders but the threatened intent was obvious, “Unless you want us to go back to the way we’ve been at each other for the last few months.”


The answer was instantaneous and unanimous.

“Alright then” He grinned as he stood then offered his hand to pull Jensen up from the couch. “It’s Friday night, which is generally accepted as date night so if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got to go.”

“You’re leaving now?” Me-Ae demanded, “But what about the kids? Have they eaten? How long have they napped?”

“No and yes and you’ll figure the rest of it out by yourselves, I’m sure.”

Jared laughed and slid through their friends, “You’re mean.”

Jensen shrugged, “They conspired against us and flattened your tires.”

“It was for our own good.”

He pulled on their entwined fingers just as Jared reached to open the front door and he glanced back at him.

“They flattened your tires, Jay, all four of them.”

He grinned, “Fair enough.”




12th-Nov-2009 03:31 am (UTC)
I'm so glad that the group got together to made sure that Jensen & Jared had to talk things out and that everything worked out for the best. Those 2 belong together

Off to read the Epilogue now
7th-Jan-2010 12:01 am (UTC)
I get by with a little help from my friends... Yeah, okay I may be getting tired...maybe

Those 2 belong together But of course!
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Don't we all !
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