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Shadow Lane: A Winchester Obsession
Vid: Chains 
17th-Oct-2007 09:30 am
 Vid Title: Chains
Artist: Duran Duran - shh if you listen close I think you can hear Kripke crying or calling me a bitch or both
Characters: Mainly Sam but lots of Dean, appearances by John, Mary, Jess, YED, the special children, Crossroads Demon
Warnings: This vid is heavy with scenes from S02 E21 & 22 so if there are still people out there who haven't seen them then now you're warned. Various scenes from the first two seasons only. - Seriously is anything from the first two seasons considered a spoiler now?
Summary: Sam's thoughts during the last couple minutes of S02 E21 and the first tenish minutes of S02 E22 - See where the AU part comes in now?

A/N: I actually had to use Sony Vegas and WMM for this (you'll get why when you see it).  It's formatted in WMM 'cause as much as I like Vegas 7 it really doesn't play well with Windows Vista so to limit my frustrations (who would have thought I'd find Vegas more frustrating than WMM?) this vid was primarily done with WMM.  
Vid size is 45.2 MB and is 4:59 mins long.

Download at Mediafire
Watch at Youtube

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