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Shadow Lane: A Winchester Obsession
Fic: But Her Eyes Will Shine With Innocence pt.4 
4th-Jan-2008 04:26 pm
Title: But Her Eyes Will Shine With Innocence pt.4
Pairing: Sam/Dean - means Wincest ahoy
Rating: R or light N/C17 (see warning)
Word Count: 24,662
Warnings: Well there's mpreg, swearing, verbal diarrhea, contains a brief mention of het non-con, some blasphemous comments
Spoilers: Well known facts from Season 1, spoilers from Crossroads Blues, BUABS, one tiny one from AHBL pt.2 but blink and you'll miss it, maybe a couple nods to Season 2.  Are season 1 and 2 really considered spoilers anymore?
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my twisted mind.

A/N: 1 - This is my Secret Santa gift for wickednight over at Winchester Mpreg.
         2 - Some towns are real, some not so much
         3 - I'm from Canada so I know nothing about the miles, travel times or Grey Hound schedules in the States - Let's pretend shall we? 
         4 - The Latin Dean recites are totally made up phrases that I wrote in English than used an online translator for the Latin.  The translation back to English follows the fic.
         5 - As stated in the warnings above there is a touch of non-con but it's light and I do get blasphemous - If you read don't yell at me.

Summary: Someone makes a deal and Sam ends up pregnant.  Dean's not happy and Sam runs.

One week earlier…
“Go away.” He hissed under his breath as he awkwardly rolled over and put his back to the door.
“Sam I know things haven’t been good between us of late but I would really like you to come out and see what I’ve bought.”
Sam shut his eyes tight and chewed on his lower lip. This had been going on for over an hour now. Jo knocking on his door every couple of minutes, asking him to come out and him ignoring her. 
“Please Sam. It’s things for Maija.”
Obviously she hadn’t gotten the message yet or was choosing to ignore it. 
I don’t care what you bought. He snarled silently, Do you really think buying things for Maija will make everything okay between us again? Fuck off and leave me alone!
“Sam we can’t keep going like this. It won’t be much longer until the birth and we’re going to have to work together then. I…I would like to try to at least be able to have a conversation with you before then. I’d rather be uncomfortable now then when I should be concentrating on what I’ve been reading on the internet that I’m gonna have to do to you.”
Grudgingly he could see the logic of that even if the delivery was less then stellar.
A grin cracked his frown, Delivery echoed through his mind in a voice that sounded a lot like his brother when something childish made him chuckle.
Taking a deep breath he let it out slowly as he rolled back over and out of the bed. “Fucking fine.” He snarled low as he crossed his small room and threw open the door.
Jo’s mouth was open as if she was just about to call him again but she quickly shut it and took a couple steps back. “Hey.”, she murmured.
Sam felt his own childish glee and didn’t bother to ponder if it was from the hormones or having spent too much time with his older brother, as he watched her fidget from foot to foot while she crossed her arms over her chest before quickly dropping them to her sides and trying to smile at him.
“I’m tired so let’s just do this okay.”
“Su..sure Sam whatever you say.” She turned and led the way towards the living room.
“Not sleeping well?” She risked tossing over her shoulder.
“Look just don’t right now okay?” He asked, “Let’s just take this a step at a time. Show me what you bought today. Tomorrow maybe we can have dinner together and try some conversation then.”
“Thanks Sam.”
“Don’t Jo.” He warned as he entered the living room and looked down at the bags leaning up against the couch.
“I got some clothes and baby blankets.” She started as she reached down and started pulling bundles of pink, yellow and white material out of the closest bag. “Sorry they’re from the Salvation Army but that’s the best I could do right now.”
With the way things were between them he had started to worry how he was going to get anything ready for Maija. To the point he had actually considered calling Bobby and finally breaking down. It had come to the point where it wouldn’t be that much of a leap, after all he had already broken his promise to himself that he wouldn’t contact Dean until after Maija’s birth. 
It had only been the once and it only had happened the night that he was so tired of not sleeping and the back pain and the swelling, it was a moment of weakness that he had regretted the moment he had heard his brother’s voice. Even so it had taken until Dean had started apologizing, saying things that Sam wasn’t ready to believe before he could drag up the strength to hang up the phone. 
But if he could call Dean for his own selfish need to hear his brother’s voice it wouldn’t be that difficult to swallow the rest of his pride for Maija.
“And diapers.” Jo continued, oblivious to the fact that Sam was only half listening to her. “And bottles and formula.”
The aforementioned items were settled on the coffee table, “But my best find was this.”
She moved over to the apartment door and tapped a finger against the white plastic hood of the bassinet.
“It’s only plastic.” She admitted softly, “And it’s second hand but it seems sturdy and we’re…you’re gonna need one soon.”
“Thanks Jo.” He muttered, “Especially since things have been tense around here lately.”
She waved a hand at him, “Don’t. It’s my fault and besides these things are for Maija and regardless of everything else she’s what matters.”
Sam managed a grin he wasn’t comfortable giving, forcing manners he had learned as a child.
Dean looked around the living room of his and Sam’s complete new house in awe. Even standing there knowing that everything was done he was still having a hard time believing it, had already pinched his own arm hard enough that there would be a bruise soon.
It wasn’t just the fact that everything had been finished within a month, it was the fact that it was his and Sam’s. It was all theirs and it was safer than Fort Knox, if Fort Knox had been set up to keep the supernatural out. All the paint and the finish for the hardwood floors had been infused with sea salt that he had spent hours grinding down to a fine powder. Bobby had brought in a mystic friend of his and the women had spent a day going from room to room painting symbols on the walls with a clear varnish mixed with essential oils. And as he stood there thinking about how the interior designer that was another friend of Bobby’s had been right and that differing shades of light brown did look good on the walls, the older hunter was just outside burying the last of the cold iron that they had started before the cement pad for the house had been laid, effectively setting the house dead centre of a devil’s trap. 
Nothing supernatural was getting within ten feet of the house.
Silently he moved down the hall and looked into the only room that wasn’t painted Taupe or Suede or Sandalwood but bright yellow with big decals of teddy bears dotted along the walls. He grinned and shook his head, who would have thought that gruff old Bobby would demand sunshine yellow and fluffy teddy bears. Not that Dean was complaining, he didn’t mind the room’s motif if it had been pink with a princess design then there would have been a problem. Luckily pink and princesses had never entered the conversation. The other glaring difference between Maija’s room and the rest of the house was that Bobby had insisted on a pale beech colour for her furniture instead of a darker wood like the rest of the house.
The house, their house, now all he needed was for Sam to come back and then it could be a home.
Two hours earlier…
Sam blinked blurrily out the windshield of Jo’s little Tercel and tried to muddle out where he was and how he had got there.
He could clearly remember waking up, what he hoped, had been that morning and feeling distinctly uncomfortable in his own skin. That feeling had gradually given way to pain in his stomach that came in fits and starts but seemed to be getting stronger every time it reared it’s ugly head.
Thinking back on it now, he could admit being an idiot for not realizing for yet another hour what it had meant.
He was in the early stage of labour and on the tail end of that revelation was the only other clear thought in his suddenly chaotic mind, he wanted Dean.
He knew he had gone back to his room to get his cell phone, had tucked it into the pocket of the oversized hoody he had put on that morning when Jo had knocked on his door and then things had gotten hazy.
Jo had knocked, he had answered and then.
One minute she was staring at him silently, assessingly and then she grinned. Had he been thinking that she was going to start up with the whole you want me, I want you shit? Yeah he was pretty sure that what he had been thinking. Until she blinked and her eyes were black and his back was hitting the far wall of his bedroom.
He jerked forward simultaneously reaching for the door handle and looking around for Jo who, he finally took notice, was absent from the car. The idea of escape was short lived however, it seemed the price for gaining what little knowledge he could glean from his simple patchwork of memories was the resurgence of pain.
Sam fell back against the seat to try to alleviate some of the burning pain from his back and knees and shut his eyes against the on slot of vertigo and the constant throb in his temples.
“Shit.” He groaned softly and gingerly reached back to run his fingers along the back of his scalp. The goose egg his questing touch probed sent a spike of pain along his spine but now at least he knew why the last few hours were blank and the memories before blurry. 
“Great job of protecting yourself Winchester.” He grumbled softly, “Shack up with a demon, get a concussion. Yeah you’re number one.”
He had to get out, knew he had to get out and away. He was under no allusions as to which demon had possessed Jo and now that he was thinking about it he had been pretty stupid not to have suspected it all along. It had nothing to do with Jo’s odd behaviour although looking back now that was a glaringly obvious sign but more to do with the fact that if, as a demon, you had gone to great lengths to prepare a body for your essence it would stand to reason that you would want to stay close to the person carrying that body. Make sure nothing happened to it or the carrier, could be right there when that little body was cut from said carrier. Oh yeah Sam was an idiot and if he got out of this one Dean was never going to let him live it down.
His self-recrimination was cut short by the opening of the driver’s door.
“Well, well, well. Look who’s decided to join the land of the living.”
If it wasn’t for the fact that he knew that Jo wasn’t Jo but the demon they knew as Meg, he would have made a comment about how much she sounded like her mother when the woman was pissed at somebody. As things stood however, any thought of a comeback was washed from his mind when a contraction hit him hard and the best he could manage was a choked off groan.
“Better hope you can last for at least another couple of hours Sam.” She admonished, “I know of the perfect place for you to give birth so don’t go fucking things up for me.”
Sam silted his eyes open and turned towards her. “Fuck. You.” He panted through the pain.
She grinned at him and started to back out of the door before changing her mind and leaning back towards him.
“Oh and by the way if you try anything while we’re here, I’ll kill every single meat sack with a mile radius. So be a good little boy hmmm?”
He tracked her with his eyes as she sashayed across the lot and into the gas station kiosk before glancing around trying to tally just how many civilians were in the vicinity. He counted at least eight but it was hard to tell between his hazy vision and still focusing on breathing through the tail end of the contraction.
Was it worth it? Were at least eight people worth the safety of Maija? Not just Maija. He reminded himself, if he didn’t get away from Meg then she would become Maija and God knew how many lives she would destroy before some hunter, in the distant future, finally figured out what was going on. If someone finally figured out what was going on.
He glanced back to the kiosk to find Jo grinning manically back at him.    
He absently began to rub his stomach as the pain past while waiting for the opportunity to escape from the car. All he needed was one minute, he had no allusions that he could out run her in his condition but once she turned to pay for the gas he had every intention of making a break for the running and empty car sitting beside the kiosk. Obviously the locals were a little too trusting around here and somebody, a lot of some bodies actually, were going to end up paying for it with their lives.
Another kind of pain, bitter and cold, began coiling in his stomach, he was going to do this, he was going to cost the lives of innocent civilians. He glanced up at the sign on the side of the kiosk just as his hand hit the outline of the cell phone still in the pocket of his hoody.
Point West Gas And Go
They were on the outskirts of Point West, South Dakota? Sam allowed a small grin and flare of hope to bloom in his chest. They were only about an hour and a half away from Bobby’s place and suddenly a plan formed that hopefully would keep the civilians safe and get him the hell away from Jo.
Sliding his eyes back to watch Jo as she turned away from him to face the cashier, he pulled the cell from his hoody and carefully dialled the number blind. He could just make out the tinny ring coming from his lap but didn’t dare pull the phone up above the windows.
He dropped his head for a moment, “Bobby.”
“I’m in trouble.” He started before glancing back up and felt a jolt as Jo walked out of the kiosk.
“Shit!” He growled and quickly hunted for the volume button on the side of the phone. He listened to the sound of Bobby’s voice grow fainter and fainter before finally it was silent. Ignoring the spike of fear and reminding himself that just because he could no longer hear his friend didn’t mean that he wasn’t being heard, he slipped the phone back into his pocket.
“I’m impressed Sam.” Jo began as she opened the car door and climbed in. “I would have thought you would have made a break for it. You being a Winchester after all.”
“Fuck you Meg.” He snarled back and quelled the urge to punch her in the head. 
The self same civilians that he had inadvertently chosen to protect from her with his decision to try to make Bobby understand were they where and what was going on without being able to directly say anything. Were the same ones who were just as likely to drag him from the car and beat him senseless before calling the cops for hitting a woman.
“So it’s Meg now is it?” She chuckled as she pulled away from the gas station. “I suppose it’s better than bitch.”
“How ‘bout you tell me your real name? I’m sure you would prefer it after all.”
“Oh okay.” She drawled, “You must think real low of me if you think I’m stupid enough to give you my real name. Maybe your weak human names don’t have much power but then again you are a weak species, but you and I both know demon names do. Don’t insult my intelligence.”
Sam snorted, “Not intelligent enough to stop us from sending you back to hell twice.”
“Once Sam.” She snarled back, “The second time I escaped the devil’s trap that that old fool still had painted up on the ceiling in his house. Remember?” She glanced over at him and sneered. “Oh wait that’s right. You were occupied at the time weren’t you.”
“Witty Jo or Meg or whatever.”
Calling her Jo was probably redundant, Bobby should be able to recognize her voice but Sam couldn’t be sure considering the cell was hidden away in his pocket. When it was all said and done better safe than sorry even if it might be too little too late.
She laughed, “I’m gonna love this.” 
“Love what?” He growled back.
“Well see there’s this place about an hour from that old fool. One of Jo’s first real hunts, it was fairly simply really, even if she seemed to think otherwise. Just a couple of angry spirits haunting their old home outside of a little Podunk town. Murder-Suicide deal. Anyway checked out the place a couple weeks after I took you in my little charity case and even though it’s clean now no one has bothered to move in. No supernatural beings to interrupt us and far enough away from the next neighbour that there won’t be anyone to hear or see anything.”
She really was making this far too easy, even if Bobby had no prior knowledge of the haunting and Sam really couldn’t see that, it wouldn’t take much to figure out where it had been. He would have been worried about the grin he could feel forming but it subsided quick enough as another contraction started.
“Oh goodness another contraction? Already?” 
Even breathing through the pain he couldn’t miss the false concern dripping from her words.
“Just breath Sam.” She coxed. “That’s right. Deep cleansing breaths.”
The best he could manage was a low growl.
She chuckled, “Hey I didn’t knock you up. I mean it was my idea but I didn’t put the bun in your oven.”
“Fuck you Meg.” He hissed out as the contraction passed.
She burst out laughing, “Oh I am going to miss that wit of yours.”
He clenched his fists on his thighs and ignored the bait for now. “Hear or see what?”
“No neighbours close by to hear or see what?”
“No, no, no Sam I can’t go ruining the whole surprise now can I?” She teased.
“Fine then how ‘bout you explain to me exactly how you seem to think you’re going to be able to accomplish your plan.”
He watched her raise an eyebrow in question and glance from the road to him. “What part?”
“The part where you use Jo’s body to help deliver Maija and still manage to inhabit her body. Oh and let’s not forget that regardless of your powers Meg you will be in the body of an infant. I seriously doubt you’ll be able to take care of your new body. And please don’t think for a minute that I’m going to take care of you.”
“Never dreamed of it since you’re going to be dead after all.” 
She frowned out the windshield, “Oh come on Sam did you think you were going to survive this? This is dark work Sam and a blood sacrifice has to be made to mine so that I can get away with risking the wraith of Him.” She gestured vaguely upwards with a flip of a wrist. “As for the rest of it, don’t you worry none. I’ve got a body tucked into a corner of the house. Sure it’ll be a little ripe by now but it’ll suffice for what I’ve got planned. I’ll just make sure to stage everything just nice so that when that idiot friend of yours comes riding in to save the day that it looks like smelly killed Jo while she was trying to protect me, I mean Maija, but before she died Jo somehow managed to perform an exorcism banishing me back to hell. Sure she’ll be dead but she’ll finally be seen as the great hunter she dreams of being.”
“You’re nuts.”
“Hey everybody knows that we demons can keep a body going for along time on sheer will alone.” 
Suddenly she pulled over to the side of the road and stopped the car.
“What are you doing?” Sam demanded as a vague memory of asking a guy he had hitched a ride from while possessed to pull over cause he had to make a call and then slitting the guy’s throat popped to mind.
She glared at him, “Shut up Sam.”
He opened his mouth to reply but nothing but a soft hiss of air came out. Well fuck.
She pulled a cell phone from her pocket and grinned at him while she hit a number on speed dial.
The grin never left her face but her voice morphed into almost hysterical panic. “Bobby! Thank god.” Her eyes flashed black momentarily before returning to their normal shade. “I lied, Sam’s with me and he’s in labour. I was trying to get to your place but we’re not gonna make it. I’m going to stop at the house I clean out a couple months back. Please can you meet us there I can’t do this by myself.”
Her grinned widened as she listened for a moment.
“Thank you Bobby. We’ll meet you there just hurry please!”
Jo flipped the phone shut and pulled back out on the road. 
Sam tried to push down his panic when it occurred to him that he had called the same number to reach Bobby that she had. If she had gotten through did that mean that his call had been dropped? If it had how far back had that been? Did Bobby know that Jo was possessed by Meg? What she had planned?
God he hoped so.
Dean glanced up from putting the last of the dry goods away in their new kitchen as Bobby burst through the back door, cell phone pressed tight to one ear and a small duffle bag clenched in the other hand.
“We gotta go!” He snarled as he turned on his heel and stormed back out of the house.
“Go?” Dean asked the empty room before breaking from his stupor and running to the back door. “Go where?” He yelled at the older man’s retreating back.
“It’s Sam.” Bobby called over his shoulder as he climbed back into his truck.
All it took was those two words to have Dean jumping off the porch and sprinting over to the truck. He tore open the passenger door and practically fell in head first in his haste. 
“What’s Sam?” He demanded as he braced himself against the door as Bobby quickly spun the truck around and headed back towards the front of the property. 
“He’s with Jo, who’s Meg. He’s in labour.”
Jo? Meg? Labour? 
“Fuck!” He growled, “I’m gonna kill her. Then I’m gonna kill him. Then I’m going to bring ‘em both back so I can do it again!”
“Shut up and take this!” The older man snarled back thrusting the cell at him. 
“Sam!” He shouted into the phone. “Sammy!”
Bobby snorted, “I don’t think he can hear you. But if you’d close your mouth you should just be able to make out their voices. Obviously Sam’s got the phone hidden somewhere.”
His nerves were wound so tight that his whole body was shaking. “I hear an engine.” He began after a moment of silence. “And I hear her telling Sam to shut up.”
He shut his eyes just as they turned onto the main road and plugged his other ear, trying to hear better when the noise from the cell seemed to fall silent.
No. He clenched his teeth and pushed the phone harder against his ear.
No, no, no!
“Fuck!” He screamed and threw the cell down between them.
The truck swerved dangerously at his outburst. “What the hell Dean!” Bobby yelled over the squeal of tires as he managed to straighten the vehicle out.
“Please tell me you know where they are going.” Dean begged softly as he stared beseechingly at the older man.
“Thank God.” He seemed to deflate momentarily against the seat.
He held his head in his hands and tried to push the stress headache he could feel beginning to build behind his eyes away.
“Why Dean?”
“Lost the call.” He admitted softly before glancing up. He had to pull it together, if Jo was possessed by Meg and she had Sam then Dean was going to have to pull his head out of his ass and be the professional his father had taught him to be.
“You’ve got a plan?” He kept his voice low, calm. He knew better than continuing to rampage at Bobby. The best it would achieve would be a hard smack to the head, at worst, the older man would drop him believing him to be more of a danger than any help in the upcoming fight.
“Course I do. You take me for a fool?” 
Dean recognized the edge in the older man’s voice, it was the same one his father used to get when he first started taking him and Sam out on hunts with him. Calculation, determination laced with a fine undertone of fear. He hadn’t liked the tone when it had come from his father though it did press him to work to become the best he could be. But coming from Bobby he despised it because he knew that he and his brother had caused that tinge of fear, that between the two of them, they had managed to upend the older man’s life yet again.
“Bobby…” he began hesitantly but he needed to say this, needed the older man to understand that he understood that the Winchesters always managed to drag a healthy dose of upheaval into his life every time they crossed paths. And that he was grateful that in spite of that Bobby never turned them away.
 His breath left him though as the cell started to ring. He reached for it but Bobby got to it first.
“Hush.” The older man admonished before he flipped the phone open and settled it against his ear.
He listened quickly for a minute while darting glances back and forth between the road and Dean, warning him to stay quiet with his eyes.
“Okay Jo I need you to calm down. I’m just in town but I’ll get there quick as I can you hold on.”
He snapped the phone shut and tossed it back down between them.
“What did that bitch want?” Dean demanded, glaring first at the cell then Bobby.
“Sam did good.” He started, “She doesn’t know that we know. Thinks she’s leading me into a trap and since she didn’t mention you, I think that we can safely assume that she thinks your still out hunting the roads for your brother.”
“And!” It was hard to keep still after being on his own with only Sam for company. Sam would automatically get his tone and ignore it but he wasn’t so sure Bobby would if the scowl on the older man’s face was any indication.
“And,” Bobby drawled out. “They’re headed for a little house just outside of the Merrit town line. A place I sent Jo to a few months back when she showed up on my doorstep looking for me to help her become a hunter. It was an easy job, salt and burn.”
“Bobby I don’t care what the job was.” Dean hissed low.
“Point being,” the older man continued to talk as if he hadn’t heard him. “I checked the place out on the sly after Jo was done. It’s clean and private, both of which work for us. One the only evil thing we need to concern ourselves with is her. And two well that’s pretty well obvious ain’t it.”
He paused to cut around a tractor trundling down the one lane highway before he continued.
“There’s a tranq gun behind the seat. You’re going to take it and head across the pasture I’m parking in. You make for the tree line that runs the perimeter of the house. Stay out of sight and once you get a clear shot of Jo take her down.”
“No. No fucking way!” Dean snarled back, “If I miss, any chance of surprise we’ve got goes out the window. I want to be in the house so that I can jump her as soon as they clear the door.”
“You’ll do as your told!” Bobby hissed, “And you’ll do it with a smile if I say so.”
“No!” The older man’s yell actually made the windows of the truck vibrate. “She’s expecting me so if she manages to get a sense of me it might fuck with her plan but I don’t think it’ll be that big of a deal. If she catches sight of you we could all get screwed.”
The older hunter shot him a look mixed of compassion and steel determination. “Son I know you want your brother back. I know you want to be right there in case things go south but you are our secret weapon, for lack of a better word. I need you out hidden in case things do go wrong. This whole plan hinges on you putting her down before she even realizes that I’m already onsite. Please Dean I need you to follow me on this.”
He shut his eyes and took a deep breath. There was so much that could go wrong with this plan but then again there was so much that could go wrong with any plan and Sam was depending on them. Silently he willed himself to bend and accept the older man’s lead on this one.
Thirty-five minutes earlier…
“Dean I…”
Dean glanced up at Sam sitting on the only clean spot on the filthy hardwood floor and tried to smile reassuringly for him. It should have been easy after all the hard part was over. 
Meg hadn’t suspected anything, too sure in herself, and had gone down like a stone ten seconds after she had step from the car, little dart sticking out from her left shoulder blade. Now she was safely tucked away in a separate room, hands and feet tied tightly and effectively gagged with a chunk of duct tape. Bobby was quickly but carefully sketching out a devil’s trap around in black permanent marker that would hold her until they could deal with her.  
But as he quickly moved around the circle of sea salt and Rosemary he had already laid and placed settled the thin, white taper candles on the floor just inside it, he couldn’t help but feel his anxiety ratchet up a notch. It finally started to occur to him that this was going to be the most difficult part of the day. He was going to have to sit on the floor at Sam’s head and recite a chant that Bobby had pieced together from various sources on the net and hoped it sufficed.
Not that the rest of their information was so pedmel. 
Jim had had a journal that now was in Bobby’s possession that had been written by a priest, so far back in time that it was actually written on skin and the ink was blood, he was refusing to think too deeply on that thought. The priest had actually jumped sides after the church had told him he wasn’t allowed to play with little boys anymore and pledged his alliance to the forces of darkness. Now according to the madman’s journal he had worked with a demon he never named, figured out how to impregnate women and make sure that a demon that wanted to hide in a human was up close and personal at the time of birth. As far as Dean knew it was the first recorded c-section ever but then biology had never been a strong point for him or history for that matter but according to the accompanying sketches, the surgery was crudely done with maximum attention used to make sure the mother suffered terribly before she finally died. Then as the child took it’s first breath, instead of breathing air it breathed in the demon and viola.
They had stumbled across a footnote at the end of the journal a small detail about how a demon general of the “Light Bringer” had demanded they stop on threat of utter cessation of existence for either of them. Seems that somebody with immense power on the other side took the lives of three of the “Light Bringer’s” inner circle for everyone one child they used as a shell for a demon.
Reading that had put both of them at ease but still didn’t stop Dean’s private musings in regards to a few “humans” but that really wasn’t the point.
Of course being the journal of a madman it didn’t mention how to reverse the curse or how to turn it around so that the child would remain pure. Bobby and Dean had to work that out on their own to the best of their knowledge and ability but neither were sure it would be enough. Not that he had any intention of telling his brother that, at least not till after the birth.
“Me too Sammy.”
Bobby chose that moment to step back into the room, carefully moving a silver blade back and forth in a bowl of muddy looking liquid. “Looks good. You ready Sam?”
Dean watched his brother’s throat work before he finally managed to choke out, “As ready as I’ll ever be I guess.”
“Good enough.” He smiled softly at the younger Winchester before his eyes fell on Dean. “Got that paper?”
He nodded and pulled it free from the back pocket of his jeans. 
Bobby inclined his head, “Go sit behind your brother than.” He instructed, “While Dean’s getting settled I’m gonna need you to go ahead and strip down to just your boxers. Once done sit back down and lay back Sam. Rest your head on Dean’s crossed legs and try to relax as best as you can.”
“What’s in the bowl Bobby?” He eyed the contents while he stripped off his hoody and with Dean’s help, his boots, socks and jeans. until Dean put his hands on his shoulders and pulled his brother down.
“Holy water.” Dean started, “And every protection inducing herb known to mankind.”
“Oh,” Sam nodded while Dean helped him to lay back down, settling his younger brother’s upper shoulders and head in his lap. 
Unexpectedly he began to curl away as he gasped out, “Oh shit.”
Dean curled over his brother while Sam curled into himself, body vibrating from the contraction.
“I think we’d better start.”
He heard the older man distantly as he tried to breath for his younger brother.
Dean glanced away from the tiny little girl swaddled in a pale peach blanket, resting high on his brother’s chest to Bobby as the older man groaned as he stood up.
“That’s the last of it.” He said softly before he grinned at the wide eyes staring up at him. “Hi Maija.” He waved his fingers, stained a gory, dark pink, at her, “Hi pretty.”
“Thanks Bobby.” Came weakly from his legs.
Dean looked down at his brother and ran the pads of the fingertips of one hand along his brother’s cheekbone.
“You boys stay right where you are till I’m done taking care of Meg.” Bobby continued as if he hadn’t heard but his tone was gruffer than normal. “Gonna smack Jo once everything is all said and done while I’m at it too. Gave that girl my last charm. Just like the one I gave you boys but does she wear it? Apparently fucking not!”
Neither brother looked up at the sound of footfalls falling away.
“Wait till I tell her mother. Ellen will beat that fool girl and serves her right too. Wanting to be a hunter but not taking precautions…”
Dean hesitantly spoke as Bobby’s voice faded away, “Look what you went and done.” He glanced up at his daughter than back down at his brother.
Sam smile was small but genuine, “She’s worth every minute of it.”
He watched his brother close his eyes, “Dean I don’t…”
“Please just listen.” He spoke over his brother, words coming fast and hard. “I meant what I said the night you called. I am sorry Sam. I was in the wrong. If you give me a chance I will spend the rest of my life proving to both of you how wrong I was.”
A single tear slipped past his brother’s tightly clenched eyelids. Dean reached down and gently brushed it away with a thumb.
“There’s a house Sam, at the edge of Bobby’s property. It’s a modular home actually that Bobby called in a favour to get for us but it is ours. Well yours and Maija’s. It’s all ready, just needs you guys to make it a home.”
He watched his brother’s eyes flutter open, “What about you?”
Dean swallowed hard, “I want to be there Sam. I want to make it a home with you and Maija but only if you want me there.”
“What if I said that our hunting days were done?”
He could tell if his brother was serious or just testing him but it wouldn’t make a difference to his answer.
Sam narrowed his eyes, “That was quick.”
He swallowed down his discomfort this whole conversation was causing to twist inside him and tried to convey his honesty through his eyes. “I…I’ve been talking with Bobby, making tentative plans, doing a lot of thinking.” He admitted quietly.
“So it would appear.”
“Whatever you want, whatever you need Sam.”
“I want to see our home.”
Dean allowed a hopeful grin, bolstered when Sam answered in kind. “Yeah?”
“Everything else can wait.” Sam said slowly, “For now I just want to go home. Put our little girl down and sleep with you for awhile.”
He bit back the comment in regards to the obvious sexual connotation of his brother’s sentence. 
“I love you Sam.” He admitted lowly instead before dropping a kiss on his brother’s forehead and then mimicking it with Maija.
“I love you too Dean.”
Author’s Note: As mentioned above: What follows are the translations for the Latin I had Dean reciting.
Nos deprecor vestri infinitus misericordia quod servo is vas quod parvulus. - We beg for your infinite mercy and protect this vessel and child.
Permissum haud vulnero befall vas vel parvulus. - Let no harm befall the vessel or the child.
Permissum tantum putus of animus penetro parvulus. - Let only the purest of souls enter the child.
Permissum tantum tripudium of ortus take vas. - Let only the joy of birth take the vessel.
Nos deprecor tutela pro vas quod parvulus. - We beg for protection for the vessel and child. 
5th-Jan-2008 12:49 am (UTC)
Fantastic! And a SamPreg story, I'm a happy bunny. Very interesting take on getting pregnant, I liked that you used Meg.
7th-Jan-2008 04:06 pm (UTC)
Thanks I'm glad you liked it. Actually the idea of using Meg came from a differnet story I was sorta writing after BUABS but the idea worked well for this so I ran with it.
5th-Jan-2008 01:15 am (UTC)
Ooooooooooooooo, that was gloriously amazing!

I loved the whole Meg idea...and I loved that it had a happy ending!

Definitely saving this is my favorites!
7th-Jan-2008 04:11 pm (UTC)
Oh my thank you. Honestly I was worried that it was going to end up being crap and seriously considered crying uncle. Glad I didn't.
I'm a sucker for a happy ending so it was pretty much a given I was going to make subject you guys to one :>.
5th-Jan-2008 02:50 am (UTC)
Hey, thanks for sharing. This was a very enjoyable read. I love long plotish stories. preggers sammy was a def bonus!!
the whole time sam was with jo was very creepy (Good JOB).
my only constructive criticism is that sam and bobby both used the term "Nor...this or that" whatever, and it threw me out of the story briefly. That might be your canadian peaking through--dont know...LOL. It happened fairly regularly throughout the story. But aside from that I really really enjoyed reading it so thanks for sharing it!!! :-)
7th-Jan-2008 04:15 pm (UTC)
And that would be why I really need to find a beta who's not a friend who simply says "I like it" and doesn't notice anything unless it's glaringly obvious. Sorry about that but thanks for letting me know. Now let's hope I can keep it in mind and catch myself doing it the next time.
I'm glad it was still good enough to read through to end though.
5th-Jan-2008 05:29 am (UTC)
Great story.
7th-Jan-2008 04:21 pm (UTC)
Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.
5th-Jan-2008 10:23 am (UTC)
Okay that was just brilliant. I mean the starting was a little bit confusing for me, and all the "few months earlier" part that you keep using rally confused me. It like i don't know if Sam is how mnay months pregnant each time you repeat it. But i start to get the heang of it at the end of part 2. And i can totally tell you this story rock! I mean four part! That was just super awesome. It been a long time i read a long complete mpreg story. And really love your sam mpreg story. I really hope you write more mpreg story soon. But the las 2 part was really great. I can feel the tension going and the birth par where Sam is at the car at the pertol station was my favourite part out of the rest. You make a really fantastic job all of the supernatural episode you say you using. Big applause for you! (clap loudly) Thanks a lot for sharing this story with all of us, the supernatural mpreg fans...
7th-Jan-2008 04:36 pm (UTC)
Thank you for your wonderful comment. I'll admit I was a little surprised when I got to the end of this fic and realized just how long it was. In the beginning I was simply hoping it would be longer than a couple thousand words.
Yeah sorry about how it jumped back without any warning - I probably should have made a mention that it was going to do that and it was a snapshot type of story in the Author's Note but then again I forgot to mention that I had messed with canon time-line too but so far either no one's caught that or has been to nice to mention it figuring I'm just an idiot ;>. Of course I've already made a mention that I am an idiot so there you go...haha.
Hmmm another mpreg story...we'll have to see what my muse comes up with.
(Deleted comment)
7th-Jan-2008 04:50 pm (UTC)
You can actually think wickednight for it being a Sam mpreg it was her prompt.
Honestly I'm always worried about playing with someone else's characters cause they are never completely true to character and then add mpreg to the mix and well you know how it can go...
Maija was a girl I went to school with and I know it means Mary but honestly I can't remember if she said it was Finnish for it or not. Unfortunately when I hunted the 'net to find out I kept coming up short but then again I was already late with this and didn't want to waste a lot of time hunting. And I'm sure you don't care about that...haha.
Anyway I'm glad you liked it and how I portrayed everyone.
Thanks for reading.
5th-Jan-2008 09:31 pm (UTC)
The ending is just as great as I thought it would be! I'm glad that they worked things out and get to be a family with their new baby. As for Jo, it would be funny to see what happens to her once shes exorcised. Especially when Ellen finds out, that would make a good chapter all on its own lol. Thank so much for posting this story, it was a pleasure to read. I hope to read more of your wonderful work in the future!!!
7th-Jan-2008 05:15 pm (UTC)
I'm cheating and replying to all your comments in one (part laziness, part time issues). If you don't like it get Dean to punish me...please! ;>
I'm so glad you liked it. I'm always worried when I'm playing in somebody else's sandbox that I'm going to get told that I changed the characters so much that it's just not them anymore.
You probably figured out what was going on with Jo back in part 3 - that was kind of one of the hardest parts 'cause we never really saw much of Jo in the show and yet I somehow had to portray that something was just not right with her without saying "Hey look Jo's not Jo!" I'm glad that it worked.
Wow top ten. I was simply hoping that it wouldn't be crap and to know that it was liked that much is just...wow.
I actually have a picture in my head of Ellen stalking Jo around the bar while Jo tries to fast talk her way out of catching hell. Maybe Ill write it, we'll see since I've committed myself to one fic every month for the next year with an lj community and right now the best I can come up with is "What the Hell was I thinking?"
Anyway thanks for reading and I'm glad it was worth your time.
11th-Jan-2008 04:35 am (UTC) - Excellent
I just found this story now, and all I can say is that its excellent. Really Really good. Thank you for writing it.
I hope you write loads more!!!!
11th-Jan-2008 03:18 pm (UTC) - Re: Excellent
I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time to read it.
16th-Feb-2008 03:37 am (UTC)
Wow. I actually just a got a chance to read this. And I have to say that. I loved it. It was a very interesting take, with Meg and the demon. And a happy ending. So sweet! ♥

A wonderful job with the story! : D
20th-Feb-2008 11:31 pm (UTC)
Sorry, I'm just so damn disorganized recently or I would have gotten back to you sooner.
I'm really glad you liked it since it was your secret santa fic and all.
As for you just getting to it don't even worry about it - again read the first line above. :>
29th-Apr-2008 09:52 pm (UTC)
*convulsing* I LOVE this! I love the ending first that you did. WAY to set it up. I hate Jo, so when he shacked up with her I was like "NO! SHE'S EVIL!" I was right. I win.

1st-May-2008 12:54 am (UTC)
Aww thank you!

I wasn't sure if the way I wrote it would make sense glad to know that not only did it but it set everything else up and hopefully drew a person in.

I was wondering if anyone would make a comment about him shacking up with her. Now granted you're the second but you are the first for knowing from the start that she was evil. You're right you do win!

*applause* back at you.
4th-Nov-2009 10:30 am (UTC)
Is there more to this? There really should be..

9th-Nov-2009 08:36 pm (UTC)
At this point, no there isn't. Could there be? Possibly. I've considered it off and on for awhile but other than a couple sentences, I haven't really done anything with it.

Glad to know that it's good enough that you would like to see more. *g*

*wanders off to ponder exactly where I could slip in the time to revisit it.*
(Deleted comment)
13th-Dec-2010 06:13 pm (UTC)
Awww thanks!

Goodness I completely forgot about this story.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.
17th-Mar-2011 04:14 am (UTC)
Wonderfully creative idea; very enjoyable.
17th-Mar-2011 07:52 pm (UTC)

Glad you liked it.
18th-Mar-2011 08:03 pm (UTC)
YAY a baby girl!
18th-Mar-2011 08:06 pm (UTC)
Of course! :)
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