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Shadow Lane: A Winchester Obsession
Fic: You and I Collide pt.2 
1st-Mar-2010 11:33 pm
Banner by inanna_maat 

Title: You and I Collide pt.2
Pairings: Jared/Jensen

Please see Master Post for the rest of fic details.

It felt like Jared’s skin was covered in ants, the feeling of things creepy along making him want to tear off his clothes and scratch till he bled. The problem was that he knew that it was all in his mind and there was nothing he could do about it but try to sit it out. This was how he reacted to the stress of feeling trapped and not being able to do anything about it. He hated it; he hated being stuck in a town full of hostile werewolves, except Jensen. He hated that he was hoping that Jensen was a man of his word and would get the blood that Chad needed. And he really hated that he knew, knew, that if Jensen didn’t come through that his disappointment wouldn’t just be because the blood would go a long way to helping Chad’s healing speed up.

He had tried to figure it out, what it was about Jensen that peaked his interest in more than just a detached, ”oh look a werewolf, must watch my back” kind of way. It wasn’t rational; it wasn’t like he could peruse him or even seriously consider an encounter with him. Granted everything he had heard about werewolves that had nothing to do with that, was that they were not to be trifled with, not to be trusted, was second and third hand information but there was probably some credence in it somewhere.

But he didn’t see Jensen as a werewolf, he saw him as another man, a man that his hindbrain liked, a lot. But it wasn’t just that, there was more to him that he had caught flashes of, flashes that intrigued him and made him want to see more.

If things were different, if they were each vampires or werewolves or even simply humans, he was pretty sure that Jensen was someone he would want to get to know. Someone that something inside of himself told him that he could be friends with and maybe more.

He shook his head, jumped up from the chair he had forced himself to remain in since Jensen had left and started to pace.

He needed to stop his train of thought; there was no way that it could lead anywhere, to anything. Jensen and he came from two very different worlds and he needed to remember that. It didn’t matter that there was something about him that intrigue him, he was a werewolf and he needed to remember that. Werewolves weren’t like vampires, in all his years of wandering he had only ever come across two werewolves without packs but there had been at least a dozen or more solo vampires. Weres were pack animals and it wasn’t like he could stay with him in his pack and it really had nothing to do with the less than friendly reception he had received from the woman at the desk, not really. Packs and nests didn’t mix, he would never be accepted by Jensen’s pack, not fully and he wouldn’t expect him to give up his pack for him.

It was funny, it had been easy for him to accept Chad’s demand that he allow him to come with him but the thought of taking Jensen away from his home was something that he wouldn’t allow himself to do. Apparently he could allow a friend to push aside everything he knew, his safety, but when it came to someone he could possibly care more deeply for, he couldn’t allow it.

Still the thought of not seeing Jensen again after tonight hurt in a way he hadn’t experienced before. It was insane, he’d only just met him, barely spoken more words than was necessary to get his story across and yet it was what it was.

The scariest thought that he was trying to not consider was what if Jensen was what had driven him to keep moving? Keep searching for something indefinable? He had always known it was probably more a person than a place but it couldn’t be a werewolf, it couldn’t be Jensen, it just couldn’t be. Could it?

Jared resisted the urge to bang his head against the wall. He was just overtired and the stress was getting to him. He had just fixated on Jensen because he was the first person that seemed sympathetic to his plight that was all. 

Of course it was.                  

He forced his legs to carry him towards Chad’s room. He’d be fine once Chad was back to his usual annoying self and they were far, far away from this place.

It figured that Jeffery would be with his father. It seemed like he was always at his father’s side in recent months.

But of all the times Jensen wanted a private moment alone with his father this was the most important. It was going to be hard enough convincing his father to give the vampires shelter, now that Morgan had tainted him, without the man sitting beside him spitting his poison.

He wanted to feel bad for the dislike he had for the ex-alpha of the Morgan pack but the man had always rubbed him wrong. Even if he had never heard his sob story and felt that something just seemed off about it, he still wouldn’t like him. He couldn’t put his finger on just what it was that bothered him but there was something about the way he looked at all the pack that seemed a little too vested, a little too possessive for his liking. He didn’t think he would challenge his father for the seat of Alpha out right but he had a following of supporters who seemed to be all for his desire to close the pack off from all human contact.

It was archaic and deadly. Jensen knew his history and knew about the dark period when werewolves first came out of the shadows to mankind. Had read about the wars and the brief period when some of the weaker packs tried to go back into hiding. It never worked and only caused more suspicion and fear amongst the humans. And yet there were still some, like Morgan, who truly believed it was for the best. Of course he figured an all-out war with the vampires of the world was a good idea too.

Because that wouldn’t cause an uproar with the human population. Like there wouldn’t be thousands of people wondering and worrying if that meant that once one side of the non-humans was obliterated if the winning side wouldn’t go after them next.

Jensen couldn’t blame them.

“So do I have anything to be concerned about?”

He blinked back to the present and focused on his father, appearing at complete ease at the dining room table, but Jensen knew better. His mind would be working out different scenarios, what would be best for the pack, what direction he should take. Out of the corner of his eye he could make out Jeffery fidgeting at his father’s right. It was obvious that he had an opinion but was keeping it to himself for the moment. He hoped he’d keep it under wraps until after his father made his decision but he doubted it.

“They aren’t wanted by the government. And I didn’t discern any true threat from the one I spoke to.” He met his father’s eyes, ensuring that he kept the contact. It was essential that his father didn’t suspect that he was holding anything back. “They only need a place to stay until the injured one is better.”

Something slithered down his spine, that wasn’t the truth and he wasn’t sure exactly why he had said that but he managed to keep the deception deep inside. At least he hoped he did.

“I say take them out while one of them is weak.”

Jensen clenched his jaw to keep his response locked down tight. He was not going to mix it up with his father’s friend; it wouldn’t serve any purpose but to piss his Alpha off. 

“I know what your opinion on the matter is Jeffery and although I understand your feelings I’m not ready to do something that extreme.” Alan glanced at him before turning back to Jensen. “The vampire says that he, they, are without a nest but that does not mean that a nest is not without them. If they were to be tracked here, then what? If there is no provocation to destroy the vampires in that cabin then the nest would be well within its rights to lodge a complaint with the government.”

“Not if everyone kept their mouths shut.” He muttered mutinously and Jensen caught his eyes flicker towards him and then back. 

Fuck you Morgan. He kept the thought to himself, fighting and succeeding to keep his face neutral.

“Were you given any indication as to how long they would need to stay?”

This was where things were going to get sticky, “Depends. Animal blood would probably make the wounded one strong enough to travel, well, eventually. But for him to heal, it would take human blood.”

“Not a chance in hell!” Jeffery sputtered out, “If you won’t order their deaths than, at the least, run them out of town Alan. Don’t let them feed off our humans.”

Our humans. The words sent shivers down Jensen’s spine.

“They aren’t our humans Jeffery. We don’t own them and they are not our slaves. We work and live beside them and they are our equals.”

“A slip of the tongue. It wasn’t what I meant.”


Jensen was going to have to get out of that house soon or he was going to give himself away. It wouldn’t do him or Jared any good to anger his father by telling Jeffery exactly what he thought of him.

“However that being said, I won’t put it to them to donate to a couple of vampires. If they wanted to be those kinds of humans, they would live in a town or a city with a nest, not with a pack.”

“The clinic has a surplus of human blood.” Jensen pointed out carefully, “I was informed by Dr. Carlson that some of it is going to be no good soon and was considering sending it to the Red Cross before it was too late for it to be of any good. I’m sure a couple or so pints of that could be spared for the vampire. Father, it would be seen as good will between vampires and our pack. Especially with a group of fanatics nearby.”

Alan narrowed his eyes in thought, “How so?”

He fought down the urge to shrug, “I’m sure as a favor to the pack for taking care of them, that the vampires could be convinced to drop the word to the nests in Montana. Perhaps, if we ever find ourselves in need of help because of a group of nuts with guns loaded with silver they could be called upon.”

“Are you insane? All the vampires would do, all they ever do, would be to take advantage of our weakened state and wipe out the whole pack. Remember what happened to most of my pack and we did nothing to provoke it. I’m telling you, the vampires are waging a secret war against our kind.”

Alan raised a hand and, thankfully, Jeffery fell silent. “They have a week. And you have permission to use some of the almost expired blood.”

He allowed a small smile; he had been flying completely blind for the last few minutes and had pulled the thought of asking Jared to spread the word about the kindness of his pack out of the air at the last minute. He wasn’t sure if he would go through with it or not, he might not have Jeffery’s prejudice against vampires but he didn’t necessarily trust them enough not to believe that they wouldn’t take advantage of a bad situation for the pack. 

But he had what he wanted, even though it hadn’t been the plan at the beginning. But something in him wanted more time with Jared even though it was suicidal and would lead to nothing, he wanted it, his wolf wanted it so he had mindlessly gone for it. What was the worse his father could have said, no?

“Jensen not enough so that the vampire is at full strength and I expect you to ensure that that doesn’t happen. When the week is up or earlier depending on how well he heals, I don’t want them to turn around and attack our kindness. Ensuring that one of them isn’t in full strength as they leave should make sure that happens.”

He didn’t care, he was getting his way and as bad as it was, he would only give Jared one pint a day if it meant keeping him there for the entire week. Besides, his father had chosen him over Jeffery and the dark red of his face and the way he was chewing on his bottom lip was worth whatever madness had taken him.


He bowed his head and tilted it to the side to show his neck before straightening and backing out of the room.

Maybe after a couple more hours with Jared when he wasn’t in the cabin as a liaison between them and the pack, he would find that they had nothing in common and that his draw had only been as something new. It would be for the best because the alternative was too frightening to consider.

He shoved the little voice whispering, mate in his head to the back of his mind and shook it off. Not a chance, so what if Jared was hot and on any other day and if he wasn’t a vampire, he’d pursue him but not now, not with the way things were between them. But he’d take the week if he could convince Jared to stay and find something worse than the fact that he was a vampire that would turn him off, he was sure of it. He would prove to himself that he was more than his animal instincts.

He damn well better or he was so, so screwed.

Jared was pretty sure that he was going out of his mind, either that or someone or several someones were wandering outside of his cabin. It wasn’t like he had seen anyone; he wasn’t running from room to room peering through the heavy, hotel standard drapes trying to make out figures amongst the trees. And maybe his hearing wasn’t as good as a werewolf’s but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t make out the sounds of movement through the underbrush. Maybe it was animals but he didn’t think so, at least, not of the usually four footed variety.

Not that it really surprised him, vampires in pack territory of course it would set them off but he didn’t think he’d be nearly as keyed up if he didn’t know that they really, really didn’t want him and Chad there. What was driving him crazy was the fact that they weren’t doing anything other than pacing around the cabin. They were weak, would be even without Chad being in the condition he was in, why weren’t they doing anything? Were they hoping that he would react? Do something stupid to give them just cause? 

What they didn’t know was how long he had survived. A couple werewolves milling around wasn’t going to push him to do anything stupid.

A tree branch snapped against the back wall of the cabin and he jumped. “Goddamn it.” He hissed and ran a hand through his hair, at least, normally a couple werewolves milling around outside of his room or in this case, cabin, wouldn’t cause him to do anything stupid.

“Come on Jensen.” He muttered and threw himself down on the couch and buried his fingers in his hair. 

“Don’t you idiots have jobs?”

He lifted his head at the voice echoing through the trees outside, it wasn’t Jensen and this might be a worse threat then those milling around but he would take what little relief he could get, no matter how short it might be.

“Go on before I find you something to do.” The voice sounded gleefully threatening; it was more than a little disturbing. “Like say, warming beds back at my house.”

He could pick up indistinct grumbling amongst the sounds of people moving away.

“Jared? It’s Jensen.”

He wasn’t sure why he knocked on the door after announcing who he was but then again it made sense when measured up with the way he had behaved earlier that morning.

Jared pulled himself up off the couch and crossed the room in three strides. He wanted to let him in, was particularly glad to see him if for no other reason than he and whoever he brought with him had managed to run off the others. He wouldn’t think about the other reason he was glad to see Jensen, he had already spent too much time thinking about it and it was a dead end road that he did not want to be stranded on any longer. But he still opened the door slowly; cautious of both the blinding headache lurking nearby if he made the mistake and stepped into direct sunlight. And the fact that, like it or not, Jensen was a werewolf, chances were whoever was with him was a werewolf and those that had been lurking around were werewolves. He wasn’t taking any more chances than he had to.

“Hey.” Jensen was smiling hesitantly and, Jared noticed, standing so that he managed to block most of the entrance from the sunlight. “Sorry about that, in a small town word travels fast.”

“I’ve noticed.” He stepped back to allow him and a shorter man with shoulder length light brown hair and wearing the outfit of a park Warden, he guessed, into the cabin.

“Sorry I couldn’t convince my Alpha to hand over much but this should help.” Jensen gestured behind him and it was then that he noticed that the other werewolf was carrying a small cooler in his hands. 

He stood back and let him settle the cooler on the small coffee table, his nose detecting the faint smell of copper as he passed by.

“Jared Padalecki, Christian Kane our head Park Warden and chief peace keeper around here.” He gestured between the two of them, “Chris this is Jared.”

Chris’ eyes narrowed slightly as he looked him up and down. “Don’t make me regret siding with Jensen.”

He had a pretty good idea that the warden was referring to running off the others and he nodded slowly, ignoring the niggle in the back of his mind that that wasn’t all. 

It was wishful thinking at best. He was the one without permanent ties, no real chance of any lasting relationships. Jensen had a home and a pack; chances were he had a significant other, a mate.

“Good enough.” He turned and clapped Jensen on the back once, “I’ve got work to do.”

He watched Jensen watch Christian leave and caught the look that flew between them. He didn’t understand it but was pretty sure it was significant but it was too quick for him to even make a guess at and then the warden was gone.

“So,” Jensen started and smiled tightly. “I’ve convinced the Alpha to let you stay for a week so that your companion has time to heal up.”

He blinked, he hadn’t asked for that, wasn’t so sure he wanted to stick around for that long. But on the other hand, Jensen said he had convinced the Alpha to let them stay, which meant that Jensen wanted him to stay. Maybe there was something between them, something that wasn’t just a product of his overworked and under rested mind. 

Still, he had to consider Chad’s safety, even if he was willing to ignore his own. “I don’t know. The welcoming committee didn’t seem very welcoming.”

He chewed on his bottom lip for a moment, “Yeah, again sorry about them. But I promise Chris will work to keep them in line. And most of the people around here pretty much do as he says.”

There was a story behind that, he could hear it in Jensen’s voice and maybe he would hear it later, if there was a later, he still wasn’t sure it was the best idea.

Jensen blew out a breath, “And...well...I’m the Alpha’s son. Usually they don’t openly go against me either because of that.”

Easiest way to weaken the head of a nest or a pack was go after the ones he or she cared about, it showed a lot of trust for Jensen to admit to who he was. If he was willing to give Jared that then Jared should be willing to give him something back, even if it all was a little more of his time.

“It would be easier on me if I didn’t have to haul Chad’s sorry, wounded ass around.” He shrugged, “Yeah, I think I’d like us to stay.”

The smile he got in answer was worth the fear slicing through him at the thought that spending a week with Jensen might just be the death of him and not for the most obvious reason.

Jensen had hoped that spending time with Jared would change the way he thought he felt about the vampire that it would turn out that it really was because he was physically his type and someone new. But it was starting to appear less and less like that was it. Over the last forty-eight hours he had learned that he had a lot in common with the vampire. They just seemed to click, it didn’t matter what the topic and when it came to the few things that they didn’t agree on, there wasn’t any arguments, just good-natured ribbing.

He felt more at ease with Jared than he did with those of his own kind and it scared the hell out of him. There was no way this could end well but knowing that and stopping the train wreck his life was about to become was easier said than done.

Jared walked into the room and settled against the other side of the couch from him. “He looks better.” He smiled and absently rubbed his right wrist.

He had figured out on his own that Jared was feeding the blood to Chad via his wrist. Apparently vampires pretty much slipped into an almost coma while healing from something as severe as almost losing his head and needed to be practically force fed. Also Jared hadn’t been exaggerating when he said that it took fresh blood to heal them, at least if they wanted to heal quickly. It was both a blessing and a curse that the blood he could get for them was old. It would help the healing process but take longer than if it was direct from the source. 

“That’s good.” He let his eyes scan the room as Jared stretched, trying not to notice the strip of pale skin appear between the top of his jeans and his t-shirt. Jensen wanted to lick it. Oh yeah, so very, very screwed. “So any problems today?”

He shook his head as he settled back into his sprawl, his knee pressing against Jensen’s thigh. “Honestly? I’m pretty sure there were a couple people moving around outside but it could have been wildlife.”

Jensen ground his teeth together; he didn’t doubt that it was some of the pack. He had noticed the distinct scent of a couple weres from Jeffery’s pack as he had walked up the road to the cabin. He had hoped it had been his imagination but at least they were only watching the cabin, not trying anything stupid, like arson. 

At least, not yet.

He was going to have to make a mention to Chris about that and see if they couldn’t convince them to stay away. There was no need for them to be around, except to cause trouble. Maybe he was going to have to say something to his father.

“Hey you okay?”

He blinked and focused back on Jared. “Yeah. Just tired of pack politics.”

Jared frowned, “It’s our fault for being here.”

He shook his head, quick to reassure him that it wasn’t his fault, at least, not just his fault. He didn’t want him to decide that it would be better if they left sooner than later, even if it would probably be for the best. “Don’t flatter yourself. There were politics before you showed up, there will be politics after...” He petered off, not wanting to think about it.

And, even if Jared and Chad were a wrinkle in the way the town worked, they weren’t the only one. Ackland survived on tourism dollars and the early reservation numbers for Ackles Homestead were, so far, down for the summer. Unlike most towns in National Park reserves, they had to maintain an eight-five percent rate of self-sufficiency or the government would come in and shut them down. Because of it, he was seriously considering suggesting to his father to allow two different packs access to their lands for separate hunts. He understood their fascination with Ackles land, almost eight thousand acres that included mountains, valleys and flat lands had been what had drawn his great-grandfather and the Ackles pack to the area to begin with. It was beautiful land and now that it was protected National park land, it was safer than most places for a pack to just let go and run wild for a couple days. They had allowed that in the early years, when they had first sold the land to the government, hoping for it to be decent yearly revenue to allow other packs onto their lands for a week or weekend but it had turned into more hassle than what it was worth. There had been posing and fighting for pack honor and subtle terrorizing of the local humans, not to mention hunting down more wildlife than was agreed too. 

After a few years, they had decided to not continue the option and looked at different ways to drawn in more of the human tourists. The ranch a half mile outside of Ackland, that offered guided half day, day, three day and seven day horse tours actually brought in more money than allowing other packs to run ever had. The only problem with the ranch had been that horses don’t like werewolves and werewolves didn’t particularly like them either, so more humans had to be brought in and settled into the community. It had taken a lot of work, miss starts and dealing with nervous newly integrated humans and a couple years of barely making the town’s bottom line but they had pulled it off

At least it had been worth it until now. 

The horse ranch cost the town money and if it stopped being their main tourist draw and they had to go back to letting other packs in, he wasn’t sure what they were going to do.

Then there was the fact that he had finally sat down that morning and called his brother, Jeff, to let him know about the group of fanatics near Kalispell. Technically, non-humans weren’t allowed to attack humans and fanatic groups took advantage of that law, sacrificing their own in the hopes that a pack or a nest would be exterminated on the grounds of being a danger to humans. There would have to be rock-solid proof that a group of humans had been a danger to a pack to save them from the hunters, which included informing their government liaison before making any moves on their own. And even then, they were supposed to wait until the department of non-human affairs had made a decision as to whether the threat was valid or not. 

It made the threatened pack nervous, their government liaison nervous and it made the government department nervous. And as a bonus it usually meant a government suit showing up to assess the danger and making a typical nuisance of himself.

At least the fanatics were closer to Kalispell than Ackland and hopefully it would be their saving grave. It hadn’t made the conversation between him and his older brother any easier but it was still something, at least to him.

But it was nothing compared to coming there and spending time with Jared. Over the last couple days, he found that, with Jared, it was easy to shake off his titles and his duties and just be normal. Jared would tell him stories about the places he’d been, the things he’d seen and done and for a little while he could imagine a different life. Something simpler where all that mattered was if he had a place to sleep and enough to eat.

And it wasn’t just that, Jared seemed interested about him. He seemed to want to know what it was like living in one place. What his life was like and even if it meant re-hashing old mistakes or new problems and that he was breaking several pack laws by sharing some of their flaws, it felt good. It was releasing to have someone to talk things through with. To have someone give an opinion that he didn’t feel like was only saying something that would better himself or pass judgement on Jensen.

It felt too much like a mate or, at least, what he thought a mate should be and even though he cherished it, it only served to prove just how wrong it was that he was there. But knowing that and being able to stop himself from going to Jared were two very different things. 

In the city he had seen humans with addictions, seen how the cravings would make them do stupid things and had sworn to never fall into that kind of trap. He hadn’t expected that his trap would be tilted eyes that changed from blue to green to hazel or a smile with dimples.       

Jared shifted uncomfortably for a minute before he leaned forward and tugged on his arm. “Come here.”

Jensen tried to ignore the shock that went through his system as Jared wrapped his fingers around his arm. But he still had to swallow a couple of times before he could find his voice, “Why?”

He raised an eyebrow, “Don’t you trust me?”

That was the problem, he did and he was pretty sure that Jared knew that. His laugh was a little breathless and he knew that it gave too much away but was helpless to stop it. “Should I?”

“Just come here.” He whispered low and tugged again.

He didn’t know exactly what Jared had planned but against his better judgement he wanted to know so he let him manhandle him until he was sitting with his back to Jared’s front and he was working the knots out of his shoulders.

“Shit,” he groaned low, “You’re good at that.”

He chuckled, the sound warm and way too intimate. “Thanks.”

Jensen shut his eyes and let Jared’s talented fingers send him out of his own head. Felt days, weeks, months, years worth of stress slowly and deliberately being stripped away. He didn’t need to be on his guard here, didn’t need to make sure he was the son his father expected him to be, the second in command the pack needed him to be, for a brief moment he could lay all the weight down and let Jared take care of him. It was the only explanation as to why it took so long for him to realize that it was Jared’s lips on the back of his neck and not fingers.

“Jay, what are you doing?”

“Tell me to stop.” His breath was cold against the back of his neck but it did nothing to slow the beating of his heart or the heating in his veins.

From the moment he had offered to get blood for Jared everything had been leading to this, something inside of him had always known that even if he tried to ignore it. Logically he knew that he should stop it but emotionally he didn’t want to. Jared wasn’t touching him in the hopes of what Jensen could do for him in the pack but because he wanted to and that was more stimulating than the memories of most of his encounters all rolled into one, even if a part of him growled at being in such a submissive position. “What if I don’t want to?”

His arms snaked around his waist and he tugged him tighter against him.

He let everything go, his worry, his fear about the future, this extreme betrayal of his pack, “Just don’t bite.”

It would be completely honest to say that Jared hadn’t planned for anything like this to happen. Jensen had seemed so tense and lost in thought from the moment that he had stepped foot into the cabin that he had only wanted to do something to take his mind off his worries. In the beginning he had tried asking if he wanted to talk about it, pretty sure he already knew what the main concern was that was plaguing him, him and Chad, but Jensen had shrugged him off. 

Then when he had come back out from feeding Chad and Jensen still seemed so wound up that he just went with the only thing that came to mind. Sure that if he managed to loosen Jensen up by easing the stiff line of his back and shoulders that he would be able to relax for a little while. Mostly it had been because he knew he was part of the problem but a little part of him had wanted to do it simply for Jensen. It screamed of becoming too vested in the man and it shouldn’t be like that, he shouldn’t want to do something for the werewolf simply because he wanted to. Obligation he understood but not because it made him feel good to make Jensen feel good. He had pushed that thought away and went with it.

He hadn’t taken into consideration exactly what position he was putting them in or how it wasn’t only Chad that had gone without fresh blood recently. It had been bad enough sitting behind Jensen, the taint of his blood and musk filling his nostrils, but then he had dropped his head forward giving more access to the tight muscles in his neck and Jared had been lost.

It had been a big risk, even suspecting that Jensen was interested in him as more than just a responsibility, he could have gone for Jared’s throat but by the time that his mind had caught up with his libido, his mouth was already attached to the back of his neck. Luckily enough for him, even though he had tensed right back up once he realised what Jared was doing, he settled back against him as soon as he slid his lips around so that he was dragging them along the side of his neck rather than the back. It was something that he was going to have to keep in mind, Jensen was apparently an Alpha, made sense considering who his father was, and if Jared didn’t want to risk a suddenly ending up on his ass with pissed off werewolf snarling in his face it was best that he remembered that.

He grinned against the side of his neck when Jensen told him not to bite, maybe it was in the back of his mind, he was a vampire with an arm full of a combination of prey and someone he desperately wanted to mark, but it wasn’t the first thought. Rather, he wanted to strip them both, press Jensen down into the couch and sate the need that was racing though both of them.

Twisting his hands into the fabric at the front of his t-shirt, he tugged until it came free of Jensen’s jeans. He slid his fingers under the loose fabric and shared a shiver with the other man as he touched the vulnerable, warm flesh of his stomach.

“Jensen.” He moaned softly and pressed the palm of his left hand against his stomach while his right travelled down to rub against the bulge in the front of his jeans. 

“Shit.” He hissed low and bucked his hips up into the pressure.

Not thinking, he pulled him back harder against his chest, mindlessly seeking out friction for his own aching cock. He managed to thrust up against him twice before the world suddenly tilted on its axis and he was staring up at Jensen’s lust blown eyes. 

Jensen shifted backwards until he was settled high on his thighs and had his wrists caught up in both hands and pressed against the armrest of the couch. “You presume much Jared.”

The warning was loud and clear but there was no tingling of fear like there should have been. He should have been fighting back, Jensen was just as dangerous as he was, maybe more since he wasn’t the one that had been reduced to substandard food as of late but he wasn’t. Instead, he relaxed into the couch beneath him and let his eyes wander from Jensen’s face, down his body and then back up. “Gonna put me in my place?”

Jensen growled low before swooping down and attacking his lips, his kiss a violent combination of sharp teeth and probing tongue.

As a showing of dominance went this one was pretty damn good, of course that might have had something to do with the fact that it was Jensen growling and nipping along his jaw while settling his body to lay atop Jared’s because he was pretty sure if someone else had tried that, they’d be dead. The only drawback was that he still hadn’t let go of his wrists and, although he knew he could break his grasp, he wanted him to let him go of his own violation.

He slid his leg up along Jensen’s body before curling it over his hip and pulled him down tighter against him. “Let go.” He thrusted up against him, “I wanna touch you.”

“Maybe I don’t care what you want.” He breathed into his ear before nosing along his jaw, the pressure slowly increasing as he tried to make him turn his head to the side.

Jared knew what he was doing and as much as he was willing to let Jensen control this, whatever this was, that was happening between them, he wasn’t going to show him his throat. He wanted to trust him completely, felt bad because he didn’t, but he wasn’t utterly suicidal and besides he actually wasn’t a submissive either. At least he hadn’t been until now.

The thought sent a jolt through his system and a part of him wanted to put an end to this. It was insanity to show weakness to a werewolf, even if it was Jensen, but just as his self-preservation started to kick in, body finally ready to fight back, Jensen ground down hard against him and the fight was smothered under wantneedrightfuckingnow

He pressed back against the grip on his wrists, “Fuck. Let me touch you.”

Finally, he let him go and dragged his hands down his arms, along his sides and curled the fingers of his right hand around his thigh keeping it warped around his ass. The other hand he pressed into the cushion beside Jared’s head, keeping most of his weight off of him.

Automatically his fingers sought out the smooth skin under the waistband of Jensen’s jeans, the heat of his flushed skin almost scorching against his cool touch. A growl of his own slipped past his lips as he tried to force his hands further under Jensen’s jeans but couldn’t. Mindlessly he twisted, trying to get a hand between them and ultimately the button of Jensen’s jeans. 

Jared wanted, needed, to be able to touch more of him. Wanted to watch him shudder and buck with the first touch of his fingers wrapping around his cock. Wanted to push Jensen and see if he would beg to come or demand it. 

Jensen pushed harder down on him, trapping his hand between them and chuckled darkly. “Something you want Jared?”

He bared his teeth up at him, wrapped the fingers of his free hand around Jensen’s bicep and surged upwards while pushing on his arm, trying to unbalance him. It was one thing to act submissive but another thing entirely to be submissive and he wasn’t going to beg to give them both pleasure. 

Laughing darkly, Jensen easily kept him pinned beneath him. “Say it.” He smirked down at him while curling the fingers his right hand over the arm of the couch above their heads and tightening his hold on his right hip with his other hand. “Ask to touch me Jared. You know you want to.” He dropped his head and grazed his teeth along the sharp jut of his jaw. “Want to come, want to make me come.”

Twisting his head, Jared bit his exposed bicep, not enough to draw blood but enough to pinch the skin with his distended fangs. He wasn’t sure how Jensen would take it, threat, warning, play, who knew? But the truth of the matter was that he was doing it to help keep the words locked in his throat, using the distraction of having to pay attention to just how much pressure he was exerting so that he didn’t break the skin and clearing the fog of lust from a part of his brain.

Jensen rolled his hips and licked a stripe up to Jared’s ear. “Really?” He teased low, “That’s the best you’ve got? I would have...”

Somewhere in the distance a mournful howl broke the stillness and a moment later another then another until it sounded like damn near the whole pack was out there. It was like a switch was flipped within the werewolf. Without warning, he was off Jared and across the room in a shot, his back pressed up against the door. He ran a shaky hand through his hair while the other slid across the wood before curling around the knob.

“Shit.” He growled, “Shit.”

Jared sat up slowly, his instincts kicking in at seeing how skittish Jensen had become. He watched his eyes dart around the room, jumping from the two windows with the curtains still tightly drawn to Jared then towards the hall and the bedrooms beyond and then back.

“Jensen.” He said quietly, “Jen, easy.”

“Easy?” He laughed low, the sound hysterical and more than a little shaky. “No, it’s really not.” 

He wanted to go to him, wrap him in his arms and try to calm the panic he could see flashing in his eyes but he didn’t dare move. It was easy to see that Jensen was feeling cornered and he was in no way under any illusion that he wouldn’t attack him if he tried to get near him. 


“No.” He hissed and pulled the door open. “I’ve gotta go.”

Without thought he sprang to his feet, fear coursing through him that if he let Jensen leave that he may not come back. And yeah, he got that what had happened, what was happening, between them was stupid and dangerous and ultimately would damage both of them but the logic of it couldn’t override his need for it. “Jensen wait.”

Shaking his head, his backed out the door. “Stay there Jared. Stay in the cabin.”

The words were barely out of his mouth before he turned and sprinted down the three steps and past Jared’s SUV. 

Jared crossed the small space and stared out the door but Jensen had disappeared. He curled his hands into fists at his sides and hissed out a breath.

“God damnit.” He spat, undecided as to if he was cursing what had happened between them or cursing Jensen for running out. Either way, he was finally absolutely certain that he was screwed.

Jensen skidded to a halt behind the office; he couldn’t go around to the front and get into his truck, not with the way he was sure he looked. Nor with his and Jared’s combined scents laying heavy on his skin and thick in the air around him. 

Normally it wouldn’t matter, unless specifically asked to go see the girl that worked the weekday night shift at the office he usually just passed by. Logically should be able to do so, just suck it up, head around to the small parking lot in front of the building, climb into his truck and drive away. But paranoia was running rampant through his veins. What if she spotted him and tried to get him to stop because she needed something? What if Jeffery or one of his minions was there? He knew that some of the weres that had shown up with Jeffery had been skulking around the cabins. Or maybe his father trying to find him for some asinine reason or another or worse Chris. 

He wasn’t sure why the thought of it being Chris that caught him smelling like sex and the vampire bothered him the most. But the idea of seeing disappointment and betrayal in his best friend’s eyes scared him most of all.

He scanned the area around him, really, Jeffery and those of the ex-Morgan pack should be up in the hills with, more than a few of the Ackles pack. And those that weren’t out there morning with them, should be at home. There were only three days left until the start of the Lunar cycle and usually most of the pack tended to lay low until the three-day cycle started. But it didn’t stop the worry, his fear that someone was out there nearby, God forbid, down wind and knew exactly what he had been up to.

Silently he spun on his heel and headed towards the tree line to cabin one. He couldn’t go home worked up the way he was or reeking of sex, there was no way in hell he could slip into the house and not get caught by someone in his family. But he didn’t dare go back to cabin fourteen and Jared and use the shower. As for slipping into one of the other empty cabins, that idea was best left to the side. 

It wasn’t that he couldn’t break into one of them, wouldn’t even really be considered breaking in when the bedroom windows of each were never locked just in case they needed to get into one of the units quick. Though what would prompt that kind of action no one had ever fully considered. The point was, he could use one of the showers but the idea of anyone finding out and asking him why when he didn’t have any feasible explanation seemed foolhardy.

Ever watchful of the shifting shadows in between the trees in front of him, Jensen quickly stripped off his clothes. This wasn’t ideal, in any sense of the word, he didn’t want to have to shift there and leave behind his clothes, wallet, cell and keys but he didn’t really have a choice. He needed a release, needed to run for a while and let himself sink into the sensation of calm that came from just being free from everything, if only for a few hours.

He would pay for it in the morning; the lack of sleep and aching muscles that would come from a night of running but it would be worth it. By sunrise he would smell of everything and anything but sex and Jared and that was what was most important. And if he was really lucky, sinking into himself for a time might remind him of what was important, this place, his home, his place in the world and that even when he wasn’t particularly happy with the way his life had turned out, he was happy with being a werewolf, being part of a pack and that all of that was more important than some out of control infatuation with a vampire.


Part Three
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