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Shadow Lane: A Winchester Obsession
Okay Kripke How You Gonna Explain This One??? 
30th-Aug-2010 04:49 pm
Jared/Jensen 2
I know, I know, we'll find out soon enough but still...

Don't get me wrong, I'm perfectly content with the idea of Mitch Pileggi reprising his role of Grandpa Campbell...hell I'm perfectly content with the idea of Mitch Pileggi.  Don't judge me!  But we all know how 4.03 In The Beginning ended right?  So just how exactly is Kripke gonna pull this off?  

There's probably a spoiler floating around somewhere to explain that but honestly I don't usually hunt for spoilers, or read them but generally I don't really think of stills as spoilers, yes I know I'm one of the few that feel that way.

Anyway, if there is an explanation floating around out there somewhere, I really don't need to know it.  I'll wait till September 24th, it'll be fine...really...  That being said, sometimes I just can't not wonder about things out loud or, you know, use this as an excuse to share the pretties.

For those that are interested in the rest of the stills for 6.01 (there is seven all together) you can see them here.

Is it September 24th yet?  How about now?  Now?   Okay now?

Alright people move on, nothing more to see here... 
31st-Aug-2010 03:46 am (UTC)
Both Jensen & Jared's characters have been brought back from the dead many times so it's not unexpected for them to do that for another character. They would have to do the same for John if they wanted to bring him back & for him not to be a ghost

They announced it at Comic Con that he was going to be back. Maybe the boys will go back in time earlier than Dean did last time so he's still alive then ??

Like you said we'll have to wait & see
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