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Shadow Lane: A Winchester Obsession
Fic: Stressing For Nothing Real 
2nd-Nov-2010 08:24 pm
Jared/Jensen 2
Title: Stressing For Nothing Real
Pairing/Characters: Jensen/Jared
Rating: PG
Spoilers: 4.09 I Know What You Did Last Summer
Word Count: 1,429
Disclaimer: Jensen and Jared own themselves, I'm not even sure I own my 2 cats or my 2 dogs or if they own me.
Summary: Jared hasn't been himself for weeks and Jensen wants to know why.

A/N: Written for [info]spn_30snapshots  for my mininano table - Meant to Be - Hiding in Plain Sight.  Prompt #20 (Writer's Choice)
Not beta'd.


Jensen first noticed that Jared was a little less exuberant, a little less happy, a little less Jared, a couple of weeks before. There was nothing he could pin point as the reason as to why. Just that suddenly Jared just wasn’t the same Jared he had known for three years already.

He tried to bring it up with him. Asked if anything was bothering him, if there was anything that Jensen could do to help him but Jared always shrugged him off. 

“There’s nothing Jen.” He would smile but it just seemed off to Jensen. “Just tired is all.”

Jensen tried to accept that as the reason, it was valid after all. Working fourteen to sixteen hour days six days a week was not conductive to good sleeping. So he had come up with a plan, Jensen set the alarm on his watch for an hour and a half earlier then he would usually even consider waking up, covertly set their alarm clock to ring an hour later than it normal would for Jared and took it upon himself to take the dogs for their morning run and had breakfast, okay so it was only toast and cold cereal but it was the thought that counted, ready by the time Jared rolled out of bed.

After convincing Jared that Jensen hadn’t done it to soften some terrible blow, “What’s happened? Who’s been hurt? It’s not my family is it?” and that he had only done it to try to make sure that Jared got a little more sleep, Jared had cupped Jensen’s chin in one palm and pressed their lips together in thanks.

Jensen didn’t want thanks, sure he appreciated it, but it wasn’t why he had done it. He had done it so that Jared would start being Jared again. Only the next morning just as he was clipping the leads to the dogs, Jared was bounding down the stairs and telling him to wait, they would go together.

From that day forward it became their thing and yes it meant that Jensen was still losing that extra hour and a half of sleep per day but that was okay because he was spending it with Jared awake and aware. That’s when he finally noticed something else, yes Jared still wasn’t being “Jared” but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it was once they got to work. So Jensen, being Jensen and Jared refusing that there was anything wrong beyond needing sleep decided to watch things a little more carefully, see what if he could figure out what is was that was upsetting Jared so much at work.

It definitely got obsessive and Jensen was a big enough man to admit that. Unless Jensen was specifically needed for a scene and couldn’t be at Jared’s side then that’s where he could be found. Anytime anyone, guest director, guest stars, grips, PA’s, make-up girls, anyone went up to Jared, Jensen tried to make sure he was right there, listening closely to what they were say to Jared, how they were saying it and watching their expressions for any hint that they were being less than nice to Jared.

It was Misha who innocently pointed out that Jensen was more like Jared’s personal guard dog than his co-star.

“What’s up with you recently Jensen?”

Jensen paused mid-step, torn between trying to get to the Craft Services tent to where Jared had disappeared ten minutes earlier while the guest director had held him back to do a pick up scene with Misha and stopping to talk with Misha because it seemed like Misha always saw more than he should. 

“Nothing.” He paused; hands stuffed into Dean’s jeans pockets. “Why?”

Misha shrugged but his look was intense, “You’re always rushing off after Jared. It’s like you think he’s going to disappear if you leave him alone too long.”

He forced a laugh that sounded flat; Misha wasn’t far off the mark because the Jared he knew seemed to be disappearing all the time. “Nah.” He paused and then thought what the hell Misha did always seem to know more about what was going on then he let on. “Jared’s been off lately. Just worried about him.”

Misha’s eyes narrowed before he shook his head, “New shooting season. Maybe he’s just taking a while to get used to the schedule again.”

Basically it was the same thing that Jared had said but Misha didn’t know Jared the way Jensen did. Didn’t know that by now, getting into shooting of the ninth episode of the new season that Jared would have already adjusted. It was Jensen that took longer to get back into the groove and if he was being honest, usually by the time he got used to the hours was pretty much near the end of shooting the season.

Still he played it off, “Probably. Coming to Craft Services?” He didn’t want to offer but he wasn’t an asshole and liked Misha well enough.

“Thank you but no. I promised to call Vicky so I’ll see you after lunch.”

Jensen nodded and headed off towards where he knew Jared should still be. He managed to keep to a brisk walk but it was a near thing.

Jared was sitting at a table in the corner with Genevieve, that season’s Ruby, heads together and Jensen assumed they were talking about the upcoming scene between them but that didn’t stop him from forgoing the tables set up with food to go directly there.


Jared jumped, literally jumped before he snapped around and looked up at him with wide eyes. “Jensen. Done finally?”

What the hell was going on? If Jensen were a less secure man he would think he had caught them doing something less innocent then just talking. “Yeah.” He managed, proud when his voice stayed level.

“Gen and I were just talking about our next scene.”

Was Jared blushing? Jensen blinked and looked closer. Yeah he was pretty sure that Jared’s cheeks were stained a dull pink.

“Anyway, I’m going to go grab some food, so if you boys will excuse me.” Genevieve smiled slightly before getting up at the table and slipping away.

Enough was enough, Jensen had tried to accept the tired excuse and then tried to work things out on his own when it became obvious that that wasn’t Jared’s problem but this was getting ridiculous. Jared blushing like he was embarrassed of being caught with Genevieve? Why?

“Okay, Jay spill.” He demanded as he sat in the chair that Genevieve had just vacated.

“Spill what?” Jared pushed his fork through the remains of his salad and his eyes kept shifting away from Jensen’s.

“Jared don’t play dumb please.”

Sighing Jared pushed away his plate before leaning over the table, “Fine.” He mumbled, “I’ve been stressed about my…Sam’s sex scene with Ruby.”

Jensen could remember a similar freak out back when Sam had to get naked with Madison but this seemed different somehow. “Okay, why?”

He glanced down at the table and his mouth twisted into a frown, “Because…” he looked back up and he looked so upset that Jensen felt bad for maybe not taking this as seriously as he maybe should have. But Jared had been all worked up over nothing that day if the fan reactions on the fan boards were anything to go by so he didn’t understand why Jared would be worried about it now.

“Because I’m…you…we’re…” He huffed out a breath and shrugged, “Because we’re us.”

That was the real problem? Jared was worried about how Jensen would take him doing a sex scene wit Genevieve? “Jay.” He muttered, half frustrated and half touched. “I know it’s not real. I’m not upset about it. Its just work.”

Jared looked up and his gaze found and finally stuck on Jensen’s. “Really? You’re okay with this?”

Thinking about it, really thinking about the reality of it, Jensen couldn’t say that he was okay okay with it but he wasn’t going to throw a fit about it and he certainly wasn’t going to be pissed off at Jared about it. “Well I can’t say I’m going to stick around and watch the scene but I’m not spitting mad, jealous about it.”

Jared grinned, dimples flashing and something eased in Jensen that had been tense for weeks. “But you’re a little jealous.” He teased.

“You’ve been stressing about this for weeks.” He muttered back.

He shrugged, “Fair enough.”

Jensen grinned back, “Yeah, guess it is.”

3rd-Nov-2010 03:07 am (UTC)
Poor Jared stressing so much about the 1 scene & worrying Jensen half to death because of it. They really need to learn communication

I've been very good lately but just going to be me for a minute for 1 thing

were say to Jared, should be saying

I'll give you 3 guesses as to what I want now LOL! I bet you'll guess it on the 1st try LOL!

13th-Dec-2010 06:31 pm (UTC)
Yeah, got it.

And again, once I get a chance to go back to these you'll be playing with them first anyway...just remember you asked for it. Mawhahahaha!
30th-Dec-2010 12:23 pm (UTC)
I knew you would LOL!

Bring it on ! I'm ready whenever you are!
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