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Shadow Lane: A Winchester Obsession
Fic: Stay Here With Me 
4th-Nov-2010 11:03 pm
Jared/Jensen 2
For those keeping track, I'm sure you noticed that I kind of fell off the going in order thing.  I promise, once I get all thirty of these done, I'll make a master post and list them in order there.

Title: Stay Here With Me
Pairing/Characters: Jensen/Jared
Rating: R
Word Count: 1,270
Disclaimer: Jensen and Jared own themselves, I'm not even sure I own my 2 cats or my 2 dogs or if they own me.
Summary: It doesn't make sense that Jensen's working himself up trying to find a new place to live when he's already got a key to Jared's house.  Jared figures they should finally make it official.

A/N: Written for [info]spn_30snapshots  for my mininano table - Meant to Be - Hiding in Plain Sight.  Prompt #25 (writer's choice - decision)
Not beta'd.


“There isn’t a single fucking apartment out there that’s decent.” Jensen groaned as he dropped down beside Jared on the couch, close enough that Jensen’s hip ended up sliding down Jared’s thigh. Let his head fall against the back of it and laid an arm over his eyes, “Shit.” 

He had been expecting Jensen since he had called twenty minutes earlier and asked him to make sure there was cold beer because after apartment hunting for the last week, he really needed one or two or maybe a dozen. Jared had no real intention of letting Jensen drink twelve beer in one go, he was a considerate boyfriend after all, and he didn’t want Jensen feeling like shit in the morning. Or having to hear about it either.

Okay, so it was eighty percent considerate and twenty percent selfish. Jared was a big enough man to admit that, at least to himself.

Pulling himself to his feet, Jared leaned over and pressed a kiss to Jensen’s lips before heading toward the kitchen. “Don’t know why you just don’t move in here.”


It kind of hurt to hear the leeriness in Jensen’s voice but he pushed it aside because Jensen was Jensen. It wasn’t so much that he was a pessimist but he tended to have to over think every decision before he made any kind of a commitment. But Jared had already thought about this, had been thinking about it since Jensen had first told him that he was losing his old place at the end of last season and knew it was the right decision.   

Reaching into the fridge, he pulled out a couple of beers and a bag of nachos off the counter before heading back into the room. “Come on Jen. You’ve had a key to this place since I bought it. Last season you spent more nights in the spare room then at your old place.”

He grinned down at the sight before him as he came around the front of the couch. Sadie had gotten up beside Jensen and laid down so that her head was resting on his thigh and Harley was sitting at his feet with his head on Jensen’s opposite knee. And Jensen was absently scratching both their heads while he stared blankly at the T.V. with his thinking face on.

“The kids love you.”

Jensen blinked and tilted his head up to meet Jared’s gaze, giving Harley one last pat before reaching out and taking the beer Jared was holding out for him.

“Don’t you think it’s a little early to start even considering moving in together?” He said slowly, making himself busy with twisting the cap off his beer so that he didn’t have to keep looking at Jared.

Jared settled down beside him again and opened his own beer. “Jensen, if we weren’t what we are to each other now, would this even be an issue?” They were still dancing around actually using words like “boyfriend” and “seeing each other” and “relationship” to each other but Jared was okay with that. This was still to new to be putting labels on it for either of them.

“Yes…no…maybe.” Jensen shrugged his shoulders, “Probably. Sometimes when friends move in together they aren’t friends for long.”

He understood that, had seen it first hand when Jeff had tried living with his best friend back when his brother had been in college but this, they, were different. He hadn’t been exaggerating when he mentioned that Jensen had spent most nights of last season in the spare room and they had never gotten on each other’s nerves. Of course, unlike most friends, they were practically married anyway considering they spent almost all their waking hours together.

“Most friends aren’t us.” He knocked his shoulder against Jensen’s and smiled at him. “We’ll move you into the spare room down here.” He waved a hand towards the hall and the room in question beyond, “It’s not like there isn’t a pile of your stuff in there already and occasionally we’ll have sleepovers.”

Jensen let out a startled laugh, “Sleepovers?” Sadie huffed, lifted her head and gave him an unimpressed look before dropping it back down to Jensen’s thigh. He started to run his fingers over her head again to soothe her.

Jared tried to nod seriously but he kind of figured that the grin on his face ruined it. “Well yeah. And when we go out on a date, I’ll come down here and knock on your bedroom door to pick you up.”

He was grinning now too, “You’re kind of a freak. And what happens if I want to pick you up for our date?”

“Then you can knock on my bedroom door.”

Jensen shook his head before he became serious again, “You sure you’d be okay with me being down here and us being more like roommates than what we are?”

Jared leaned back against the arm of the couch and let his arm settle along the back of it so that he could run his fingers through the short hair at the back of Jensen’s neck. “Yes. Look I’m happy with where we are right now and I don’t want to fuck this up. So I’m good with you moving into the spare bedroom instead of up in my room. It’s not the traditional way of taking things slow but I’m not going to sit by and watch you get more and more frustrated trying to find a place to live when we both know that you’re always welcome right here and already have a room.”

“Stealing the spare room to crash every so…” Jensen’s words petered out as Jared raised a disbelieving eyebrow and he smirked before continuing. “Fine! Crashing in the spare room five or six nights a week is different then me moving in here. I’m not the easiest person to live with. I’m not the best person to be around in the morning until I’ve had my coffee. I get kind of obsessive compulsive over making sure that things are picked up around the house. Occasionally I need time on my own to work out whatever is bugging me, be it working on a scene or something to do with my family or, well anything. And you know what most fans are going to think right?”

“You do remember who you are taking to right?” He squeezed the back of Jensen’s neck before settling and just letting his hand rest there. “For the last three years Jensen, we’ve practically lived in each other’s back pocket. The coffee thing, the OCD about cleaning the house and the needing space thing? Yeah, I know all about those quirks and more about you. And most of the fans already think that.” A thought finally occurred to him, it should have been one of the first things Jared thought of, “Unless you don’t want to move in here and you’re just trying to come up with reasons not to.”

Jensen’s head shot up, “What? No. Now that you’ve offered, the idea of living here with you is exactly what I want but I just want you to understand what you’re getting in to.”

It felt like a weight was lifted from his shoulders, “Well alright then.” He leaned forward to press his lips against Jensen’s. “I knew what I was getting into when I offered. So is that a yes?”

“Yes.” He murmured against Jared’s lips.

“Good.” Curling his hand around Jensen’s neck, he tugged until they were both turned more into each other. “You wanna have a sleepover tonight to celebrate?”

5th-Nov-2010 04:34 pm (UTC)
You've forgotten about me :(...... Just kidding LOL! Reminder that I will say yes if you ask (you don't even ask to ask but I remember what you said so going along with it)

That was great. I can totally see that happening & I hope Jensen will agree to Jared's suggestion of a sleepover to celebrate

You will let us know right ?
13th-Dec-2010 06:20 pm (UTC)
The sleep over one was supposed to be next...what the hell happened to Novemember anyway?

Well on the other hand, once I get back to this series, now I can shuffle it off to you to make pretty before I post them. Glass is half full damn it! ;)
30th-Dec-2010 12:20 pm (UTC)
Sleep over sound interesting. Can't wait to read it

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