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Shadow Lane: A Winchester Obsession
Fic: Doctor Patient Confidentiality Chapter 13 
15th-Feb-2011 11:57 am
Jared/Jensen 2

Banner by smut_slut 

Title: Doctor Patient Confidentiality Ch.13

Please see Master Post for fic details.   

“Dude, come on.”

Jared looked up and across the dining room table and the spread of text books and loose leaf paper to Chad’s over exaggerated pouting face. “What?”

Rolling his eyes, Chad flopped down in a chair across the table from him and poked at the closest book. “Don’t get me wrong J-man, I am totally behind this one eighty you’re pulling but its Saturday night already. It’s all good that you want to get caught back up with the school work and all but you gotta take time and have fun too.”

He could feel the frazzled edges of his nerves twinge at Chad’s whine and concentrated on not snapping the pen in his hand in half in aggravation. It wasn’t Chad’s fault that he was so behind but couldn’t he see that Jared was working his ass off trying to catch up? By the grace of some higher power and the persuasive nature of the school guidance counselor, he had gotten back into all of his classes but he had to make up all the work he missed or he wouldn’t be in them for long. He got that he had spent the whole week either in class or stuck behind a book but this was important to him. Hanging out with friends, even friends like Chad and Sandy was going to have to wait and he needed them to understand that.

Or correction, he needed Chad to get it. Sandy didn’t seem to need to have it explained to her how things were going to be for the next little while, going so far as to smack Chad every chance she got to make him leave Jared alone while working on something while eating lunch or sitting in the library during their free period or after school on the way home anytime Chad so much as hinted that he was going to start bitching that Jared was becoming a geek.

“Chad I promised I’d have this essay done for Ms. Bledel by first thing Monday morning. Then I have two make up tests to take so I really don’t have the time.” He forced a small smile to soften the harsh tone of his voice, “I appreciate your concern but dude, I gotta get this all done.”

“I know, I know but Jay I’m kinda worried here. One extreme to the other can’t be good. You’re gonna burn out. Jus’…” he shrugged, “it’s your b-day on Tuesday man. Come out with me and Sandy for a while. We’ll take you to dinner and a movie and then you can come back and get your geek on.”

Jared blinked, with everything going on it had totally slipped past his notice that his birthday was just a couple days away. Briefly he wondered if Jensen knew what day Tuesday was or if it mattered after he had seen just how fall Jared could fall when left to his own fears before pushing the thought away. He wasn’t going to think like that anymore, all that negativity and second guessing himself was what had gotten him in trouble in the first place. Jensen had told him that he wanted Jared in his life so long as he was more than some dead beat druggie slash alcoholic but that he was leaving the decision to Jared and Jared could appreciate it. If Jensen had stuck around, Jared knew he would be working twice as hard simply to prove to Jensen that he wanted to be who he was when they had first met and he really would have hit burn out and everything would have fallen apart.

Jensen was giving him the space to decide who and what he wanted to be and Jared loved him for it, even if he wished he could just hear Jensen’s voice once and awhile, to just know that he was still there.


Focusing back on Chad, he pushed back from the table with a sigh. His friend was right, he had been going hard since that first day back at school and it wouldn’t hurt to take a break for a couple hours. It would probably do him some good since the feeling of being weighted down under everything he had to do was starting to feel crushing. “Okay, for a couple hours.”

Chad whooped and jump back up, “He’s in!”

Sandy poked her head around the corner from the kitchen and grinned, “Awesome! Let’s go or we’re gonna miss the start of the movie.”

Jared shook his head; grin firmly plastered on his face, vaguely wondering what would have happened if he had put up more of a fight. Between the two of them, Sandy might be more understanding of why his nose was pretty much glued in a book but he had a feeling that even she had gotten to the end of her rope. It might have been interesting to see what would have happened if she had needed to join Chad in trying to convince him to play hokey for the evening. Or scary, it was Sandy after all.

“Do I have time to get changed?”

Chad gave him the once over, “Why? You’re wearing jeans, a clean t-shirt and don’t have food on your face. What more do you need to do princess?”

“Bite me jackass.” Pushing fingers through his hair, Jared turned to Sandy, “What do you think?”

“I think that if I miss the movie because you two are screwing around that I will make you both pay.” Turning on her heel she started towards the front of the house, “You look smokin’, now come on.”

“Don’t argue with the woman Jay, you’ll lose.” Chad patted him on the shoulder before tightening his grip and starting to lead him from the room.

“Why is she so worried about missing the beginning of the movie? Usually she drags her feet and makes us late.”

“Sandy picked the flick.”

Jared groaned, “Shit, chick flick.”


Jensen stared at the key, hanging innocently from the ring hooked onto his index finger and chewed on his bottom lip. As a birthday present it didn’t look like much and Jared wouldn’t be getting it for another couple of weeks but it represented something so monumental that it kind of shock Jensen.  It wasn’t like when he had handed over keys to Misha and Tom, this was for Jared, and like it or not, it was Jensen’s way of saying that he wanted them better than any words probably ever could. And after the way he had been acting, it was the best way.

But was it?

Jared had gone to his parent’s house to Chad’s parent’s place and had yet to really be on his own. Was it really a good idea for him to go from the shelter of someone else taking care of the day to day crap of living independently to Jensen’s without first learning firsthand what being independent and paying his own way, really meant?

But was sharing an apartment with Jensen really all that different from sharing an apartment with Chad? 

Oh, who was he kidding, of course it was. Being in a relationship was hard enough, starting a relationship and being thrown into living together right away when one of the parties had no idea what living on their own was flirting with disaster. At least, where Jared was concerned. He was driven to be independent, it would be better for him to get the firsthand experience of what it was like in the real world so that he could truly become his own man.

Jensen curled his fingers around the key, feeling the edges of it press sharply into his palm. But it didn’t have to mean that he wanted Jared to go from Chad’s place to his place. It could just mean that Jared meant enough that he wanted Jared to consider it and have the option to come and go as he pleased when he wanted to see Jensen without having to worry about being locked out if Jensen was running late.

Yeah, it could mean that.

Besides, his overthinking this could all be for naught. There was still the real chance that Jared could decide that he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship with Jensen or wasn’t ready for a serious relationship with someone so messed up. It wasn’t like he would know or have any real idea for another couple of weeks.

He knew himself and knew that it had still been the right decision to not take Jared’s number because, right now, he wanted nothing more than to call him and ask to see him and that was probably a mistake. Jared needed to finish school and decided what he wanted from his life and Jensen being in his ear or at his elbow wouldn’t help. Not that it stopped him from texting Chad earlier that morning asking that he pass on birthday wishes for Jared.

He didn’t want to sway Jared’s decisions but he didn’t want him thinking that Jensen had forgotten about him either. After all look how well that had worked out the first time around.


Jared settled down on his bed, curling his legs in front of himself and stared down at his cell. This was stupid; it was one little phone call, why was it so hard to have the balls to just find his brother’s name in his contacts and press send?

Maybe because that first week Jeff had called every day and Jaded hadn’t even listened to the messages and then after that first week it had been every second day and though there was a good chance that his voice mail was full, he still hadn’t listened to any of the messages his brother had sent, nor called him back. And yet, Jeff hadn’t given up, still calling every other day, hoping that his stubborn little brother would finally answer this time.

The thing was that Jared didn’t need Jeff screaming at him and telling him that he was completely in the wrong for what had happened between him and their parents. Not that he didn’t accept his part but he wouldn’t take the full blame and he didn’t want to fight with Jeff about it. He wanted to be able to keep his desperate belief that he hadn’t lost his whole family. But if he didn’t man up and start speaking with Jeff then he was going to and that would be completely his fault.

Sighing, he opened up his contact list, found his brother’s name and pushed send before he could chicken out. Still he couldn’t stop the little flare of hope in him that Jeff wouldn’t hear the phone ring and Jared would be able to leave a message of his own. That way Jeff would know that Jared had tried, that Jared still wanted his big brother and there would be no yelling.


He wasn’t really surprised when Nicole answered; she never let the phone go to voice mail in the evening if she could help it.

“H…hey Nicole, it’s Jared. Jeff around?”

“Jared! Oh thank god!” She breathed into the phone, “Where are you? Jeff said something about you staying at a friend’s? Are you okay? We’ve been trying to get a hold of you for weeks. We were going to drive down there this weekend if we didn’t hear from you.”

It wasn’t that Nicole was ever short on words but Jared was pretty sure that was the most she had ever said at one time and he hung his head in shame. Maybe his parents weren’t worried about him and the lack of either of them trying to call him kind of led him to believe that, but Jeff and Nicole were and he had just ignored them. God he was such an asshole.

“I’m okay.” He rushed to reassure, “I’m okay and…”

“Is that Jared? Gimme the phone Nic.”

Jared gritted his teeth and squeezed his eyes shut, preparing himself for the screaming he was pretty sure was going to start but he kept the phone tight against his ear. This would be his penance for worrying his big brother and he would sit there and take it, at least until Jeff started blaming him only for what happened between him and their parents. But he’d cross that bridge when he got to it.

“Jared? Jared!”

“I’m here Jeff.” 

“You’re here. You’re here? And where in the hell is here?” Jeff’s voice was shaking with the effort of not yelling and Jared kind of wished he would so they could move past this.

“I’m at Chad’s.”

“You sure because I called Chad’s parents and do you have any idea how many Murrays live in San Antonio? And though they told me you’re there, you never seemed to be there when I called and you don’t answer your cell and what the hell Jared? Did it even occur to you how worried I’ve been since I found out about what happened? Fuck, you are such a selfish little shit.”

So maybe Jeff yelling at him wasn’t easier and what the hell did he mean Jared was selfish? If it was because Jared hadn’t answered his calls or bothered to call him back, then yeah, he had been kind of selfish and childish but if he was talking about what went down with their parents, this conversation was going to go downhill fast.

“I’m sorry for not talking to you.”

“You’d better be. I was going to drive down there tomorrow night and start hunting for you. I’ve been worried stupid.”

“I’m sorry Jeff.”

Jeff huffed out a harsh breath and when he next spoke, his voice was lower, anger replaced by concern. “You okay? Honestly?”

Jared shrugged, “I’m doing better. I’ve got Chad and Sandy and Chad’s parents.”

“I’m not going to say that it’s all your fault but you gonna be a big enough man to admit that you aren’t all in the right either?”

It felt like a weight lifted off of his heart. Even knowing that Jeff had readily accepted him being gay and had even so far as spoken to their parents on Jared’s behalf, he had still thought that his brother would have completely taken their parents view on what had gone on. It was freeing to know that he wasn’t the perfect golden boy that Jared always believed him to be.

“Yeah, I fucked up,” He grimaced at Jeff’s gruff “boy didn’t you?” but refused to let that stop him from saying what needed to be said. “But Jeff they kicked me out. What kind of parents do that? Not that kind that lo…” shit it had been long enough, his voice shouldn’t be cracking and there definitely shouldn’t be tears.

“Momma said that it was tough love but that it wasn’t the right thing to do with you.” Jeff groaned, “They feel bad Jared and they are dying to hear from you.”

He wanted to believe it but it had been too long with no communication for Jared to readily accept the words. “Yeah, that’s why there are dozens of missed calls from them on my phone. Oh wait, that’s you.”


“No Jeff. They want to hear from me then this time they are going to have to make the first move. They kicked me out like I was nothing to them after they treated me like dirt because I am gay. I know I fucked up and I’ll tell them I’m sorry if they decide I’m important enough to call first. I’m not begging to be a part of a family that didn’t want me the way I am.” It wasn’t what he had expected to say, but then he hadn’t really been sure what he was going to say but the words felt right. He made a mistake, a big fucking mistake sure, but they had made the decision to push him out of their lives. If they wanted to be a part of his life now, they were going to have to make the first move because he wasn’t going to go running back and beg to be their son again.

Well that was it then, if Jeff’s silence was anything to go by. Turned out that maybe Jeff wasn’t quite the golden boy but he was still enough of their parents good son that he wasn’t going to expect them to have to be the ones to make the first move. It tore him apart to know that he was losing his brother when he had just begun to believe that he still had a brother but he would survive this and unlike his tail spin weeks ago, this time around he’d do a better job of dealing with it.

“Okay.” Jeff said softly.

Jared pressed the phone tighter to his ear, he wasn’t sure he could have heard right. “What?”

“Dad kicked you out. He wants you back as a son then it’s up to him to fix this.” Jeff chuckled suddenly, “Told him that that was what it was gonna take but you know him, stubborn. Where did you think you got it from?”

Jared laughed softly and if it was a little hysterical because he still had his brother and his brother still loved him well he could only hope that Jeff wouldn’t call him on it. “You’re stubborn too. I tried counting just how many times you called and gave up after twenty.”

“Ah fuck you little brother, it’s my job to worry about you.” The light tone eased any harshness the words could have held. “So I’m thinking, since I already had plans to come down this weekend, how about we spend Saturday doing brother things? We’ll shoot hoops, gorge ourselves on really greasy food, you can fill me in on all of Chad’s latest stupidity. What do you think?”

As much as he wanted that, he didn’t want Jeff driving all that way just to make sure he really was okay, it wasn’t fair of Jared to expect it. Plus there was the whole chance that he would try to drag Jared over to their parents, regardless if he felt that Jared was somewhat in the right or not. 

“We’ll leave the parent problem out of it. I just want to see you.” Jeff sighed, “It freaked me out when I didn’t hear from you so humor me would ya?”

“No parent talk?”


He was almost completely caught up with his school work and finals were creepy up way too fast. It would be nice to just kick back for one day and it would be even better with a brother he thought he had lost. “Yeah. Hell yeah.”

“Great, I’ll call you when I hit town Saturday morning. Oh and Jared?”


“Answer your phone when I call.”

His answering fuck you was swallowed up by Jeff’s laughter as he hung up the phone.


Jensen dropped down on his couch, kicked his feet up on the coffee table and let his head fall to rest against the back. 

It had been a pretty productive morning if he did say so himself. Who could have guessed that deciding to clean a small apartment from top to bottom could take so much time? But it was done and he was feeling good about it.

If it had only started as a way to distract himself from the nerves that were only getting worse the closer it got to the end of June, well that was nobody’s business but his own. Of course that was part of the problem, no one else knew why he seemed to be distracted when he was with his friends or why he was even less social with Danneel while they were at work and he would have killed to be able to spill the whole torrid affair to someone but he couldn’t. It was going to be hard enough introducing his friends to Jared if Jared came back to him because of the age difference but he would face it and the knowing looks they would receive and the grilling he would get from both Misha and Tom because he had put himself in the same position that Christian had held over him willingly. But not now, not until there was a solid reason to.

The sound of a key in the lock had him lifting his head and twisting around so he could look down the hall.

He hadn’t gotten a notice from the super that they needed in his apartment to fix something nor had he requested that maintenance come in and fix something so that left only one of two people who presumed that they could come and go as they saw fit.

“Now what would you have done if I had a guy here?”

Misha grinned at him as he slid through the door before nudging it closed with his should and kicking off his shoes. “Dropped dead from shock.”

“Ha fucking ha, asshole.”

“Recently, it’s the truth where you are concerned.” Misha tossed back unrepentant, “Any coffee? Who am I kidding, it’s you, of course there’s coffee.”

Jensen didn’t think that his shock had shown on his face but with Misha you could never be too sure. After all he had thought he had distracted his friends enough that no one had noticed that he was going home with anybody but obviously that hadn’t happened.

“You don’t think I missed how you aren’t picking up boyfriends recently? Or that I’ve seen you turn down several guys, the last one only being a couple of weeks ago?” Misha poured himself a cup of coffee and wandered over to sit beside him on the couch. “You are my best friend; we both know that you would be the first to notice if I was off so you can’t seriously be sitting there thinking that I wouldn’t notice that there is something going on with you.”

Shit. Shit, shit, shit. He didn’t want to be having this conversation yet. It would be different if he and Jared actually became something but he had thought he still had time to work himself up to this. If he had to face his friend’s, Misha’s, disappointment in him, he had wanted it to be when there was a tangible reason for it. Not now, not when it was maybe nothing more than wishful thinking on Jensen’s part.

“Really Misha, there’s nothing…not now….” He was floundering and every thought he reached for seemed to be slipping from his grasp.

“It’s not that straight guy is it? The one that you said you had a thing for the same weekend you proved that sometimes you still make really bad decisions, like say,” he stopped and tapped his chin with a finger pretending to think about what he was going to say, “agreeing to go out on a date with Christian?”

It would be a waste of breath to try to defend that decision especially since Misha wasn’t lying or even exaggerating in the slightest. But there was one thing, “I told you, I’m not lusting after a straight guy.”

“Okay,” Misha nodded, “So he’s not straight but you can’t be with him so you should be over it by now. And yet, here we are.” He settled more comfortably into the corner of the couch, “You aren’t picking up guys, you are but aren’t really with us when the bunch of us get together and you knew who I was talking about the minute I opened my mouth so something is still going on there.”


“No.” He shook his head, “I waited for you to deal with it on your own and when it became clear that you either can’t or won’t, I waited for you to come to me. I’m not waiting anymore Jensen. Don’t make me call your mother.”

In a way, he would almost prefer talking to his mother about this and how screwed up was that? But he wasn’t going to open that conversation because Misha had called her, he would tell her in his own time. Problem was, Misha really would call his mother, that’s just the kind of person he was and his mother would give him hell for worrying Misha to the point where he had called her in the first place. He wasn’t going to win this, no way, no how.

“I wanted to wait until things were a little more settled.” He admitted hesitantly and reached out to grab his own mug of coffee so that he had somewhere else to look then at his friend.

“Settled how?”

“That guy? He’s not straight, he’s…well it’s….he was seventeen when we met.” He squeezed his eyes closed and waited for the yelling to start.


Head shooting up, he stared at Misha like his friend had suddenly grown two heads. “What do you mean and? He’s a kid. And he was a patient when I met him. What more do you need?”

“Is he a patient now?”

This conversation was going nowhere like he had ever expected it to and he was floundering. “No.”

“Then what’s the problem? His parents don’t like you? Won’t accept their baby dating an older guy?”

There should be yelling. There should be disgust and Misha comparing him to Christian. Why wasn’t he doing that? Why was he sitting there like this was just a normal conversation about Jensen having guy problems. This wasn’t a normal problem, not by a long shot.

“He’s jailbait Mish. Jail…bait.” Sometimes you had to break things down to the basics for Misha to understand, not because he was stupid but because he was a big picture guy and missed the smaller details.

“Not really. He’d have to be under sixteen to be jailbait.”

“He’s a kid!” Jensen shook his head, “What part of that do you not understand?”

“The part where you are freaking out.” Misha tilted his head and narrowed his eyes, “But it’s not so much that he’s only eighteen is it Jen? This has to do with what happened to you when you were with Christian.”

Well that should have been pretty much self-explanatory and went part and parcel with Jared still being a teenager.

“Jesus Jensen. For all your smarts, sometimes you are so fucking stupid that it amazes me that you remember to put pants on in the mornings.”

“Hey!” Really between the two of them, Misha was the scatter brain; he was the one that was notorious for wearing mismatching socks because he couldn’t be bothered to keep the pairs together.

“Jensen.” He sighed heavily like he couldn’t believe he had to explain something so simple, “You are not Christian nor would or will you act like Christian if you date this guy.”

Jensen snorted, “And how do you know that?”

“What did you chose to do with your life Jensen? I’m mean professionally?”

He had no idea what his career choice had to do with this conversation but he’d humor Misha and then let him down easily when it came time to tell him that he was wrong. “Child Psychologist.”

“Uh-huh. You chose a profession that automatically puts you in a position of power over people younger than you, some of them much younger than your young man. And we both know you have never told them what to do or how they should live their lives. If you were pre-conditioned to treat people the way Christian treated you, you never would have chosen this as your career.”

If only it was that simple but there was a difference between being someone’s doctor and being someone’s lover. “It’s not the same. With Jared, it would be too easy to start telling him what he should or shouldn’t be doing because I’m too invested in him.”

“Or maybe you would be more conscious of the fact that you might do it and make sure that you didn’t because you know what it’s like to have your life run for you by someone else.” Misha shook his head, “Seriously Jensen, Christ how could you even think that you would be someone like Christian?”

It wasn’t like Misha was saying anything different for what Jensen had thought himself but having someone, his best friend who took it as his personal crusade to make sure that Jensen knew the truth regardless if it was pleasant or not, tell him that he wouldn’t treat Jared like he had been treated was a hell of a lot more reassuring then he would have expected.

“What if you’re wrong?”

Rolling his eyes, he leaned over and patted his thigh, “Then you are not the person I believe you are and since we’ve known each other since we were three, I seriously doubt that. Give yourself the same credit the rest of us do. It’s time to stop punishing yourself for getting duped by Christian and let yourself be happy.”

Leaning back into the support of the couch, Jensen chewed on his bottom lip and, for the first time, seriously started to consider that maybe he didn’t have to worry about treating Jared like he wasn’t capable of running his own life. Just because someone had treated him like that didn’t mean that he was going to do it to someone else.

“Well shit.”


Jared twisted around in his seat at the head of the auditorium and scanned over the sea of parents and family spreading out behind the graduates. Somewhere out there was his brother and Nicole but not his parents. Agreeing to let sleeping dogs lie, Jeff hadn’t brought up Jared calling them again and he had promised not to badger them into coming to Jared’s grad ceremonies. If they really wanted Jared in their lives again, it was in their court to call or if they wanted to make the overture by showing up then they could have called the school, in this Jared was adamant. 

Jeff hadn’t liked the idea but had accepted that it was Jared’s choice not his. It probably didn’t hurt that Jeff had admitted to telling his parents that Jared wouldn’t hang up on them if they called but that they would have to be the ones that did the calling and Jared’s dad had predictably balked.

Jared pushed the thought out of his head, he wasn’t going to let them ruin this, he had worked to damn hard to get to this point and nothing was going to dim his enthusiasm. Not even his seconding guessing that maybe he should have called Jensen. That was his only true regret, he wanted Jensen to know that he had cleaned up his act and had gotten his life back together but Jensen had made it clear that they weren’t to be in contact until after Jared was done with high school and the adult thing to do was to accept his wishes.

Even if it did suck.

“Good afternoon graduates and your family and friends to the…”

Jared spun back around in his seat and faced the podium even as he phased out the principle’s speech. This was one lecture he didn’t need to pay attention to until they called his name. Until then he’d indulge in his favorite fantasy, the next time he got to see Jensen.


Jensen hung back near the doors of the auditorium, trading friendly smiles with people as they past and hoping that, if nothing else, he would get a chance to see Jared and be seen by him so that Jared knew that he cared enough to be here for something so important.

When he had first considered it, he wasn’t going to do it but after his discussion with Misha, he figured it was time he got a little more proactive about his maybe relationship with Jared. At least he didn’t have to call the school, like some creepy stalker, to find out when the graduation ceremonies were. Even if he still wasn’t sure what to think of Chad, at least the kid had come through for him and let him know when the ceremonies were and where they were taking place.

“I can’t believe you came. I mean Chad hinted that there was going to be a surprise waiting here but I thought he meant that he was gonna be naked under his robe and strip it off and streak across the stage.”

Jensen jumped at the voice before spinning around and meeting Jared’s gaze; of course not before he noted that he had been right, up close, the royal blue of the grad gown did highlight the blue in his eyes.


There was only about six feet separating them but it felt like so much more. This was worse than that day in Jared’s bedroom because this was the moment that really would make or break them and suddenly it seemed too much.

Jared’s grin softened down to something more intimate and he took a step forward, “Hey.”

“So, congratulations.” If Jared could move forward like he wanted to be closer, like he had forgiven Jensen for not being there for him when he needed him the most then Jensen could suck it up and be the adult he was supposed to be. Taking a breath, he stepped closer until there was only enough space between them that no one would know they were more than just friends but it was the best he could do.

“Thanks.” Jared reached up and pulled the cap from his head. “I got accepted into the UofT, full ride.”

He didn’t bother to even second guess reaching out and squeezing Jared’s wrist, “That’s great.”

Jared shrugged off-handedly but his smile widened just a bit, “I’m going to be undeclared ‘cause I still don’t know what I want to do with the rest of my life but it’s a start.”

“It’s great.”

Twisting his arm out of Jensen’s grip, he grabbed his hand and threaded their fingers together. “I missed you.”

It was what had been missing; the final piece of the puzzle falling into place to ensure him that even with everything that had happened, Jared hadn’t lost himself. Tightening his grip, he stepped closer until their chests were touching, “I missed you too.”

Jared leaned down and brushed their lips together, “Told you I’d be back here at the end of the two months.”

Jensen curled his free hand into the soft material hanging at Jared’s hip, “You did.”

Hooking two fingers through Jensen’s belt loop, he gave him a slight jerk, “You gonna quit running?”

“Who’s running?”

The wide grin was back on Jared’s face, “Good.” He pressed into his lips before sliding his tongue along the seam.

“Jay.” He was pretty sure that he was going to suggest that maybe doing this in the middle of a crowded foyer wasn’t the best option but the minute his mouth opened, Jared slid his tongue inside to tease along his own.

Eyes drifting shut, Jensen went with it, body and heart not really interested in what this mind thought was the sensible thing or not.

“Hey, hey! Enough of that shit; save it for a room. Any room but this one.”

It took a bit of quick footwork to keep from falling backwards and dragging Jared with him when someone bumped into Jared’s back but they managed. 

“Chad, you asshole.” Jared growled but he was still grinning so as much as Jensen wanted to slap the guy for breaking them up, he forced himself to reframe from violence. 

“Jeff’s looking for you. Something about if he was going drag his ass the four hours to be here to see his little brother walk across a stage then his little brother better be getting his ass to the car so that Jeff can have lunch. Apparently he’s starving.” He raised an eyebrow at Jensen and then smiled, “Hello Dr. Ackles.”

“I’m just Jensen.”

“Jensen? Hmmm, nah you look like a Jen or maybe a Jenny next to Jared.”

Jensen growled low in his throat, Jared’s best friend or not, teenager or not, he started calling him Jenny and he would beat the crap out of him.

“Go away Chad.” Jared uncurled their fingers and gave him a gentle shove to the chest. “Go tell Jeff I’ll be out in a second.”

“Do I look like your go to boy?”

Jared gave him an apprising look, “Nah, you look like the boy who never wanted anyone to know about that time you were four and…”

“You pinky swore!” Chad hissed, eyes darting around them like whatever it was that Jared was about to say would bring scores of police down on all their heads. 

“Go.” Jared warned as he threaded his fingers through Jensen’s again.

“Gone!” Chad saluted with a tip of the head and then melted back into the crowd.

“What was that about?”

Chuckling, Jared shook his head, “Not here but I will tell you later if you’ll come to dinner with me.”

Admittedly, he had been hoping to take the afternoon and have a long talk with Jared so he was more than a little disappointed when he realized that wasn’t going to happen. But he could wait for dinner.

“If you’ll come to the apartment. I’ll cook.”

“Smokin’ hot, smart and you can cook? Wow, I’m impressed.”

“I’m pretty good in bed too.” Where in the hell had that come from? Jared messed with him enough that he could flirt even without there being the promise of sex in the next couple hours. Of course, knowing Jared, there just might be sex in the next couple of hours.

“I seem to remember something like that.” Leaning down, he brushed their lips together once more, making sure to keep it chaste. “I gotta go but how does seven tonight sound?”

Jensen squeezed his fingers around Jared’s hip and fingers one more time before loosening his grasp and stepping back. “It’s a date.”

Jared tilted his head and winked, “Of course it is.”


 Chapter 12Epilogue 

29th-Nov-2011 03:21 am (UTC)
I'm so glad to find out that Jeff had been calling him all along & that they have spent time together. It's important that Jared know that not everyone in his family has abandonned him & that Jeff accepts him for who he is,

I love that Jensen went to the graduation, he knew how much it owuld hurt Jared if he didn't (just like Christian did to him)I think they have a great night ahead of them. At least I hope they do

Off to read the Epilogue now

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