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Shadow Lane: A Winchester Obsession
Fic: Doctor Patient Confidentiality Chapter 03 
15th-Feb-2011 01:37 pm
Jared/Jensen 2

Banner by smut_slut 

Title: Doctor Patient Confidentiality Ch.03

Please seeMaster Post for fic details.


“Good afternoon, Jared,” Dr. Ackles says as Jared enters the office.

Jared arches a brow, smirks. “Good afternoon, Jensen,” Jared says eyes sweeping over Jensen hungrily. He’s wearing dark pinstriped slacks and a pale green button down that makes his already piercing eyes positively glow and a black tie with green and white stripes.

Jared watches Jensen closely trying to gage his reaction to being called by his first name. Jensen seems just as calm and professional as always and it irks Jared. He’s gonna get a reaction out of this ice princess if it kills him.

 “Well, Jared,” Jensen begins motioning with a hand to the vacant chair as he closes the door to his office. Jared grins, gives a slight shake of his head before he winks at the doctor. Jensen nods once, and moves over to his desk. “I suppose as I call you by your first name it’s only fair to allow you to do the same.”

Jared swaggered over to Jensen, “There are so many things I’d like to call you but I suppose your first name is a good place to start. We can take our time workin’ up to ‘Daddy’”.

Jensen sighs heavily and shakes his head. “Jared,” he says sternly, "This has to stop, okay? I'm not going to call a stop to our sessions because of this. This whole trying to make me uncomfortable thing isn't going to work. You aren't the first patient to try it and I assure you, you aren't going to be the last. But I can guarantee that things will go a lot more smoothly for both of us if you just quit."

Jared knew enough to retreat, but not give up. He took a small step back. And nodded, still keeping his intent in his eyes.

“Now, that that’s out of the way,” Jensen said amiable attitude returning once more. “There is another matter we need to settle.”    He held his chin between his thumb and forefinger and regarded Jared over the tops of his glasses. “You seem to think that I want to “fix” you. That is not the case. I do not think you are broken. I do not think you’re sick. I just want to help you. You have a lot of anger in you, Jared. I understand--”

Victory, Jared thinks suppressing the urge to whoop and fist pump. “Really? He moves close to Jensen again, taking a seat on the desk next to the doctor. “So how did your folks take it when you told them you were gay? I mean, you are gay right? I’ve never been wrong before.”

Jensen bites his lip and stares at Jared for long moments before seeming to come to a decision, “Yes, Jared. I’m gay. And they took it hard at first, though not as hard as your parents are and for that I’m sorry. But there are better ways of handling your anger, of dealing with your parents until you can be on your own.”

Jared scoffed and scuffed the toe of one shoe against the thick carpet. “I can’t wait,” he said fervently.

“Have you thought about what you’re going to do once you turn eighteen? Where and how you’re going to live?”

Jared’s brows came together and he lowered his head. He hadn’t really considered that, was always too focused on just being out from under his parents’ thumb that he had overlooked that small detail. He shrugged. “Chad ‘n me are gonna get an apartment.”

“Chad? Is that…is he your boyfriend?” Jensen asked.

Jared chuckled and looked sidelong at Jensen. The small hesitation in Jensen’s question was to Jared like a drop of blood in the ocean was to a Great White. “Nope. I’m single. What about you, Jen-sen?” Jared sing-songed brushing his shoulder against Jensen’s.

“Jared, my private life is just that. Private.”

Jared jumped off the desk and faced Jensen. “Oh? So what? I gotta sit here are spill my guts, talk about my private life and get nuthin’ in return? That’s fair.” Jared huffed and rolled his eyes.

“Mr. Padalecki, I am willing to share…certain aspects of my life with you as it relates to your experiences, but you need to understand that there are boundaries.”

Jared looked up. Boundaries? Oh yeah, Jared knew all about boundaries…about breaking them. This was just another challenge and other goal to be met. And Jared was more than confident he could meet it. After all, he had just had Jensen confirmed what he already knew that he was gay…now Jared had to get Jensen to admit something else, if even to himself, that Jensen was attracted to Jared.

“Well, Jensen,” Jared said once more adopting a swagger and lowering his voice into a husky register. “Quid Pro Quo. I’ll tell you if Chad is my boyfriend if you tell me if you have a boyfriend.”

Jensen crossed his arms across his chest. “Jared. No,” Jensen said firmly.

Jared’s eyes widened and he took another step closer to Jensen, he leaned in. “No you’re not gonna tell me or, no, you don’t have a boyfriend.” Fuck, he was so close to Jensen had never been this close to him and damn he smelled good and the closer Jared got to Jensen the better looking he got, those eyes, those oh so tempting lips, and freckles, Jesus Christ, freckles. Jared found himself wondering briefly where else Jensen had freckles. Oh yeah, he was gonna find out.

“Jared,” Jensen said and Jared detected the slight tremor in Jensen’s voice. “Remember how you want respect from your parents. Well I’m asking for your respect, now. To respect my privacy and I will respect yours.”

Damn. Jensen had pushed a button inside Jared, the desire to be respected. Shame suddenly washed over him, an unfamiliar and unpleasant feeling. He backed away. His cocky smirk faded for a moment before he pulled it back. 

“Fair enough. No, Chad isn’t my boyfriend. Never was. I mean we’ve hooked up and done stuff together but that’s all. He’s my best friend, ya know? Can tell him anything.”

Jensen’s brows came together. “That’s good you have such a close friend.”

Jared smiled. “He’s a dork,” he says with a shake of his head. “But I love him ya know? And Mom and Dad just…” Jared trailed off.

Jensen’s brows came together. “Your Mom and Dad don’t like him?”

Jared scoffed. “They think he “turned” me. Now they’re tryin’ to keep me away from him. Said it would be a good idea if I stayed away from him.”

“I’m sorry. At your age, friends are important. And certainly a friend as close to you as Chad is.”

“He’s…he’s more like a brother. More than Jeff is anyway.”

Jensen made a note on his pad. “Jeff? Older brother I take it?” Jensen ventured.

“Yup. The family golden boy.” Jared shrugged as he dropped into the chair across from Jensen.   “Cute, perky wifey, straight A’s, perfect friends, blah, blah, blah.”

“And he doesn’t accept you anymore than your parents do.” Jensen hedged.

He chewed on his bottom lip for a minute before he frowned, “Don’t really know. Jeff’s in college and I haven’t really talked with him since the shit hit the fan ya know. If he does, accept me I mean, he’ll never stand up to mom and dad ‘bout it. Why would he? Like I said, golden boy. Can’t do nothin’ to risk that.”

Jensen raised an eyebrow, “That’s an assumption , Jared, and it’s not good to just assume things. Maybe the next time he’s home you should try talking to him.” He raised a hand as Jared opened his mouth to interrupt. “Even if he won’t talk to your parents on your behalf, wouldn’t it be good to have someone else to talk to besides me?”

Jared smirked. “Tryin’ to get rid of me, Doc?” He let his legs fall open and dangled his hands against his thighs, purposefully drumming the fingers of both hands against the inseams. Hoping to draw Jensen’s eyes to his crotch, if only briefly. He had to swallow down a chuckle when the ploy worked, Jensen’s eyes following the movement briefly before his gaze snapped back up to Jared’s and his cheeks tinting red. “’Cause I’d rather talk to you.”

Jensen’s eyes flashed in warning but he didn’t berate Jared. How could he when technically Jared hadn’t said anything wrong? Maybe he’d inferred it but unless Jensen was going to assume what Jared meant, and he had just told Jared not to assume things, then there was nothing he could say. And if he did say something then Jared was going to call him on it.

“Your parents mentioned you had a younger sister also.” He muttered and glanced down at Jared’s file, “Has she ever been involved in the disagreements between you and your parents?”

He bit the inside of his cheek to keep from grinning. So that’s how Jensen was going to let this play, just ignore what Jared did or said when it was straight in his face. Jared could do that, he would have preferred to be straightforward but he knew how to play this kind of game to and he was going to win.

“Not really. Mom ‘n Dad don’t want the lil princess involved in all the ugliness.”

The pen in Jensen’s hand suddenly danced through his fingers as he narrowed his eyes at Jared. He didn’t look angry though, more thoughtful, “So you’re older brother is the “golden boy” and your little sister is the “princess”, what does that make you?”

“The middle kid that no one notices unless I’m catchin’ shit for something.” It didn’t hurt like it used to. Usually Jared was pretty okay with how things were; generally he managed to fly under his parent’s radar because they were too focused on Jeff and Meg. Or they had been until he had been stupid enough and opened his big, fat mouth.

“I don’t think that your parents don’t notice you, Jared.”

He snorted derisively, “Your right there, they certainly notice me…now.” He shrugged. “Doesn’t matter, so long as somebody notices me for the right reasons.”

Jensen pursed his lips, “And what are the right reasons Jared?”

He lifted one shoulder in a shrug before he grinned slyly. “Friendship, my loyalty to those who deserve it, because I’m awesome in bed. Can make you scream.”

“Jared!” Jensen hissed through his teeth.

Jared blinked trying to look as innocent as possible, “What? I didn’t mean you as in you, Jensen. I meant you in the abstract.”

Jensen opened his mouth to say something; probably to give Jared shit again but shut it as the alarm on his watch started to beep. “And that would be your hour today, Jared.” He stood up and gestured towards the office door, “Come on, I’ll walk you out. Your dad is probably waiting for you.”

Way to ruin the moment. He thought darkly but kept his mouth shut as he pulled to his feet and walked towards the closed door. He paused with a hand on the doorknob and managed a polite smile as Jensen came up behind him.

“So, I’ll see you on Friday.”

“Yes, you will.”

Jared held out his hand and swallowed down the smirk as Jensen stared at it for a minute before tentatively clasping it in his own.

“Thanks for hanging in there and letting me do this my way.” He wasn’t even sure what he was saying because he was too caught up in the feeling of Jensen’s warm palm pressed against his. He gave Jensen’s hand a tight squeeze before slowly pulling his away, making sure to drag his fingertips along Jensen’s palm.

Jensen’s hand twitched but he didn’t snatch it back like Jared had been expecting. Instead he slowly lowered his arm back to his side and smiled steadily at him. “You’re welcome, Jared. See you in a few days.”


Jensen was an asshole and an idiot and should let Misha set him up with the worst of the lot that he had deemed perfect for Jensen.

He was supposed to be listening to Christi, supposed to be trying to explain to her why stealing things to get her mother’s attention wasn’t the way with dealing with her feelings of abandonment but he just couldn’t focus. 

What the hell had he been thinking telling Jared he was gay? Jared was not his typical patient. He hadn’t been trying to make Jensen uncomfortable with all the innuendos and blatant come-ons, he’d been serious. And what had Jensen done? Nothing, nothing that seemed to deter the kid. No instead he told him that Jensen was gay, too. It was like waving a red flag in front of him.

He suppressed the urge to bang his head against his desk and tried to focus on the girl across the desk from him.

Christi was sweet in her own way and he understood that it had to be hard on her being fifteen and expected to care for her ten year old brother and seven year old sister when she wasn’t in school. But that didn’t excuse her for stealing anything and everything she could slip under a jacket or in her backpack to get some kind of attention from her single mother who worked two jobs.

“If she would just see that sometimes I need to be seen.” The girl was waving her arms around, blue eyes filling with tears. “I mean I get that it’s hard on her but it’s hard on me too.”

He was pretty sure there was a response swimming in his head somewhere but all he could focus on was the way her arms were moving and comparing it to how Jared’s flailed around when he was angry. There was no contest, Christi’s movements were uncontrolled and Jensen couldn’t be paid to get near her when she was like that. But Jared, Jensen damn well knew that if he was within reach that Jared would make sure not to hit him, caress more likely.

Unexpectedly a chill ran down his spine and he swallowed down a groan. A caress more intense then when he had ran his fingertips over Jensen’s palm and Jensen had just let him. The ugly truth was that he would probably let Jared do more now that he knew that the kid wasn’t just fucking with him because Jensen liked it. He liked that even after he had told Jared that he had to stop that he just shifted gears and kept going. Kept pushing his boundaries like he had the right to, like he had a right to pursue Jensen and expected Jensen to just fall into line and accept it.

Was that the real reason he had admitted to Jared that he was gay too? Did it have less to do with trying to create a bond with his patient and get Jared to see that he did understand where he was coming from and more to do with wanting to see what Jared would do with the information?

He never should have opened his mouth because he had known from day one that Jared was over confident, brash, and single-minded. If he really wanted Jensen then telling him that he was gay too was only going to make things worse. The dark, secret part of him that he tried to hide from even himself was excited by the prospect. He wanted to be owned; it was what drove him to keep forgiving Christian all the fucking time. He wanted someone to want him with a single mindedness that bordered on frightening. He didn’t want to be kept or abused or used but he did want to look at the guy he was with and know that Jensen was his.

Christian had that look and every so often, Jared did too.

He felt his cock twitch in his pants. Christ he was an idiot and so very, very screwed.


Jensen had put it off for as long as he could, tossing the idea of just throwing out Christian’s jacket verses getting in contact with him verses getting in contact with Tom and getting him to hand over the jacket for days. Finally he admitted to himself that he couldn’t see Christian. Maybe it made him weak and pathetic but with the way his emotions getting bouncing around about Jared, Jensen didn’t trust himself not to let Christian talk him into something he definitely didn’t want. But he couldn’t make himself just throw it out either. It wasn’t his jacket; he couldn’t make that kind of decision even if Christian had probably forgotten about the damn thing years before. But that left talking to Tom and he wasn’t so sure about that idea either.

But he couldn’t just keep holding on to the jacket. Seeing it made him think about things he was trying so hard to forget. It was easier to stay away from Christian and know that he was doing the right thing doing so when he could focus only on the bad shit that had happened between them. But every time he saw it laying across the back of his couch he would remember something good that happened between him and Christian. Like the time Christian had surprised him his grade twelve year, had picked him up after school and taken him to dinner at a place that wasn’t a fast food restaurant but was still low scale enough that they didn’t need reservations or feel out of place. There hadn’t been any reason for Christian to do it other than he wanted to.

And memories like that were dangerous. Because they made him think, consider and ache. Most of the time he was fine on his own, happy even, but when memories like that popped up to sabotage him, he couldn’t help but miss being with someone more than one night.

Jensen ran a frustrated hand through his hair and huffed out a breath. This was getting to be ridiculous, it was time to get rid of that damn jacket and any tie he still had with Christian.

Picking his cell up from his desk, he quickly punched in “are u day or nite?” and hit send, not giving himself time to consider if Tom was his best option or not.

Letting the cell drop back to his desk, he started pushing it around in a sloppy circle with the tip of his index finger, not waiting for Tom’s response, not really. It was just that technically it was lunch and he still had another thirty-five minutes until his next patient and he had no desire to even run down to the corner delicatessen to pick up a sandwich. 

He just wasn’t hungry, hadn’t been for a while if he was being honest with himself. It was just that finding that damn jacket and thinking about Christian and dealing with Jared and his not so subtle hints constantly swirled around in his mind making him equal parts turned on and sick. 

The sound of the phone ringing out in the main office and the merrily blinking light of line two made him glance from his door to the phone and back. Reaching out, he snagged the receiver; Danneel was still at lunch so he was going to have to play his own secretary. “Doctor Ackles office. How can I help you?”

“Days for the next seven days.” Tom answered, not bothering with hello. “Why? You need someone to take you to lunch?”

Jensen rolled his eyes as he sat back in his chair. “Yeah, I’m broke and starving. Save me before I waste away to nothing.”

Tom chuckled, “Sure. Me and my partner will be there in twenty. I’ll come get you and throw you in the back of the squad car and take us all to McDonalds.”

He laughed, “Oooh gonna cuff me Tommy? You kinky bastard. What would Mike say?”

“Yeah, you, me, a pair of cuffs and my partner Alison.” Tom deadpanned, “Should be all kinds of fun.”

Jensen couldn’t help but grin. This was good; joking with Tom took his mind off of, well, everything and helped him feel better than he had for days. “Aww you just had to go and ruin my fantasy by chucking a girl into it didn’t you?”

“I’d say I’m sorry but I’m really not.” There was the sudden sound of footsteps on tile and then the background noise of people talking faded to a soft murmur. “Okay, I’m in a quiet corner of the station so fess up. The only times you text me during the week is when you’re planning something and I know no one is having a birthday soon. So spill.”

Lips turning down into a frown, Jensen leaned forward and played with the corner of a file sitting on the edge of his desk. “Momma sent me my stuff that she and daddy have been storing for me.”

“Mmmhmm.” Tom hummed, his question clear in the noise. “And?”

“And,” he sighed and shut his eyes. “I…uh…was going through them and…well do you remember that leather jacket?”

There was silence from Tom’s end and Jensen could clearly picture his face pinched in confusion as he tried to work out what Jensen was saying. He knew he wasn’t being very clear, at all, but the idea of asking Tom to take Christian’s jacket to him had seemed so much easier in his mind than it was turning out to be.

“Ummm no.” He finally admitted, “You’re going to have to be a little more specific than that Jensen.”

There was nothing for it, he was just going to have to spit it all out and hope that his pounding heart didn’t suddenly explode. “Christian’s hockey jacket. I found it in the bottom of a box and could you, maybe, take it to him?”

This time, the silence from Tom’s end was longer, broken only by the occasional intakes of breath, as if he was going to say something and then changed his mind. Just when Jensen didn’t think he could take the silence any longer and was considering calling the whole thing off, Tom finally spoke.

“Why do you still have it? You know what? I don’t care.” His voice was lower, a fine tremor of anger threading through it. “Why not just throw the damn thing out? This isn’t…Jensen what are you doing?”

This was what he had been worried about, that his friends would think that he was using the jacket as a way of getting in contact with Christian even if it wasn’t him contacting Christian personally. But it wasn’t. Out of everything floating around in his head that he kept waffling over, like his appreciation verses his despair over Jared’s obvious interest, he knew that returning the jacket had nothing to do with wanting to get back in touch with Christian. If that were the case, he would have already gone to see him, using it as an excuse himself.

“Nothing!” He swore, “But I just can’t throw it out Tom. It’s not mine.”

“So?” He snapped back, “Chances are he doesn’t even remember the damn thing.”

Jensen’s eyes fluttered open and he glared down at the phone like somehow Tom would suddenly see him doing it. “That’s not the point. It’s his property and I can’t take the decision away from him as to what to do with it.”

Tom sighed hard, “You are such an idiot.” He grumbled, “Fine! Fuck, I’ll be over after shift tonight to grab it. He still owns that shit hole at the edge of town?”

He knew a trick question when he heard one. If he said yes, Tom would start in on accusing him of keeping tabs on Christian when Jensen really wasn’t. And really he didn’t actually know that Christian still owned the bar, he might have sold it but he seriously doubted it. Free booze and both men and women with their guards down because of having a little or a lot too much alcohol to drink, there was pretty much Christian’s wet dream.

“Probably.” He hedged, “I really don’t know but probably.”

Huffing out another breath, he grumbled something too low for Jensen to hear. “If he’s up and sold it then I’m done and the jacket goes in the trash. I’m not going to waste my time even bothering to power up my work computer to try to search his whereabouts. Agreed?”

Something cold squirmed in his stomach, that little niggling of guilt because he should say no. He should just hold onto the jacket and try to track Christian down himself so that it did end up back in the proper hands. Or, at least, let Tom try the bar and if, for some strange reason, Christian had sold it, demand it back and then try to track him down himself. But if he said anything like that, then Tom really would go off on him, truly believing that Jensen had an ulterior motive and he would include Misha in the mix.

No, it was better just to agree with Tom and hope that Christian did still own the bar so that he got his jacket back and Jensen wasn’t left feeling guilty for it being destroyed and not taking better care of something that didn’t belong to him but had been entrusted to him.


He startled at the sharp tone in Tom’s voice and pushed away the guilt. He was trying to do the right thing, wasn’t his fault if Christian had finally fallen off the face of the earth and he couldn’t get the jacket to him. He was trying, granted his best effort was to give the jacket to Tom and hope that Christian still owned the bar but he couldn’t let himself get any more tangled up in it, not if he wanted to come out the other side of this mess unscathed. “Yeah, agreed.”


Jared with Chad and Sandy at his side burst through the front door of school before the dismissal bell stopped ringing. Chad had his arm around Jared and was leaning companionably against him. Jared turned and captured Chad’s pink lips in a kiss. Chad being Chad didn’t question, just turned his body into Jared’s wrapped his arms around the taller boy and kissed him back, mouth opening for Jared’s questing, insistent tongue, hands coming up to tangle in Jared’s hair.

Other groups of kids file past and make some homophobic cracks but most were too happy that the school day was over to pay any real attention to the kissing boys.

Sandy was breathing heavily watching them. “Geez, guys, give a girl a little warning before ya start eaten’ each other’s faces,” she said fanning herself.

The boy’s part panting into each other’s mouths, laughing softly, and looking into each other’s eyes goofily. 

“Damn, Jared,” Chad said, voice slightly rough. He pulled from Jared’s embrace and adopted his usual cocky, easy-going demeanor. “I know I’m irresistible, but try to contain yourself, okay.” He grinned and patted a hand patronizingly in the middle of Jared’s chest. Jared huffed a laugh and shook his head. “Incidentally…it didn’t work. I don’t see your dad around.”

“Damn,” Jared said and looked around for his father’s BMW or his mother’s Mercedes which had been parked front and center at the school every day since Jared’s grounding. “Huh. Wonder where the hell he is?”

“Maybe something happened?” Sandy asked looking worriedly up at Jared.

For a moment cold flashed through Jared. Had something happened? Was his mom okay? His brother? Meggie?

“Nah,” Chad said placing a hand on Jared’s tense back and rubbing up and down soothingly “He’da got a message if somethin’ bad happened.”

Jared relaxed at Chad’s words and his cocky smirk took up residence on his lips once more.

“Want me to give ya a lift home?” Chad asked pulling out his keys and twirling the ring on his finger.

Jared rolled his eyes, but pressed a kiss to Chad’s cheek. “Sure.”

“Ya know, Jay, you really should learn to contain your attraction to me. It just isn’t meant to be, dude.” Chad gave a mock-sad shake of the head.

 Jared slapped him upside the head. “Shut the fuck up, assclown.”

Chad grinned, turned, and began walking backwards to his heap of a Mustang with his arms stretched wide.   “Really, Jared? Childish name calling now? It’s pathetic.”

Sandy laughed loudly and put an arm around Jared and together they walked over to Chad’s car.


Chad’s Mustang backfired before it rattled to a stop outside Jared’s house, engine knocking.

“Shit man!” Chad exclaimed. “I fuckin’ forgot! Lindberg gave me theses today.” He lifted his hips, pulled his wallet out of his back pocket, and rifled through the contents before pulling out three new fake ID’s.

At Winchester High, Chad Lindberg was the go-to-guy for all things shady, possibly illegal, and technical. You need your grades changed? Call Lindberg. Need a forged hall pass or tardy slip? Call Lindberg. Or in the case of Jared, Chad, and Sandy a fake ID, you called Lindberg.

“Hot off the presses.” He handed a card to Sandy, then one to Jared before examining his own.

“Dude,” Sandy said softly. “These are really really good.” 

“They oughtta be. Cost enough,” Jared said as it had been his money that had paid for the ID’s. But Sandy was right, they were very good fakes. “Who are you Chad?”   Jared asked.

“Tristan Dugray, 23. Dude, I got your lame ass middle name,” Chad said.

“Fuck-wit,” Jared said. “I’m Sam Wesson, 22. Sandy?” Jared asked fishing out his own wallet and putting the ID inside over his real ID.

“Mercedes Westlake, 22.” She said opening her little purse and tucking the ID away.

“You know what you guys?” Jared said excitedly, inspiration striking.   “These could totally be good enough to get us into Heat.”

Chad grinned hugely blue eyes alight with mischief and excitement at the thought of getting into the popular gay dance club. “Dude! Hell yeah!”

“So what d’ya say? Wanna go tonight?” Jared asked looking between his two best friends.

“Like you have to ask,” Chad says holding out a hand for their complicated handshake.

Jared went through the familiar motions of their handshake before releasing Chad’s hand and turning to Sandy, who usually took a little more persuasion to talk into rule breaking. “Sandy?” He asked forehead scrunching up and eyes pleading.

“Jared, I…”

“Oh, come on, Sandy!” Chad erupted. “I need to get laid!”

Jared’s eyes narrowed and his mouth tightened at Chad before he turned back to Sandy. “Come on, Sands. It’ll be fun.”

“Yeah, for you guys. I’ll be the only straight girl there,” she said sounding sulky.

Jared climbed over the duct-taped front seat and into the back with Sandy, long legs kicking and flailing awkwardly before he flopped into the back seat. He wrapped an arm around the tiny girl and held her close kissing her temple. “Aww, c’mon, baby. Just think of it; hot guys dancin’ in Speedos, shirtless dudes makin’ out on the dance floor, drinks flowin’, music pumpin’, lights strobin’, dancin’.”

She looked up and smiled softly at Jared. “Well…that does kinda sound like fun…but what’m I supposed to do?”

“Sandy, please?” Jared asked, turning on what was known to all as his “puppy-face”. There was as of yet no defense to it.

“Oh, all right,” she said with an eye roll.

Jared made a rather unmanly squeak of excitement and hugged Sandy tight the breath whuffed out of her body. 

“Fuck yeah!” Chad said raising a fist in the air.

“Jared…can’t…breathe,” Sandy wheezed.

Jared immediately released his friend and smiled huge and grateful at her, all white teeth, dimples, and sparkling eyes.

Once the trio made plans for their illicit trip to Heat, Jared hopped out of Chad’s heap, waved them off and walked up the curving walkway to his house. He stood on the porch and looked around. His mother’s Lexus was still in the driveway but the house looked dark and kinda quiet.

Odd, Jared thought.   First his father wasn’t at school to pick him up and now things didn’t feel right. Jared took out his key and opened the front door. 

“Mom?” He called. He moved into the living area waiting for someone to respond. “Dad?” Once again that panicky feeling that maybe something had happened and no one remembered to tell him returned. He wanted to call Chad and Sandy. He needed someone to lean on and calm him down. For all the bitching Jared did internally and to Chad and Sandy and on occasion Dr. Ackles he loved his family and would never want anything to happen to them. Jared moved from room to room looking for clues as to where his mother and father and little sister were.

After his second trip around the large house and no sign that anything horrendous happened Jared gave up and headed to his room.

Jared dropped his backpack onto the floor and went over to his book shelf and took down the hollowed out book with Sandy’s cell phone in it. He flipped open the sparkly pink phone and dialed first his father’s number. Straight to voice mail. He hit END punched in his mother’s number. He phone also went straight to voice mail. In a final effort he dialed Meggie’s cell. It rang and rang before going to voice mail.

The fear that something bad had happened was fading and now all Jared was thinking was that they were all off somewhere and really had forgotten about him. Fuck them, he thought venomously. He was gonna go out tonight and have a good time.

Jared picked out his outfit to wear to the club, headed downstairs to pop a frozen pizza in the oven before starting on his homework.

Twenty minutes later, Jared closed his Chem book and headed downstairs to get his pizza from the oven and have dinner. He ate the whole pizza washed up his dishes and headed back upstairs. He looked at the clock. 5:00. Chad was gonna be by after 11:30 to pick him up. He stretched, flopped down onto his bed, closed his eyes, and was asleep before he realized it.


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29th-Nov-2011 01:22 am (UTC)
I wonder what happened to Jared's family, I hope they are okay

I like how Jared is getting to Jensen more than he even knows

Off to read Chapter 4 now
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